Trying to boot to safe mode but HP G60 Screen not showing up on external monitor on start up with broken screen

Mar 7, 2015
I have a problem with my HP G60 Laptop where a long time ago it had its screen messed up and now I am trying to get the data off the hard drives but I cannot logon to my windows account because I forgot the pass word and so I searched a little bit and found out by running in safe mode I can change the account. Whenever I hook it up to the external monitor and turn on the laptop, I press f8 and also the fn + f4 keys to switch the display to the monitor but it'll only work when windows it already booting to the login screen I cannot see the f8 options. I would really like to retrieve my data off instead of resetting the operating system. If anyone knows how to reset a windows login password without a password reset disk or thru safe boot please tell me in detailed steps. I would appreciate it.
You can hook up the laptop drive, after you remove it, to another pc to retrieve the data off of it. laptop drives use the same sata connections as desktops. :)