Solved! Laptop HDMI version??

Nov 21, 2018
I own an Asus GL553VD laptop and wanted to use external monitor which is Acer KG251QF (1080p 144hz Freesync) as i want to have a 144hz display. But my laptop only comes with HDMI port and i don't know which version is it (also comes with USB Type-C) and the monitor support HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2

Does anyone know what version is my laptop's HDMI?
And can i fully utilize 144hz with HDMI 1.4?
If not, can i use adapter HDMI to DisplayPort 1.2 and fully utilize 144hz?



No you can't use adapters to use a higher refresh rate if the original spec can't run it.

Did you already buy the monitor? If you have it already, why not just plug it in and see if it runs at higher refresh rate?

A web search gets you HDMI version info

You may want to contact ASUS support to verify, model specs can change at times for the same model model.
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