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Feb 11, 2016
So about 6 months ago I bought a laptop second hand, and just today some red or purple spots has appeared on the screen. It is not visible when the screen is white, but when it is dark it is pretty obvious.

No it is not a dead pixel, since it is not just one red pixel, big spots has appeared.
I haven't dropped it or handled it without care.

I assume it is just the screen slowly dying. What are your guys' thoughts? And can i get refunded since i did not damage the device, it has happened "naturally"

Edit: I have a picture of my screen here:
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I would doubt a second hand/refurbished device would have decent a warranty on it, and if it did they are usually short term, like 60-90 days. Can't hurt to try though.

If it shows all the time and in the same place, then you will likely have to replace the display to resolve the issue.
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