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    Question Laptop screen went black out of a sudden

    Hi guys, I'm new here and really hope I can get some help :) I was using my laptop normally (Samsung np-sa31, Bremen - M motherboard), I turned it off, by pressing the power button and then closing the lid if I remember correctly since I was in a hurry. After coming back to the device, the...
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    Solved! Laptop screen: Vertical lines and flashing bottom...

    Hi! I have a Samsung r580 laptop which is about 11 years old. For the last 6 months there's been "screen top flashing at the bottom" problem. Also I've realized that colors appear more pale on this screen and when i look really closely, i can see vertical stripes of the colors that whatever is...
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    Question Is it possible to replace a laptop screen with a lower refresh rate?

    I would like to emphasize that I’m attempting to replace a screen with a lower refresh rate. I’m aware that it is not possible to replace one with a higher refresh rate. But I don’t understand why a screen with lower refresh rate can’t be replaced because anyway you could decrease the refresh...
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    Question Screen Replacement HP Pavilion I5-CS00053cl

    So, unfortunately my laptop screen broke. Now the screen my laptop has is 15.6" diagonal FHD IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit touch screen (1920 x 1080) I am not able to find this exact screen. My question is what if I find a screen with the exact size, resolution, and connector type...
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    Question Laptop backlight broken

    I am trying to fix my laptop. It is an ASUS F555L. i did some googling and found out that is probably a problem with the backlight inverter so i removed the bezel on the laptop but i cant seem to find that part anywhere or do i have to replace the whole screen?
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    G-Sync disabled after replacing broken screen on HP Omen 17

    Hi, I accidentally broke the screen on my Hp omen 17 An009tx laptop and had to replace it. The original screen was innolux N173HCE-G32 rev C.1 (17.3" 120hz 40pin G-sync enabled). it is an IPS panel with 25ms response times. this screen was difficult to come by, so i searched and found...
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    Laptop screen won't come back on

    My power settings are set so my screen turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery. However, when my screen turns off I cannot get it back on again without turning the laptop off via the power button and turning it on again. I've tried hitting every key, clicking, pressing the power...
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    Solved! How do I fix this display issue?

    I bought a new HDMI to VGA adapter for my laptop (Lenovo Flex 15, model 20309.) When I connected it to my Dell (E228WFP) monitor, it cut out the bottom and was blurry. I fixed it by duplicating my laptop screen. How do I fix it so that I don't have to use my laptop screen?
  9. H

    Solved! Laptop screen going black

    The laptop in question is starting up fine, but when she presses down on the front of her keyboard where the touchpad is located, it causes the laptop screen to go black and the keyboard to stop working. Any ideas?
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    Laptop Screen Issue

    Hello. I have am having an issue with the screen of my newer laptop. When I first turn it on after not using it for awhile there is a bright glow around the entire perimeter of the screen. It's an Omen by HP with a 144hz G-Sync IPS panel. After about 20-30 minutes it will fade and look great...
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    Solved! Increasing Native Resolution over maximum recommended resolution; Can i do it?

    Hi, is it possible to increase the resolution of your laptop screen over its maximum resolution provided? So my screen only caps at 1366x768. When connecting it to a monitor that’s capable of resolutions over 1366x768, the screen resolution of my laptop jumps to the highest resolution capable by...
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    Solved! Laptop screen black speck (not dead pixel)

    I have an odd black speck on my Acer Aspire 5's screen. Its 1px by 1px in size. It is white when the screen is off, so not a dead pixel. It is black on white screen, and whiteish on black screen. It is slightly raised when I run my nail over it. Since its there when screen is off, its not a...
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    Solved! Software that displays time on screen at all times

    I want to install a software that clearly shows the time on my laptop screen at all times, irrespective of whether the desktop is displayed, or My computer is opened, or I am playing a game. Something like the white dot in iPhones that always remains on the screen. I know time is always...
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    Laptop screen black unless I uninstall Graphics drivers?

    So Ive just got this older laptop and its a Dell V3550 and Ive come across quite the odd issue. Laptop screen is fine until after signing into windows, my screen then goes black with the backlight still on. If I plug 2nd monitor into the laptop I can see the display fine through that. If I...
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    How do I put full brightness for Lenovo Ideapad 32-15ABR

    I recently got this laptop and ever since I got it I've noticed that the screen is always dark. The only time I've noticed that it is at it's full brightness is when it is plugged in. Is there a way to make it have this full brightness when it is not plugged in?
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    Solved! RazerBlade Stealth 2017 Fans Obnoxiously Loud and Screen Falling Over

    I bought a used Razerblade Stealth laptop and ever since I got it the fans are incredibly loud even when I'm barely using the laptop. In addition to this the connection between the bottom left of the screen and the rest of the laptop snapped so the screen falls over very easily. Any suggestion...
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    Solved! Does EAS Appear on my TV?

    hello. so i'm a scaredy-cat and want to know if my tv gives an EAS (emergency alert system) in my area. i don't use the tv for any commercial use (e.g i don't use it to watch nickelodeon, cbs, etc.) instead i use it as a bigger monitor to my computer. so i just have the hdmi plugged in to the...
  18. Y

    Solved! Laptop screen goes blank when HDMI connected

    Can you share us the link with which driver has to be downloaded
  19. K

    laptop screen won't turn on

    Hello I have a asus k7e3 laptop and it''s in pretty bad condition. I broke the keyboard and they I used a normal keyboard and I didn't like the touch pad because it was annoying. I took the flat connector out and then tried to put it back but it fried the wire so now the laptop turns on but my...
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    My asus labtop wont turn on, how can i find out what model number it is so i can order a replacement LCD screen

    I broke my 2017 , 17 inch Asus laptop screen. I want to order a new replacement screen and fix it . My issue is that I don't know what exact model number the laptop is. Help
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    Solved! Lenovo Yoga Black Screen after disconnecting from external monitor

    Lenova Yoga 900 13-isk Both Laptop screen and Monitor screen show the display but when disconnected from external monitor laptop screen becomes black. Try to reboot from laptop disconnected to external monitor. It boots with windows welcome sound but the screen is black with function keys...
  22. A

    Solved! Razer Blade 14" (2017) - display issues - is it a loose cable?

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a used razer blade 14" laptop (2017 model), and have noticed a visual issue that seemingly occurs at certain positions and holding styles (ie. leaning the back of the computer on one knee, while typing with both hands resting on the laptop to keep it steady...
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    Upgrading laptop screen?

    I have a dell g3 I want to upgrade the screen for. I found this 120 hz screen that should be a decent upgrade from my 60 hz screen especially for overwatch. This is the screen: And heres the tutorial Im gonna...
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    Solved! Vertical line on my laptop screen screws perfomance

    This is what i'm talking about because i just can't explain it. Everytime i hover my cursor below the vertical line as you see in the video it becomes choppy and slow like my whole screen is 60 fps and below the vertical line is like 15-20.And it's not only the...
  25. K

    "Second" monitor turns off when closing laptop lid

    There are two separate monitors, excluding the Laptop screen itself. When I close the laptop lid, the primary monitor stays on, and the secondary no longer gets a signal. I've even made it so it doesn't go to sleep when closing the lid, and it still shuts off. But when the laptop is open...
  26. A

    which windows 10 for hdmi input

    i have bought a HDMI capture usb 2.0 for using my laptop screen can able to connect nintendo switch , but which Windows 10 do i need ? if i updrade to Windows 10 home will it work? thankyou
  27. A

    Solved! laptop display is not working.

    MY LAPTOP IS LENOVO V310. NONREMOVABLE BATTERY. When I try to turn on the laptop. It shows only green color in the power button, capslock, and right side num lock. I couldn't hear the fan sound as well. Kindly help me to turn on my laptop.
  28. T

    Solved! Latop to Projector signal issues

    I have a standard iogear HDMI wireless receiver which allows you to send your laptop screen over to a display/projector wirelessly. When connecting to a projector, it keeps repeating the handshake process and never actually showing the laptop screen. The receiver detects the wireless dongle and...
  29. J

    Solved! Compatible laptop screen for HP

    Hello! My daughter broke my son’s laptop over the weekend. The touchscreen is cracked. I’m having a hard time finding the exact part on eBay. It’s for an HP 13-s128nr Thanks so much! Janet
  30. T

    Solved! My Hp Stream Laptop

    My HP Stream Laptop screen won't power on, and the caps lock button flashes 5 times slow, then 3 times fast, then the power light goes off and back on? It just keeps doing the same pattern repeatedly, and never powers on completely? Please help.
  31. M

    laptop screen immediately turns blank when no key pressed

    HI all, I have acer laptop. i put my laptop in sleep mode and forgot to turn it off for last 1 month. yesturday when i turned on it, the screen immediately turn off when no key pressing or no mouse movement. when i press any key, it turned on again. Please help me to resolve this issue...
  32. P

    Solved! Laptop screen goes black after power supply plugged in

    My toshiba M840 screen instantly goes black if power supply plugged in and would never turn on back. I've tried many method but none of that work , the screen goes black even in the save mode and I think it either the power supply problem or my motherboard. I hope I can find my solution here...
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    Suspicious broken laptop screen

    So while I was gone on holiday my roomate allegedly dropped my laptop (which is older but was well taken care of) and broke the screen. However the screen seems a little TOO broken to have just been dropped on accident. The two links at the bottom are pictures of the screen and the point of...
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    When I adjust my laptop screen it goes black

    So I have a Asus laptop and I have had it for a while but about a week ago the screen would go almost completely black too the point I can’t see my screen unless the lighting in the room is just right(still I can only make out the whitest parts of the screen) this would happen when I move the...
  35. T

    GL553VD 120hz monitor upgrade, will it work?

    my gl553vd's warranty is coming to an end soon, so i'm looking to upgrade it's monitor the current monitor is NT156FHM-N41, which is only 60hz if i replace with B156HTN05.1 will it work? do i need to flash firmware or...
  36. S

    low frame rates on 1050ti laptop screen, but better when connected to monitor.

    I bought the dell inspiron 7567 laptop, with the i5 processor and 1050ti graphics card along with 256gb ssd, i was getting very good frame rates at first, few months later, it became extremely bad, i never noticed it and thought it was my laptop's limit, until i connected it to a monitor, i was...
  37. D

    inch long purple line on laptop screen

    Hiya A few days ago i noticed a inch long purple line on my laptop screen, the laptop itself a hp omen 15 does not show any signs of damage and the line is most visible against a black background, i am wondering if anyone can help identify the problem as i don't want to send it off to hp if its...
  38. T

    Solution for problem

    My acer widows laptop screen turns white forever ..
  39. A

    Solved! Laptop screen black, but external display works

    Powered up my laptop in the morning after it was working fine the previous night, screen remained black after pressing power button, despite backlit keyboard and all indicator lights working. So plugged into my monitor via HDMI and the Laptop is working fine. Check display drivers all working...
  40. B

    Solved! Grey Screen when laptop is shut and reopened

    Hello all. I have been having an issue with my laptop for quite a while now (after one of the updates to Windows 10 late last year), where if the laptop screen goes to sleep or the screen is shut and reopened. The screen will turn on to a grey screen that has a lot of lines. I am unable to get...
  41. P

    Solved! My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone ple

    My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone please help me
  42. 1

    Intel HD 630 Problems - I'm 1/2way to a fix, need help though!

    Long story short, my intergrated graphics card keeps failing with every driver except the barebones Basic Display Adapter. My laptop screen works in safe mode, but in normal mode with the intel driver, i just get a black screen. ------ I've tried everything from disabling/clean...
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    Solved! New Laptop Screen won't initialize on startup

    Hey all, Background: Toshiba Satellite P70-A Series FHD (1920x1080) 17.3 Inch WideScreen Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Graphics Card Problem: A while ago my screen cracked. I bought a new one and installed it and found it wouldn't go beyond the back-light starting up. However, I messed around...
  44. I

    Solved! Toshiba laptop screen

    I need help my laptop goes with 6 small screens and in another time it goes with white colour what should I do please?
  45. S

    I just build my new PC and I don’t have my monitor yet. How do I use my laptop screen as a monitor for my new PC?

    I just buidl my new PC and i Dont have my monitor yet. Does anybody know how to use laptop screen as my monitor so I can go to the bios and install windows
  46. A

    Laptop Crashes Constantly

    I have a sony sve15136cn laptop with i5 3230m and amd 7500/7600m graphics.I tried to reinstall windows on in and now it keeps crashing constantly.At first its\ crashed as soon as i installed the graphics driver but then i tried to keep it on microsoft basic graphics driver but still it crashes...
  47. R

    Screen turns on Randomly while away

    Hello everyone, I bought Dell XPS 13 9360 half a year ago and there is a problem started to happen last week. It looks like, when i'm away from it and the screen turns off, after couple of minutes, the screen turns on randomly. and it prevents from it to turn into sleep mode, even after I close...
  48. D

    My laptops started glitching

    My laptop just started glitching (as shown on the pic) and closes my laptop is hp Compaq presario cq71 410ed
  49. A

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop screen blank

    My laptop runs once I power it on but my LCD screen remains blank. I have connected to an external monitor and it works. I have replaced the inverter, the display cable, the LCD, ram module, drained all the power by removing the battery, replacing the CMOS battery, and just recently the...
  50. H

    Solved! Msi screen upgrade

    I have an msi gl62m 7rex I was wondering if anyone knows of compatible 120/144hz replacement screens
  51. T

    Solved! use a separate screen with laptop

    my laptop screen is broken so can I hook it up to a TV screen that has HDMI 1 & 2, or usb ports & how
  52. B

    Laptop screen issue

    Have a weird patch on my screen can anybody tell me what it is?
  53. R

    Solved! Laptop Screen Blank w/o Pressure

    I have an Alienware M18x laptop with Windows 10 installed. When I turn on the laptop, it'll boot up regularly and act normal for about 10 minutes. After a bit of time, the screen will go completely black. Physically applying pressure to the screen with my hand turns the screen back on as long...
  54. J

    Solved! How to remove the pink line at the top of the laptop screen?

    I have a pink line almost at the very top of my desktop. How do I remove this?
  55. J

    Solved! Black laptop screen

    Recently my HP Probook 450 G1's display has stopped working, it turns on as I can see the backlight but I am only able to see anything else through use of an external monitor. How can I fix this?
  56. L

    Solved! black vertical line on right hand side of laptop

    hello, I have a 3 inch wide pure pitch black vertical strip along the right hand side of my screen, my screen is about 17 inches wide. I think the cause may be A) a cracked screed (cracked 3 years ago and the touch screen broke. B) a loose left hinge ( you can see the inside from the back of the...
  57. P

    Solved! White fades on all 4 sides of the laptop screen

    Hi there i have lenovo 110 laptop and all the corners of the laptop is going deep white to the point i cannot see anything please help me with this i don't know what this issue is heres a image of lcd thank you
  58. J

    Solved! Screen unstable under battery power

    Laptop screen is stable when powered by mains but when unplugged and therefore powered by battery the screen flickers. Any thoughts?
  59. J

    Solved! Dell laptop screen boots yo then qits will only work on external monitor

    When I turn it on the screen boots as usual then goes black unless I hook to HDMI monitor.
  60. C

    External Screen Issue

    Hi All, I've been having issues with my HP elitebook after connecting to 2 external screens (so 3 screens in total including the laptop screen) It usually sits in a doc with 2 cords running into the screens. After removing it from the doc the other day, which I do regularly with no issue, my...