Laptop screen black unless I uninstall Graphics drivers?

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Sep 26, 2016
So Ive just got this older laptop and its a Dell V3550 and Ive come across quite the odd issue.
Laptop screen is fine until after signing into windows, my screen then goes black with the backlight still on.
If I plug 2nd monitor into the laptop I can see the display fine through that.
If I unplug 2nd monitor the screen stays black on laptop.
However if I uninstall the graphics driver using the 2nd monitor it disables all video output so 2nd monitor goes black and suddenly I can use the laptop monitor.
So at this point I can only see output on my laptop monitor if its BIOS and before signing into windows or if my graphics driver is uninstalled, or in safe mode when graphics driver is disabled.

Ive tried DDUing the driver and installing it off the intel site.
Ive tried Fn+F5 or F4
Tried Windows+P and set to Duplicate or PC only
Tried going into Driver software and found no setting for prioritizing displays.

So is there a way I can fix this? Because my computer seems to think theres constantly a ghost monitor plugged in.
Is there a way to keep the laptop monitor on and mirroring then I connect a 2nd monitor?
Is there a way to disable display outputs one by one until I find the faulty one?
Is there a setting somewhere that I can use to disable all video output all together?
Any other ideas are welcome.

Model V3550
OS Windows 10
CPU i5-2410m Intel 3000 Driver
Ram 6gb
120gb SSD
Ports 1xVGA 1xHDMI

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