Solved! black vertical line on right hand side of laptop

Nov 20, 2018
hello, I have a 3 inch wide pure pitch black vertical strip along the right hand side of my screen, my screen is about 17 inches wide. I think the cause may be
A) a cracked screed (cracked 3 years ago and the touch screen broke.
B) a loose left hinge ( you can see the inside from the back of the hinge)
C) a faulty graphics card (wild guess)
You used to be able to shift the screen around in just the right area to make it go away, but now I can't do that.
Whenever I tap the screen the area with the cracks illuminate.
Sometimes when it boots up the strip turns random colors for a second then goes back to black
Please help, I can give more details if needed.
My computer is Acer and runs on windows 10
Whenever I take a screenshot of my computer screen, no black line shows up.
Model: Aspire v5-573P