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    Solved! Razer Blade 14" (2017) - display issues - is it a loose cable?

    Hello all, I have recently purchased a used razer blade 14" laptop (2017 model), and have noticed a visual issue that seemingly occurs at certain positions and holding styles (ie. leaning the back of the computer on one knee, while typing with both hands resting on the laptop to keep it steady...
  2. D

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad 330 HIGH TEMP

    I got my Lenovo laptop yesterday and i think it has some heat issues,as idle temp is arund 40-50C which i think is ok but could be better but when i start CS:GO temps go up to 96 C while having cooling pad under laptop.... and lets be honest i think cs go aint that much of a game to push cpu...
  3. M

    Solved! Laptop doesn't start after keyboard replacement.

    Hello guys, I replaced keyboard on my Sony Vaio fit 15 (svf15), assembled it and now it doesn't start at all. When I press power button it doesn't give any response, no sound, no light nothing. When I plug my ac adapter it doesn't show charging. I wanted ask what could be the possible problems...
  4. E

    Laptop dissasembly problem.

    So basically I've been taking apart a laptop recently, and I have taken off the front case and keyboard, but everything is still in place and nothing has really been changed. Whenever I turn the laptop on (using the remains of the power switch), the fans turn on and the LEDS, but the screen...
  5. K

    Solved! Laptop Fan Spins at th boots and stop after a few second, then it would nolonger spin ever again

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5558 and my laptop's fan would only spin for a second during the time I pressed the power button and it would never spin again but my laptop would still boot and turn on. Except for one time after a few hours of pressing the power button when it just started to spin again...
  6. L

    Solved! black vertical line on right hand side of laptop

    hello, I have a 3 inch wide pure pitch black vertical strip along the right hand side of my screen, my screen is about 17 inches wide. I think the cause may be A) a cracked screed (cracked 3 years ago and the touch screen broke. B) a loose left hinge ( you can see the inside from the back of the...
  7. T

    Toshiba tv sound problem

    My Toshiba smart tv has suddenly got echoing audio without a soundbar. How do I fix?
  8. M

    Vga Port Overheating

    Hello guys i have a really weird problem, i was clean my laptop yesterday then when i Press the power button marked area (near Vga Port) getting very Hot in 5 sec and The cooling block is not touching this area please help (sorry for my English) :( Update: VGA Port damaged
  9. V

    Detachable headset MIC not working

    I am currently using a RIG 400hs headset (which has a detachable mic) and I have attempted to fix this problem but my laptop doesn't seem to have recognised the microphone. I have tried going into the audio devices but i couldn't find it, i am very confused and don't know what to do. Also it...
  10. M

    PC not recognising speakers

    My external speakers have stopped being recognised overnight. I even bought new speakers and they have they same problem. They are Logitech Z200 and connect to the headphone jack. When I go to the Playback tab in the Sound part of the control panel, the speakers do not appear. I have tried...
  11. L

    Laptop won't turn on

    I'm trying to troubleshoot my Sager laptop after it abruptly shut off. Now it doesn't even turn on. I've tried turning it on with the battery and the ac adapter separately, and nothing. Whenever I click the power button, the laptop makes a subtle repeating clicking noise. I thought it might've...
  12. K

    ASUS laptop game stuttering

    Hey, uhhhhh I have a problem recently it started like 4 months ago. I'm using a ASUS laptop my graphics card is 920m and I'm getting this freaking annoying stuttering when I'm playing online games like CSGO and Insurgency. And I recently just changed my laptop's RAM into 12 GB and its still like...
  13. R

    Dell XPS 15z (L511z) Discolored screen problem

    Hello, As the title says, its a fairly used old laptop that has been left 4 dead for 6+ years now. Specs: FHD screen i7 2620M 8GB Ram 64 bit Windows 7 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT525M (Optimus) - Intel HD graphics Family Problem: Screen is discolored when booting the laptop using the normal laptop's...
  14. H

    how i can lock my keyboard

    I have portable laptop my keyboard have some hardware problem I want to disable this keyboard and want to use external key board. My current keyboard and external keyboard both use same driver. Their is any way I can lock one keyboard ??
  15. T

    using my gpu causes BLUE SCREEN crash in windows 10

    hi guys, i have a lenovo y700 15" with a gtx 960m 4gb few months ago i freshly installed windows 10 in my laptop ,everything was fine until windows updated itself and installed my gpu drivers which caused this issue which i thought were faulty and removed them and reinstalled then found out...
  16. E

    Solved! LG Worrst Experience Ever

    Hi all, I'd like to share with you my experience with LG Customer Care Service. All I can say is AVOID LG products. I had very bad experiences with their Customer Care Service. I purchased many LG products amongst which 2 LG G4 H818, they look nice, the speech sounds nice but it's not. LG...
  17. 2

    Help me kinda of tensed please read

    My brand new hp 15bs 127ne just shut down unexpectedly during middle of the game (fortnite) its not even a month after i bought it. the charging indicator doesnt respond in my laptop nor does my laptop turn on there is not even a slight sign of power does my warranty cover this problem even i...
  18. M

    I upgraded i3-3110m to a i7 3740qm and now my pc shuts down when gaming/stress test

    Hello, I recently upgraded my cpu. Now it will shutdown in a matter of seconds awhile playing games or stress test and the temperature rises to 95-100c. I found that I can disable turbo boost in BIOS and I can play games and such but now I'm only getting 2.6ghz when it should be 3.7ghz (and is...
  19. L

    My microphone has (maybe-easy-to-fix) issues.

    Straight to point.. My Blue Snowball ICE, doesn't work in any apps. When i go to sound > properties > listen to myself, i can clearly hear myself with no problems.. But in the recording devices tab, i can't see the green volume bar moving (it says the microphone is completely silent), and when...
  20. G

    Asus Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad not working

    Hello, I have an Asus k550j laptop and my keyboard and touchpad are not working. It started like 3-4 months ago. I used external keyboard and usb mouse during that time and everything worked fine. About 2 weeks ago I decided to get it repaired because I thought it was a hardware problem since...
  21. X

    How to fix my laptop is Screen is flashing on and off

    My laptop Acer Aspire 4349 screen is flashing on and off.It went from bright to dark on and on can anyone tell me how to fix it?? I dont think the problem was software but indeed a hardware problem because it happens some time only
  22. g.syder

    lost power, then won't recognise battery.

    Hi, I have a macbook pro early 2011. Logic board replaced 2 years ago, new 85 watt charger 1 year ago along with new OEM battery. I was playing a game ( didn't get it too hot) forgot that I wasn't plugged in to power. The whole thing just switch off. I guess battery ran down and the game may...
  23. X

    Solved! Laptop will not start

    Hi all i am using laptop Acer Aspire 4551G. I am facing some booting issue. I am able to turn on the laptop but it will not boot. Current issue is that the laptop is running without OS, but it will not even display. The power indicator shows that it is on but there is no display. There is no...
  24. T

    Left click on HP Notebook is somewhat unresponsive

    I do not know if this is a software or a hardware problem but when I left click, many times nothing happens or i have to click it more firmly to get a response. Any suggestions?
  25. C

    Serious Battery Issue?

    I was taking apart a Blue R1 HD. Upon attempting to pop out the battery I smelled a strong chemical-esque, nailpolish remover smell. Is it some type of glue, or a punctured battery? Should I be worried?
  26. Y

    Very interesting Lenovo problem (B50 30)

    Sorry for the long story, but for proper answers You'll need all this information ( i believe so ) Few days ago i was using my laptop on my TV connected via HDMI. I don't remember what i've done, but i thing the pc was lagging for a reason thwhich i don't understand and decided to shut it down...
  27. S

    Troubleshooting Keyboard Issue

    Hi guys. I've recently ran into an issue with the keyboard on my alienware 15 laptop. One of the keys was not working (The D Key), and it would work intermittently. After reinstalling the drivers and whatnot, I figured it was a hardware problem. I then ordered a keyboard replacement on ebay and...
  28. K

    Solved! exp gdc problem( the psu&gpu fans wont even work)

    i've recently bought an exp gdc 8.4 and a gtx 650 ti, but after i connect all the cables from the psu to gpu&exp to the laptop nothing works, even the fans is not spinning, i've tested the psu with a paper clip and it works, please help i3 2310m gtx 650 ti msi hawk 200 watt psu exp gdc 8.4
  29. D

    GPU Fan constantly Speeding up then slowing down.

    Hey there, I have a year old Gaming laptop with a 1070. (MSI-GT62VR RE) Now I have experienced some blue screens but not often enough to say there's a hardware problem. One thing I have noticed recently like the past 2 weeks, I would be looking through YouTube, scrolling through Reddit threads...
  30. G

    Hardware problem with AMD Duron CPU and socket

    Hello everybody. I have this old notebook Acer Aspire 1300 and just as an exercise I am upgrading the CPU. I managed to extract the old CPU and I noticed there was no thermal paste and that is probably why the fan was always running. My problem is this: on extracting the old CPU I noticed that...
  31. R

    Toshiba C55t-A5222 not booting up...

    So this is obviously a hardware problem, but I can't figure out what the hardware problem is. When I press the power button, the fans turn on and the power button glows, but the screen stays off and the pc never boots up. I know it isn't a screen problem because I have a mouse that when plugged...
  32. A

    toshiba satellite A105 horizontal lines on mid-screen.

    My Toshiba satellite A105-s4021 started showing up horizontal dotted lines in the middle of the screen.(i think it started after the laptop was dropped on the ground).when i move the screen (open and close) the lines go off then after a while they go back on.so I guess it is a hardware...
  33. C

    Lenovo Laptop Malfunction & Warranty Issue

    Hi! A few days ago my Lenovo laptop stopped functioning properly. I was playing GTA 5 on the lowest settings and the computer suddenly froze. There was a fast and repetitive beeping sound that was coming through the earbuds I was using (There were no previous issues running GTA 5). I held down...
  34. K

    Laptop wont show ram after i added it

    I bought a 4gb 1600hz Kingston ram stick to put in my asus x555la and after instalation it doesnt show in windos (10 64-bit) it only show the 4gb that was there before.I'v used memtest and it displays the ram and it show it is full working but windos is not displaying it.I'v unchecked maximum...
  35. A

    Solved! Automatic refreshing browsers and file explorer

    Hello, My laptop works normally, I usually open Youtube and watch videos and it's all good. However, whenever I put load on it by opening heavy programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, browser tabs start to refresh automatically from time to time and that annoys me (especially...
  36. Tifredall

    Horizontal line's aorus x5v6

    Hi, I need a new laptop (mines getting kinda old) and someone showed me this laptop and the screen looked like this: I was wondering if it can be a problem with the drivers/software/... or what hardware problem can cause that (If it's only the panel, I can change it without problems, and I'd...
  37. T

    Laptop Rare Fan Problem

    So i have a Lenovo Y50-70 laptop and just tried to play a game i have played multiple times in the past with no problem(CS:GO). I suddenly had much less fps drop until it suddenly reached 1-15 fps for about 1-2 min without ever going more than 15,i immediatly restarted and noticed(or more...
  38. O

    Logitech USB headset no sound on left ear

    I have been using this headset for about 2 years now. Now, the left ear has no sound. I thought this could be a hardware problem since I have all my drivers up to date and bunch of configurations I had found online. Can anyone teach me how to fix this one? I am quite unfamiliar with USB headsets...
  39. F

    Laptop won't stop rebooting

    Hello. I have a toshiba satellite u840-10q. Today it ran out of batery and I didn't notice so it closed. I plugged in the charger and pressed the power button. The toshiba screen came on and after that it keeps rebooting. It just shows the toshiba screen and keeps rebooting. The keyboard...
  40. I

    Front and Rear panel audio not working in Windows 10

    Hi. I haven't had much time to be on my pc because of school. My front panel audio used to work before I installed the windows insider build. It was working fine for a few days but then I didn't get any audio from my headphones. I connected my headphones to my monitor and it works. This...
  41. F

    Sony Vaio NW130J Suddenly died

    Hello there. 2 days ago i turned on my laptop as usual and started working with that, after a while i just went to do something for about 20 minutes, when i was back i saw that the power led is ON, but the laptop is not responding! i managed to shutdown with holding power button a while, after...
  42. F

    Asus laptop overheating

    my Asus UX360CA laptop gets extremely hot when it is plugged in (even if I don't work with it). does it have a problem? I have bought it for 9 months and this problem has happened since three months ago.
  43. Ill91_Gamer

    Basic Windows Troubleshooting

    Hello, Today I will show you how troubleshoot Windows. This is for basic issues that need to be fixed. This feature comes with Windows and is made by Microsoft. Steps: Step 1. Open Control Panel Note: This is how to open Control Panel, if you do not know. Windows 7: Click on the search tab...
  44. F

    Unresponsive Laptop, hardware problem?

    Hello! [long post warning] So my problem consists of various problems on the computer but I get the feeling that they are somehow related. My laptop has fairly decent specs and the problems haven't always been there, which leads me to believe something is amiss! They are not major things, but...
  45. I

    Dell inspiron 13 7000 7348 keyboard replace

    Hello, Some keys on my laptop keyboard are stopped working. I pretty shure its a hardware problem, Becuse: 1. I remove the keyboard driver from the device manager, But its still not working. Except one time when i removed the driver, all the keys back to work!. 2. I entered into safe mode and...
  46. 1

    Small micro-second spike/stutter every second, regardless of activity

    Hi, I have an UX303LB Asus Zenbook. Regardless of what I do (browsing web/playing games/watching series) it has a tiny micro-second spike, once every second. See video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X046nVbGag And another when i scroll faster (might be more noticable)...
  47. XM Keeper

    My TV keeps turning off, help me fix it

    Okay, I have a TV that has had an issue for quite some time now. It is a Seiki 39 inch 1080p LED TV, model number SE391TS. Not a common TV, I can't find it anywhere. The problem is that the TV will randomly shut off while in use. It doesn't turn back on, it has to be turned back on manually. It...
  48. N

    My microphone picks up static instead of my voice.

    My microphone picks up static instead of my voice. It just randomly started making static as I was playing a game and I cannot find a solution. I have tried other headsets and they make the exact same static noise as my headset does.
  49. GabrielCabria

    Asus Aptio Utility Setup

    Help! My laptop from Asus, the tp300l, is now stuck on the aptio utility setup screen and I cant exit! It has Windows 10 and its not that old. I think it could be a hardware problem like the HDD or something... I researched but most of the solutions dont work. Could anyone help me? Please, im...
  50. Y

    Nikon Coolpix s3100 is not truning on since 2 years

    Now 2 years are passed out but my camera NIKON s3100 is not responding, not turning on also not showing any sign of responding ( blinking light ) and also I'am facing this problem form 2 years. What should I do now to fix this camera problem ?
  51. S

    Lenovo g500 laptop shuts down randomly

    My Lenovo g500 laptop shuts down randomly,sometimes with in 2min or 45min randomly.i thought of overheating & cleaned the fan & replaced the thermal paint.I normally use cool pad but still not change.what can be the problem.could there be a hardware problem? Please suggest me
  52. R

    Case installation/Charging problem for a Dell laptop

    Hello guys So i have a Dell Inspiron 15-5547 (i5-4210U and AMD Radeon R7 M260) laptop. Broke my original charger months ago. Bought a new one, but every time i start it up, i would get a message that the wattage was not the same as the laptop required(the charger was incompatible basically), so...
  53. E

    Pc doesn't turn on

    Hi, I have a Lenovo G50, bought it last year. Yesterday it turned off by itself and when i tried to turn it back on the screen would stay black. The two lights for power and battery would work as expected but nothing from the screen. This morning it got worst: the pc doesn't turn on at all, no...
  54. S

    Software / Hardware problem

    This is my problem. I do not know what type of Avg antivirus product my senior install at my pc but the avg is broken. Everytime I open AVG, it ask me to enter product key. So, i try to uninstall it from control panel but it was failed. I also use AVG_Remover.exe and the it was succesful but AVG...
  55. J

    Slow boot up (High-end PC): HP logo shows, black screen, HP logo again [20 minutes loading time].

    I have a relatively good PC but I do not think it is a hardware problem. So when I turn on my computer the HP logo shows up in normal timing (so is this not a BIOS problem), it sits on the HP logo for about 3-5 minutes, screen goes black for about 15 minutes, HP logo comes back for about 2...
  56. G

    Lenovo G710 - Problem with LCD? Pink/green flickering

    Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me diagnose what I suspect may be an LCD problem. I have had my Lenovo G710 for around two and a half years now, and in terms of speed, reliability etc. it has worked perfectly, in part due to me upgrading the RAM and HDD to an SSD around a year ago...
  57. M

    Hp probook 450 Shuts Down.

    my Hp probook 450 G2 i3 5th gen shuts down randomly. its not overheating problem. is it hardware problem?
  58. V

    My Laptop takes 3 hours too post?

    Hi, I have a Lenovo G50-70 (Model Name:20351), when i switch the unit on, the screen will flash as any does when it is first switched on however it will repeatadly do that rapidly for nearly 3 hours before the system posts and boots, as if the unit is restarting itself over and over again. I...
  59. T

    Whats causing this noise?

    Hello there, It's been quite some time that I've been having this problem with my laptop. It keeps making noises, but not all the time, so the noise starts randomly. Im saying 'randomly' because I haven't really tried testing it, or paid attention to when is it starting, but I have noticed...
  60. O

    [ASUS X540L] Cannot boot OS or boot USB drive

    I received a blue screen yesterday and upon restart, the laptop only boots into the BIOS. In the SATA Configurations page, no hardware is shown. (I suspect faulty hdd). I tried to USB boot into linux to backup my files but even through starting up linux, the screen stays black after hearing...