Whats causing this noise?


Dec 6, 2016
Hello there,

It's been quite some time that I've been having this problem with my laptop. It keeps making noises, but not all the time, so the noise starts randomly. Im saying 'randomly' because I haven't really tried testing it, or paid attention to when is it starting, but I have noticed couple of months ago, when using Illustrator/Photoshop or any kind of those programs, the noise shows up. But I should also mention, that its not only on those cases. It even starts just while surfing on Internet. What Im trying to say is that: The laptop isn't making noises constantly, it 'randomly' starts, and 'randomly' pauses.

Laptop that I own is: ASUS N750JV. I've had this laptop for 3 years now, and I have never cleaned it since purchase.

My question is: Could someone identify the noise? Whats causing it (is it fans, or hdd or what)? And what would you suggest me to do?


Here's the link for the video, I had to upload it on youtube, didn't know where else. Hope you can handle the 'vertically recording mode', but I've tried more to catch the noise, and not the view.

Thank you for your effort!

PS. Sorry for the english, its not my first!

Is very simple. Electronics don't make noise, only stuff that MOVE make noise. What MOVE in a laptop? FAN and HD.

Am betting my lunch money is fan. Download a free utility to monitor the fan's RPM. As your laptop is asked to do more work, the components heat up, heat means the fan has to turn faster to remove the heat. Fan turns faster makes more noise.