using my gpu causes BLUE SCREEN crash in windows 10

Jun 14, 2018
hi guys,

i have a lenovo y700 15" with a gtx 960m 4gb

few months ago i freshly installed windows 10 in my laptop ,everything was fine until windows updated itself and installed my gpu drivers which caused this issue which i thought were faulty and removed them and reinstalled then found out that the drivers was fine but something wrong with my gpu

i got it on 4 of april in 2016

i used safemode and disabled my gpu and now using intel hd 530 for the time being

i thought there was a problem with harddisk but it was my gpu, ususally it stays normal for a while but after few min everything gets laggy and it crashes

when i enable my gpu my processor state is 93-95% in task manager

i tried all possible fixes such as bios stuff and regedit fixes, does gpu die in 2 years ?

as i compared my integrated and dedicated gpu the games which my gpu ran were lagging and stutters for a mili second after few hours of gaming and i experience frame drop in many games due to which i freshly installed windows 10 , but now ive been using integrated graphics card for past days it dosent seem to lagg even though the frame rate is low but its stable unlike my gpu

model - Lenovo y700 15"
processor - i7 6700hq
gpu - Nvidia gtx 960m 4gb
ram - 8 gb 4x2
storage - 1 tb
OS - windows 10

i connect an external keyboard/mouse and a dongle for hyperX cloud II ( headphones _) and a lan cable to my router