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    Will my system handle the Vive pro or go with og Vive?

    I’m currently running an i5 6600k (not oc), gtx 1080 and 16gb of ram. After playing around on my psvr and trying out the Vive a couple of times, I’ve decided to go for a pc vr setup. With the money I’ve earmarked, I can either get the Vive pro, or I can go for the og Vive and upgrade either my...
  2. Y

    Solved! When I play Minecraft I get 200 fps but now I got fps drop and the laptop crash my GPU is 620m and i3 3110

    This start when I clean my laptop fan and update drivers
  3. U

    Can I attach a GPU with a laptop ?

    Hello I have been wondering whether I can attach a graphics card to my laptop (say Nvidia). I have a Dell laptop with core i7 , 8 GB ram and Intel hd 620 graphics card. This Intel graphics card does not support gaming and I want to play games on this laptop so can I attach a graphic card on this...
  4. Y

    Solved! have a slow netbook how can i speed it up?

    hi, I know its a weird question to ask but I got a netbook from my uncle as a gift..... but the problem is that it is really slow and it is running on windows 10 (which I kinda like....) see I'm a power user I have high end gaming pc with nvme m.2 ssds ..... but I really need a laptop / netbook...
  5. B

    Solved! New GPU not coming up on Alienware

    I have a 2013 alienware that blew the 770m GPU. I bought a GTX 980m card to replace it and now the computer will either not boot and beep, or boot without the card being recognized. I dont have an nvidia app to use to select the driver and Gforce doesnt do anything. Please help.
  6. P

    Laptop Nvidia GPU 0% Usage At All Times

    Laptop was filled with bloatware and tons of issues. Instead of weeding it all out I decided to do a clean Win10 Reinstall. Since the reinstall my GPU stays at 0% usage no matter what I do. I've reinstalled drivers. Set global setting in Nvidia Control Panel to the GPU. Even when right clicking...
  7. R

    Solved! Bad CPU and Good GPU, Why am I getting such low usage? (Bottleneck Questions)

    Specs are: GTX 1070 sc 8gb Core i7-3630qm 16gb ram 500gb SSD I know my CPU is bad, I don't want to hear how I need to buy a new cpu, I get it, I'm working on it. These things are expensive. Anyway I know it should be mega bottlenecking the 1070, so I'm just wondering why the usage is so low...
  8. T

    My pc does not run good fps what would you reccomend me upgrade it can only run 100 on low settings

    cpu:AMD AD340XOKHJBOX Athlon X2 340 gpu:Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB LP Graphics Card - Black ram:16gb disk: 1tb of memory with 930gb left motherboard:Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-HD2 Motherboard (Socket FM2+, A78, DDR3, S-ATA 600, M-ATX, PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, DVI-D, USB 3.0)
  9. B

    Solved! HP Elitebook 8770w Rough condition or HP Elitebook 8570w Awesome condition

    Guys need help, I can find 2 laptops, 1st is an HP 8770w i7 3720qm with quadro k3000m 2GB DDR5, condition is rough from exterior and the shopkeeper is asking too much for it. $400 2nd is HP 8570w i7 3720qm with Quadro k2000m 2GB DDR3 ofc, the condition is awesome and is asking decent price, $290...
  10. T

    External GPU for Laptop

    I want a external GPU for may HP laptop.presently it has AMD A8 , RADEON R5 , 4GB DDR3 RAM, Please give me a best configuration (2gb graphics) at a lowest budget including all items .
  11. K

    Want to switch to iGPU after main GPU got fried

    Soooo yeah, just like the title says... After I press power the lights of HDD and Power light up, but the screen is pitch black, and I get an 8 beeps code, which probably means the main ATI 5430m GPU got fried... However, I have an Intel i3-380m CPU which has an integrated graphics, but I have...
  12. D

    Solved! Which laptop out of these 2 should I get?

    Hi guys Which laptop config should I get for casual gaming, Lightroom & Photoshop, and occasional video editing? I tend to multitask quite a bit (happy when I can at least keep 10 tabs open in Chrome when I'm doing video editing for instance). Choice 1: GTX 1060 MAX-Q 6GB / 16GB DDR4...
  13. F

    Solved! Which specs are important to run Android Studio smoothly?

    I am trying to understand on which parts I can save money if I only want to use my laptop for Android programming (and use the Android Studio emulator). I could already figure out that an SSD and good RAM are mandatory. What about the CPU? Can Android Studio / Gradle leverage quad-core in a way...
  14. A

    Solved! No display from GPU

    Hi, I recently build my first pc and the first problem that I encountered was that there was no display input when the GPU was plugged in. As soon as I would disconnect the GPU everything will work fine, the pc booted to bios and then windows. Pc specs : Asrock 880GMH/U3S3 motherboard AMD...
  15. V

    MSIGE62 Screen Flickering

    For the past few months I've been getting a flickering, horizontal effect across my laptop's monitor under certain circumstances. The effect comes along with purple lines striking horizontally across the lower half of the screen. I can clear this by either restarting the laptop or simply...
  16. S

    Solved! Laptop dedicated gpu dead what can i do?

    Ok, so my laptop has an integrated and a dedicated gpu. The dedicated gpu seems to be toast and therefore i get bsods can i isolate the dedicated gpu and run my laptop on the cpu and integrated gpu? i cant buy a new laptop what are my options? laptop: acer aspire e5 551g cpu : amd a10 7300...
  17. T

    Solved! Laptop's dedicated gpu seems to be broken. How to fix

    details of the laptop: ASUS ROG GL552VW Cpu : i7 6700HQ Integrated Gpu: Intel HD 530 Dedicated Gpu: Nvidia GTX 960M Laptop freezes and then get BSOD after a while I have been getting blue screen(BSOD) for a several months. I get error codes like: "Device power state failure", "dpc watchdog...
  18. T

    Dangerously High Temperatures

    Hi. I have a simple question today. My fan is broken on my laptop, and my GPU can get up to very high temperatures sometimes. I'm wondering where the line is drawn in regards to safe temperatures and unsafe temperatures for my GPU to reach. Sometimes it reaches 80C while idling and I've seen...
  19. N

    Adding discrete GPU to Dell 7586 w/ Intel shared graphics?

    I am a complete noob so I hope I can explain myself: Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 7586 comes with two versions. 1. One with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 with shared graphics memory 2. The...
  20. K

    Constant FPS drop on new laptop

    Hello, thank you for clicking in this thread, recently i bought a MSI GL63-8RC laptop, it has spec as listed below: - Intel Core i5 8300H - GTX 1050 with 4GB of Vram - 8GB of single stick ram - Windows 10 with latest update - 1 Tb of HDD The problem is at seemingly random interval, the fps...
  21. P

    Solved! HWINFO giving weird readings when starting up Warframe

    I use HWINFO to monitor temps for my CPU and GPU. For some reason, whenever I start Warframe the GPU temps just up extemely high (80-90C), but as soon as I long in GPU temps read in the 60s. Is this just an error from HWINFO or is it something I should worry about?
  22. B

    Solved! Laptop not detecting GPU

    I have MSI GV62 7RD 15.6inch Core i7 Gaming Notebook and recently it's not detecting my GTX 1050 GPU even though it clearly has one. Ive tried to reinstall The latest driver and the Geforce experience But every time I do it, there are 2 errors stating that 1.The NVIDIA driver is not compatible...
  23. L

    Audio lag when using Gpu's HDMI

    Hey all, Strange problem I've been having. I have a small stereo setup in my room that follows this: PC (Gpu HDMI out) --> Receiver (Yamaha RX-V573) --> Monitor (HDMI to DVI cable) + Receiver --> Speakers (Decent speaker cable) When doing this setup, everything works video and audio wise...
  24. W

    Avira VPN Taking using too much GPU

    So I installed Avira phantom VPN and Apparently I just Noticed that it is taking using GPU waay more Than any other Software, I have never seen Any softwares except Games and Video Editors/Converters use this much GPU. Is this Normal? Could this be a Bitcoin Mining Malware Working in the...
  25. A

    Solved! Laptop poor performance while plugged in

    Hi, I searched whole day for solution, but nothing seem to fix the problem. I get low fps on games while I plug the charger to my laptop ... I used to have this problem, but I fixed it somehow by discharging the battery completely. Few days ago I updated both Nvidia and Intel drivers and...
  26. D

    about graphic card

    i have 820m gpu and i was purchased 1050 ti . is there a problem to connect 1050 ti in laptop without removing previous one ??
  27. M

    PC wont start up after reapplying thermal paste.

    As the title says, I cleaned my old thermal paste from my cpu and applied a new one, after i did that, i connected everything the way it should be connected, my power supply works, the cpu fan works as well, gpu works, but im still getting blackscreen, i tried unplugging ram/gpu and all that...
  28. M

    Solved! Can cod play on mine

    I have a i5 5200u and 8gb ram but a invidia geforce 950 gpu ???
  29. A

    Black bar on monitor

    so i bought a monitor samsung s22a100n "21.5" and its native resolution is 1920*1080 and when i plugged it in the gpu i got a thin black bar almost 3 mm vertically on the edg of the screen now the monitor dosent have any auto adjust and the driver is updated my gpu driver is also updated i...
  30. B

    Solved! Help choosing a new laptop

    I want to buy a new laptop and i found this one: Hp pavilion 15.6 with touch display. I wanted to know if this is a good laptop but there is no information about this model. Is the display good? is it bright? I have 4 other options: -Lenovo...
  31. D

    Solved! MSI Laptop No Video At All

    Hi, I've got an MSI GT62VR 6RE laptop that has recently had a problem. I turned it off one night, and after turning it on the following morning there was no video from the laptop screen, or the HDMI and miniDP outputs. Any help figuring out where the problem is coming from and if its fixable...
  32. J

    MSI laptop help

    Hi I have a Msi GL-73 with a 1050ti gpu. My question is am I able to upgrade the gpu to say a 1060 6gb?
  33. R

    Solved! HP Omen laptop with GTX 1050ti stuck in power up cycle

    Hello, A few days ago I upgraded my HP Omen for 12 GB of ram to 24 GB of ram. The installation went smoothly and for several days it has worked perfectly. However last night I was rendering some models in AutoDesk Maya, when the laptop shutoff. When I tried to turn it on, the fans and the hdd...
  34. W

    My cameras keep freezing

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I recently added the logitech brio 4k 60fps webcam to my setup for creating content on Youtube. I also have an Elgato CamLink for my Canon SL2. The problem I'm having is when I try to run the cameras at max settings, meaning 4k, my camera...
  35. A

    Solved! Laptop GPU under-performing

    So I just bought this new laptop with the nVidia MX130 gpu. I've searched for benchmark results online and most of them shows that this gpu should perform better than the GTS 450 in my old computer. but when I tried to run the NovaBench 2011 benchmarking software, my GTS 450 got 811fps on the 3d...
  36. M

    Solved! Mobile GPUs - MSI GE73 Raider

    Hey Guys, I'm about pulling the trigger on a new laptop (main focus: playing WoW, DotA,D3 and PoE). Here is my problem, I am stuck between the 1060 and 1070 GPU. Performance-wise both should handle the games mentioned above with ease. I prefer a more quiet laptop - does a 1070 be...
  37. S

    How can I set up 5.1 surround sound, 144Hz refesh rate with PC, Monitor and Receiver.

    Hey, all! I am looking for help from you audio tech's and PC tech's out there! -Monitor: Asus vg248qe 144 Hz -Receiver: Denon 5.1 setup -GPU: Radeon RX480 -My motherboard does not have S/SDFI -Window 10 64 bit I want to set up a gaming PC with 5.1 surround sound and monitor with 144Hz refresh...
  38. D

    Solved! Acer Predator Temp issues

    Hey guys! I have an Acer Predator 17 laptop that has served me few a few years now but recently has been having some serious issues with game crashes and hitching. I've tracked it back to the fact that its internals run WAY to hot at a fairly regular 80-100c when gaming. This goes for both CPU...
  39. J

    Solved! I bought a Gaming Laptop two days ago and have been having some very unique and very irritating problems with the GPU

    Now before I delve into the problem, I will detail the specs of the laptop. It is an Acer Nitro 5 fitted with CPU - Intel i7-8750h Display 1 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 Display 2 - GTX 1060 Ram - 16gbs The issue I had before was that it seemed every game I played with this laptop was running...
  40. benjamito

    Solved! Macbook Air display stopped functioning and glitched while using it.

    My second hand MacBook Air has been overheating and crashing at certain times (since I bought it). The crashes were infrequent and since I only used the Macbook for low strain tasks (word processing, browsing the internet), I never thought to take the laptop to the apple store. This one...
  41. F

    Solved! Issues with GTX 1080 Laptop (MSI GT73VR 6RF)

    Hello, i make this thread because i ran out of solutions to solve this problem. And i hope i am posting in the right place. To explain, it seems that when the GPU get a certain temperature (or a certain load) the system crash. But the gpu is still working (in certain cases, see the video below)...
  42. N

    Solved! Disabling gtx1070 to run on integrated graphics to save battery

    recently i bought a HP omen 15 amazon link: GPU: gtx 1070 Max-Q CPU: i7-8750H Battery: 70Wh Display: 1920x1080 G sync 144hz i have been able to run it for 4 to 4 and half hrs...
  43. F

    Solved! Can I upgrade my laptop BGA soldered GPU chip? It's a GTX 765M

    Hello, looked at the internets, but haven`t found decisive information. Anyone? I have a rebranded (as Avell) Clevo W350ST, Intel HM87, i5-4200M, 8GB DDR3 and a GTX 765M. I bought it used and committed the mistake of using it for some time without replacing the dried out thermal paste (too hot...
  44. S

    GPU through CD sata port

    I got a new Lenovo 130 recently, and noticed that the sata plug for the CD drive is pretty accessible once removed. I'm thinking there's a way to convert that to PCIE to run a low powered GPU but can't find anything to get a base built on. Any suggestions? Some basic research I've as to if this...
  45. S

    Solved! Accidentally deleted my GPU.

    I accidentally deleted my GPU from Display Adapters when I was trying to delete my drivers and I thought it was for deleting my drivers, and now I need help and a solution. My specs: Computer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. X455LF Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Processor: Intel®...
  46. P

    Solved! looking for compatible upgrade parts for pc

    hi, like the title describes, im looking to buy a couple of pc upgrades but im not sure which is compatible with which. im looking to upgrade my 12 GB ram to 16 so i can use dual channel mode and HDD to SSD and if there is a way, maybe my integrated graphics card*. my pc is "HP Pavilion -...
  47. G

    Lenovo y520 refuses to use gtx 1060

    Hi guys, im running out of ideas, recently i acquired a lenovo y520 and the problem is that the OS (windows 10 home) detects the gtx 1060 but refuses to use it beyond 10%... the specs are these: i5 7300hq 8gb ram ddr4 @2133mhz Nvidia gtx 1060 max-q 3gb Software: Nvidia Drivers...
  48. P

    Solved! Laptop using integrated graphics instead of dedicated gpu

    I have tried everything including going into nvidia control panel and choosing high performance GPU specs: Gtx 1060 6gb 8gb ram intel i7700 windows 10
  49. R

    hp probook 4540s motherboard upgrade

    hello. I was thinking about putting a gpu in hp probook 4540s but I came across the motherboard issue that it doesnt support this. It already has intergrated graphics and you cannot put gpu of your own choice. so I was wondering if there is some spare hp motherboard that allows you to put gpu on...
  50. D

    Solved! Good GPU, CPU, RAM, but low performance / FPS

    I just bought a new laptop (Asus Aspire 7 A717-71G-71UL) with the following specs: - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz - 16 GB DDR4 Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB GDDR5 Dedicated VRAM This seemed like a pretty good pc to me, but every game I run plays at about...
  51. Z

    Solved! Asus Rog Strix gl553vd

    Can i connect gpu example gtx 1060,1070 and how?
  52. K

    Solved! Computer switching from NVidia to integrated graphics while playing fortnite

    While in game I get around 100 FPS. My gpu is at about 80% usage and integrated is at about 10% randomly every 15 min or so my you will got to about 30% and integrated goes up to 95% usage.have tried making NVidia gpu set as preference in global and in program still not luck.
  53. G

    Laptop with external gpu problem

    Hello. I have laptop 'toshiba satellite l300 1a2' and im trying to connect to it 'gtx 1060 3gb' using this riser: My laptop just doesnt boot when i turn on power supply for gpu. I also tryed using different gpu (dont remember its name, will remember...
  54. B

    Heat damage in gaming laptop???

    I have a gigabyte P57 gaming laptop that used to run 35-40 degrees when idle and 80-90deg GPU (around 85 CPU) under load (games like BF1, Fallout76 , Battlefront 2 and PUBG in ultra settings at good FPS). I overclock it through a gigabyte program that came with the PC. Like 2 days ago I...
  55. G

    Is this a thunderbolt port?

    Is this a Thunderbolt port to which i can connect a gpu dock?
  56. J

    Solved! Not enough HDMIs

    Hello. Im having a bit of trouble with my monitors setup I currently have 2 24" monitors 1 via DVI and the other via Display Port. Also have a 49" 4K TV connected to my PC to enjoy 4K HDR games on the big screen conected through HDMI. The problem comes with my last acquisition, an Oculus Rift...
  57. P

    Solved! Spilled Water on Laptop GPU -- Possible to Replace GPU or Fried Mobo?

    Hi all, I spilled a glass of water on my laptop. It turned itself off, I unplugged it, took it apart, and wiped up the visible water (there was not much at all inside the case). I then left the laptop to dry for several days. Now, when I try to use my graphics card (discrete), my system quits...
  58. mrhotsharkable

    Solved! Help on deciding a laptop please!

    ASUS FX504GE-E4031T - £699 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 60Hz 15.6" ACER Predator Helios 300 - £749 CPU: i5 8300H GPU: 1050ti RAM: 8GB Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD Screen: 144Hz 15.6"
  59. P

    Help with choosing components for laptop

    Im have a dilemma with what laptop i should buy. It would be used for college stuff, photo and video editing, lite gaming etc. My 3 current best options are 1. Intel core i5-8250u 16gb of RAM 1Tb+256gb storage MX130 2Gb...
  60. G

    safe laptop temperature

    i have a helios 300 and when im playing need for speed the gpu temp hits about 82 degrees while the cpu tends to stay at 80 to 83 degrees is this normal or do i have to be concerned?? thank you