HP Elitebook 8770w Rough condition or HP Elitebook 8570w Awesome condition


Oct 24, 2014
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Guys need help, I can find 2 laptops, 1st is an HP 8770w i7 3720qm with quadro k3000m 2GB DDR5, condition is rough from exterior and the shopkeeper is asking too much for it. $400
2nd is HP 8570w i7 3720qm with Quadro k2000m 2GB DDR3 ofc, the condition is awesome and is asking decent price, $290 the price differ is around $110, I wanted the HP 8770w with Quadro k3000m but because of the price and condition i'm in confusion now, please tell me what should I do?
my main purpose for getting these two were a bit of gaming and video rendering, rendering is not too hardcore but just a bit of video editing in premiere and Vegas pro for YouTube videos. maybe I should use them for other adobe applications and 3D max app in the future.
What should I do the market price for HP 8770w is $350 I'm sure but as the shopkeeper knew that I have been searching for this laptop from a month. and because of his monopoly in this laptop he is asking that much intentionally.

HP 8750w

HP 8770w


Mar 25, 2010
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I don't really see much of anything wrong with the 8770w system as far as shape goes. From what I see, anything wrong with it can be cleaned up.

The K3000m is quite a bit faster than the K2000m, if that is worth another 100 to you, that is up to you. For $400 I would look for a different system but that all depends on your area and prices. Remember that what you buy in a laptop now is what you have till you replace it. I would spend another $100 to get a 30% video card boost if using the system for games considering you will have it for a few years, so cost ends up maybe $5 extra a month.


Oct 24, 2014
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Thanks, your answer was helpful as it chilled me to read it, the thing is I was also sad about getting an 8570w and that is because of k2000m, I knew I won't be able to play some old good games, but the condition of 8770w was horrifying to me and the price tag was too high. But the time between posting my question here, I have found another 8770w with k3000m and it was available with a user and he was willing to sell it, another good thing is I have found it in the same price tag of 400$ and with some extra 8gb ram and 250gb hdd. I made a deal now I just have to test him and check him if it performs better and temps will be good, I'm definitely going to buy it. That's why I'm happy to read your answer, that is helpful, So, now you just wish me luck. :) :)
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