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    Solved! HP Elitebook 8770w Rough condition or HP Elitebook 8570w Awesome condition

    Guys need help, I can find 2 laptops, 1st is an HP 8770w i7 3720qm with quadro k3000m 2GB DDR5, condition is rough from exterior and the shopkeeper is asking too much for it. $400 2nd is HP 8570w i7 3720qm with Quadro k2000m 2GB DDR3 ofc, the condition is awesome and is asking decent price, $290...
  2. B

    Solved! Turning your laptop into desktop workstation. Any Pro Tips?

    Hi! I have recently bought an external keyboard, mouse and monitor and I use my laptop as a heart of the whole setup. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the results, however I thought maybe some of my habits can be improved. Do you guys have any tips for using your laptop as a desktop? I...
  3. K

    Specc for laptop / workstation for Cad and 3D software

    Laptop for Cad/magi CAD and revit and naviesworks 3D . What kind off specc do i need that dose not use nivida Quatro. What kind of cpu should i go for and Gpu ? Price range around 25000 K Swedish krons (2500 dollors)
  4. B

    Solved! Which cpu for VMware workstation (4-5 vm’s + host)

    Hello, As above, will a 4 core i7 8565u run 4-5 vm’s okay with 32gb of ram? Either through hyper-v or VMware workstation. I’m looking at 2 different laptops, one is a dell inspiron 7730 which is proper workstation grade laptop. It has a quadro p3200 and room for up to 128gb of ram and a great...
  5. JerrWolf

    Laptop Workstation Recommendations

    Hello everyone! So I'm thinking on going for my Masters Degree, and I'll be using a laptop on and off when I'm not at my apartment. My school offers an HP 17 G4 to students. At the moment of posting I don't know the specs exactly of the laptop they offer. But here is the Build Your Own for the...
  6. I

    Solved! one workstation has strong wifi but no internet

    I have a workstation running windows 7 and for some reason will connect to the wifi network, but no internet access. All the other workstations are fine except for this one. Wifi signal is strong. Ran the troubleshooting and just said no problems found. It is hardwired to the company server...
  7. I

    Looking for a decent laptop for an engineering student

    Hey so I'm currently trying to scrounge around a laptop for my cousin that just finished High school this year. He says he wants to get into engineering but I don't think he has the dough enough for a dedicated Quadro card laptop and most people I asked on Discord just tended to go to the "get a...
  8. B

    Dell workstation doesn't boot anymore.

    I have a Dell Precision M6600. It's been very reliable and never had any troubles with it. A couple days ago a power surge happened (it was plugged into a surge protector). The laptop was still running, but gotten slow. It's a normal thing that my laptop does, when I unplug it and replug it gets...
  9. I

    Used Workstation for college???

    So heading off for college in the next few weeks and unfortunately between paying for text books, tuition its self, expenses (insurance, gas), and having to get a new serpentine belt and steering pump put into my car, my budget for a laptop has gone down to a cool $220 and wont change till well...
  10. S

    Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Windows 9x 3D-Acceleration

    How to get 3D-Acceleration in Windows 9x in VirtualBox or VMware? Is it possible?
  11. N

    Recommendations for a workstation laptop?

    Currently looking for a new laptop used for graphic work. Won't be playing much games on it. Use Photoshop on an everyday basis and sometimes Adobe Illustrator too. Probably wont need a max specs top notch laptop but one that can handle the above-mentioned programmes well will do. Not too...
  12. M

    How to run 144 hz on VMware(or any other vm)

    Hey, Im not sure if its the right forum to post it, so if not please let me know. So I've been searching for an answer for this for some time now, this question is sometimes asked, but I've neven seen an answer for that. First of all, is that even possible? If it is possible, how do I achieve...
  13. E

    C-Media CMI8788 Low Profile Sound Card Inside Notebook (Mobile Workstation)

    Object: Looking to stick one of these in my M6700 Precision Mobile Workstation. I'm not afraid to operate. The Precision has a surprisingly fair amount of open space inside: not including the bays. Sound is first, so if I must...
  14. Cloudy1

    Qosmio F60 CPU Upgrade For Latest VMWare

    Hi All, Wondering if one of the CPU experts here can assist me in determining if I can upgrade the CPU on my Toshiba Qosmio F60 to allow usage of the latest versions of VMWare Workstation and/or Workstation Player please - apparently my CPU is now unsupported as time and technology roll forward...
  15. E

    Advice on engineering student laptop

    Hi! I'm looking for a new laptop for my engineering studies. It'll be used for a wide variety of tasks, and has to be very capable. I'll typically be doing CAD work in SolidWorks, programming, everyday tasks and connecting external equipment. I've looked at mobile workstations and I'm...
  16. S

    looking for a new portable workstation for EDA/CAD -- HP vs Dell vs Lenovo

    Looking for portable laptop that will serve as my primary workstation for Cad tools. Was looking at Dell, Lenovo, msi and hp (leaning more Dell and lonovo). Anyhow need the following: 4k display 32G ram 512G ssd 1T+ second drive I7 (latest Gen) Thunderbolt port Either 15 or 17 monitor...
  17. L

    Backup Software for Windows 10 / High end workstation

    Hi All, I would appreciate thoughts regarding best backup software for a high end - high performance workstation. I simply want to take a regular reliable backup (happy to schedule this manually if need be). I bought Acronis Workstation only to find out it runs an MS-SQL instance as it is...
  18. J

    Budget gaming laptop 17"

    Im looking to find a decently priced 17" gaming laptop. It will mainly be a workstation but also used for gaming on the side. Best I found was the msi GL72M looks perfect for what I am looking for but just want to see if there is a better deal somewhere.
  19. A

    MSI Running Unusual

    So i recently just bought a MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Mobile Workstation Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz) 32 GB Memory 2 TB HDD 512 GB SSD NVIDIA Quadro P3000. And i have been having unusual problem when running basic programs or even internet browsing. When i try to scroll...
  20. P

    mobile workstation or gamer workstation for CAD software?

    mobile workstation (inte xeon, nvidia quadro) or gamer workstation (general cpu and gpu) for autocad & revit? i dont need a specific answer just for most cases what is preferred.
  21. F

    can i buy refurbished dell workstation

    Hey, My rquirement is that i use high graphic softwares like lumion, 3d max, vray ect simultaniously. I have decided to buy dell m6800 refurbished mobile workstation, will it serve my need.
  22. S

    VMware Workstation vs. Oracle VM VirtualBox

    Which one is better? VMware or VirtualBox?
  23. R

    Mid range audio workstation

    Hello, recently I’ve been working on putting together a system for a friend who does a lot in audio production and music on her computer. Shes been in need of a new system for a while so I offered to help. I’ve got just about everything somewhat nailed down, but as I don’t do much audio work...
  24. R

    Headphone choice with AMP and DAC

    So guys I was making a new gaming cum workstation pc. I won't be doing audio production, but I like good audio. Thus I would want you guys to recommend me a good audio setup. I was looking at getting an AKG K612 or an AKG K7XX with the Modi 2 and Magni 2. If this is good, I'll get this. But if...
  25. H

    Recommendations for budget flat screen

    Looking for a low budget flat screen
  26. Y

    Is Lenovo Y510P (without sli gt 750m) worth it in 2017 for a mobile workstation?

    I found a deal for a Lenovo Y510P (without SLI) with 128G m.2 SSD pairs with 1TB HDD and an upgraded i7 cpu by the seller for only $200. The machine shows some wear and tear but every works fine except I need to clean out the heat sinks. I will occasionally run X Plane 11, FSX, Visual Studio and...
  27. K

    Audio HP workstation

    I am using HP computer with HDMI Graphic card to get videos only on screen and earphone/builtin speakers connection from computer
  28. K

    Need help choosing a powerful mobile workstation

    Hello: I'm in need of a mobile workstation mostly to use AutoCAD Civil 3D, 3Ds Max Design and some others from the AutoDesk family. Need lower rendering times and high performance while working on several tasks at the same time. I've been looking at some options but need help deciding. First...
  29. J

    Is the lenovo thinkpad p71 upgradable?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a lenovo thinkpad P71with 8 gb ecc ram, 256gb ssd, nvidia p3000 6gb. I'm wondering if I will still be able to upgrade the hard drive, ram or graphics card sometime later on if the need arises?
  30. G

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M910z Review: An Affordable All-in-One for Work

    The Lenovo ThinkCentre M910z is a well-made all-in-one that's great for business, thanks to a combination of performance, security and privacy features, and a practical design. Lenovo ThinkCentre M910z Review: An Affordable All-in-One for Work : Read more
  31. J

    Which Workstation for Architecture? (MacBook Pro, Dell Precision, HP ZBook or Lenovo P Series)

    Hi, I’ve been using my old Dell XPS1640 for almost 8 years. It’s time for an upgrade. I’m tired of waiting on Cinema 4D Renderings to finish, AutoCAD crashing/freezing due to large files (80MB+), Illustrator running out of memory (8GB), etc… I would also like to have the capabilities to run...
  32. W

    dell precision m6500 workstation ''plugged in, not charging'' probleem in a very strange way

    dell precision m6500 laptop having ''plugged in, not charging'' but when i try to restart the laptop with the ac adapter inserted, the charging indicator blinks a few times and thats it, it doesn't turn on, to turn it on i have to remove the charger, turn it on, then plug the charger back in so...
  33. G

    HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation

    The HP Z2 Mini G3 workstation is the most powerful mini PC we've reviewed, putting category-leading performance into a compact chassis. HP Z2 Mini G3 Review: A Mighty Mini Workstation : Read more
  34. B

    Laptop Buying Help

    I am looking for a laptop that I can use for content creation in the next few years as mine is slowly dying. I'm not looking to spend to much but my main goal is having a 4K IPS screen, as well as a processor that can handle video editing, photo manipulation, and 3D rendering. I've managed with...
  35. HardwareExtreme

    Used Workstation Laptop with MXM Slot

    Hello everyone, Basically I am looking for a used 2nd/3rd gen workstation laptop that has a MXM slot that has/ can support a quad core. So far I have looked on Amazon, and the only real brands that make them are Dell and HP, but even then these tend to be out of my pricerange. I really only have...
  36. S

    HP ZBook 15 G1

    can "HP ZBook 15 G1" support 2 hard disk like in lenovo workstation w520,w530 or w540. U can swipe out dvd drive to make way for Ultrabay 2nd Hard disk caddy.
  37. A

    which laptop is best for engineering software's like solidworks, catia ? price range is 75,000 inr

    I have searched many laptops but they r not in my price range workstation laps are very expensive so tell me which lap is best for me in normal laptops
  38. kenzig

    Laptop for 3D work

    Hello all! I will be moving abroad for studies and want to buy a laptop which will be used primarily for 3D work and editing. I cannot buy a MacBook because it does not support 3Ds Max which i will be using. My question is should I opt for a workstation laptop or a gaming one. I am pretty...
  39. T

    Solved! How can I make my program accessible on a Windows server by other end users

    The simplest is to put your application on a server, then map a workstation' drive to that location, and creating shortcut for the user to access this location. But if you want multiple users to work with same set of data (eg two users entering order details), you need to think about your...
  40. P

    Solved! which brands of hard drives does HP fit in their HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile Workstations

    a HP ZBook 15u G3 Mobile Workstation was returned from a local repair shop as damaged beyond repair after a fall. It came back without the ram modules(32Gig) and the broken hard drive which was returned to me is a HGST make. I doubt if it is the original drive. I had no success on HP's "customer...
  41. I

    Laptop docking, workstation setup

    Just bought a new Dell XPS-15 and am looking for a good and cheap way to easily be able to turn it in to a workstation, preferably with a connected ethernet cable despite the laptops lack of that port. Any tips on good budget monitors and docking stations are very welcome.
  42. V

    HomeGroup joining issues

    In my place of work, every computer from diverse workstation running on diverse operating system namely Windows 7,8 and 10 is connected in a HomeGroup network, my computer runs on windows 10 operating system. All this while i have been enjoying my sharing of files and printing through the...
  43. G

    Budget workstation laptop

    I have a limited budget around 1500 and I need a laptop for scientific computation and I wonder which is a better option (might remains turned on for days) Hp zbook g2 ,i7 4800,16 ddr3,k4000 gpu Vs Asus n552 i7 6700 ,16 ddr4 ,gtx 960
  44. Helicity

    Laptop for Coding, Web Browsing, and Work

    Hi everyone, Last year, y'all helped with the building of my high-end gaming PC, which I am very thankful for. It runs great. However, the laptop that I have had for the last 6 years is getting due for a replacement. I currently have a Dell XPS 15 that I use every day for work (web browsing...
  45. S

    Best workstation laptop for productivity and minor gaming ?

    Hello all! I'm needing to get a laptop for school/work very soon and was hoping to get some of your suggestions to help me make my decision. I haven't looked into new PC and laptop hardware in ages and im just now discovering "2 in 1s" and some of the more recent technology. As I've shortly...
  46. S

    VMware Workstation, PCem or VirtualBox?

    Which one for old games?
  47. E

    Need Video Editing Laptop for Travel - advice?

    Hi there, I'm a professional filmmaker always working on the go and needing to upgrade my equipment. In the past 5yrs i've used my HP Workstation (Elitebook 8560w i7 2.30Ghz 8GB RAM w/ Nvidia Quadro 2000M) - it's served me very well, though it's gotten so slow & laggy nowadays that it can...
  48. S

    VMware Workstation Change Graphics Card

    Can i change Graphics Card or install 3DFX driver in Windows XP in VMware Workstation? I have nGlide but i want to know if is possible to install Voodoo driver like in PCem and DOSBox.
  49. B

    Engineering Laptop Recommendation 2017

    Hello, I know there are threads out there that I have read, but they aren't as specific as I was hoping to find so I started my own. My last laptop which I received from a family member used just crashed after 5+ plus years of abuse. I am looking at purchasing a new laptop to replace it. I am...
  50. bhabanisankardas007

    How to connect PC+ Creative Sound card + Sony DAV-DZ370 5.1 Home theater

    Hi, 1. I have a T7500 Workstation with Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Card PCIe SB1040. 2. I have also Sony DAV-DZ370 5.1 Home theater. How can I connect my Workstation with Sony home theater to get 5.1 surround sound (in game play and movie ? Any assistance or guidance that...
  51. J

    Solved! Need new laptop as portable workstation

    Hi! I'm a VFX/Motion Graphics designer (mostly after effects, some 3D) who is in need of a lighter portable work laptop ~15inches that I can bring on location. I've been researching as much as I can but I can't figure out which one is the best buy for the price and most suited for my needs. I've...
  52. S

    VMware Workstation CS:GO?

    Possible or not? I just wanna test this game in VMware Workstation because i have CS:GO installed on my computer in Windows 8.1 x64. I have Windows 7 x64 and i got this error: Your graphics hardware does not support all features (CSM) needed to run this game. Device Info: Marked unsupported...
  53. S

    VMware Workstation 3D Acceleration Windows 98

    How to enable 3D Acceleration in Windows 98 in VMware Workstation?
  54. B

    I need a laptop for 3D modelling and rendering in 3ds max and vray

    i know desktop is better, but because of moving issues I need a laptop workstation. Money is no problem but what matters is the performance. The laptop which can handle large 3D scenes and uses less rendering time
  55. J

    Best Laptop to get under $2000 2017

    I'm getting a Venom BlackBook 17 Workstation (G01705) with Quardo K3100M CAD/CAM Notebook for $1700 (NEW) RRP$4k Does anyone know of any better laptop with better specs for under $2k? Specs: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) Memory: 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz (X 2) (2...
  56. K

    FumeFx CPU usage problem

    Hi, I have recently moved from my old i7 2700k machine to dual xeon e5 2650v3 workstation. I had hoped that I would see the increase in FumeFx simulation times. However for some reason fumefx is not able to utilize all cores to the maximum. The cpu usage peaks at about 20-30 percent during...
  57. W

    Best laptop for work and light gaming?

    I have a gaming desktop, and I would like to do some coding work and hopefully some gaming on easy-to-run games, like CS:GO, away from home. I dont want some $1,000 laptop that can run The Witcher 3 at 60 FPS. I just want something that is pretty fast for web browsing, and can run low load...
  58. J

    I have to clone multiple laptops including the bios any suggestions on a solution

    I'm replacing about 90 laptops in the field and they will all be loaded basically they same, except user name, workstation name. vpn info do you have a recommendation for a software package that will duplicate the laptops including the bios?
  59. D

    Underamped Power Adapter

    So I have a HP mobile workstation for work that came with a 200W power adapter (19.5V 10.3A) that is quite large and heavy. For travel I got a 150W (7.7A) charger that was compatible with my laptop. Now the laptop is rated for 10.3A. My problem is that even the 150W charger is a pain to carry...
  60. M

    A cheap workstation with 250+ GB storage

    Hello I neee a workstation but one with decrnt storage.