Looking for a decent laptop for an engineering student


Nov 21, 2015
Hey so I'm currently trying to scrounge around a laptop for my cousin that just finished High school this year. He says he wants to get into engineering but I don't think he has the dough enough for a dedicated Quadro card laptop and most people I asked on Discord just tended to go to the "get a mini PC" anyway when it came to Workstations.

Frankly speaking I'm not very good when it comes to workstation based topics so most Quadro, CAD, Excel stuff will most likely fly over my head for now

My only points I can give at is:
- "Industrial / Mechanical
Likely enormous excel sheet and.. 3d modelling software work" quoting him when I asked him what he was expecting to see himself do in the future

- Budget is around 1500$.

I was actually wondering if a 8750H, 8GB Ram and 1060 6GB was decent enough for basic or at least college level projects without it seeming like it'd take an eternity.

Right now he's leaning towards ultrabooks with MX150 and CPUs with either 8550U or 8250U

Edit: we currently reside in Malaysia and I already asked his dad and he's against buying laptops from out of country since customs and what not can fork up the prices

Any sort of feedback is appreciated.