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  1. C

    Buying laptop, need a bit of help

    Hey lovely community, I need a new laptop and I would like to know what deals I can find with your help! My budget: ~550€/£ Brand: doesn't matter Screen: Full HD (preferably 15.6") Processor: intel i5, no amd GPU: if dedicated nvidia, if not: not lower than intel hd graphics 520 RAM: 8gb...
  2. M

    I want to buy a cheap workstation

    Hello I want to buy a workstatiok HP laptop for around 300 euro. But the ones in The Netherlands are 350 euro for just 128GB SSD.. I need better alternatives than the mainstream stores of the Netherlands. 1. What is your budget? 300-350 euro 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are...
  3. T

    Whats the best gaming/workstation laptop right now?

    Hey i'm looking to buy a new laptop soon. I'm mainly gonna use it to play games like tomb raider and do some graphics rendering also. I would prefer a desktop cpu for the lap if possible but my main concern is mobility as i travel frequently, so Sager is too bulky for my needs. Should i go with...
  4. M

    Need help finding a laptop

    Hello. I am an engineering student and waited to buy a laptop in hopes of getting some good deals. Didn't go as planned and now I am in a pickle. Here's my situations: I use a crap ton of Creo for personal CAD work, school work, and some for my internship. What laptop specifications am I...
  5. J

    HP laptop sound coming from both speakers and headphone(sometimes)

    So recently I noticed that I had to turn up the volume quite a bit higher when I had my headphone pluggde in. Today I noticed that there's sound coming from both the speakers and the headphones. The headphones also sometimes make a small beep noice and the sound will then be cut off from the...
  6. N

    Building an HDD cloning workstation

    I volunteer for a charity that refurbishes old PCs for education. We get a lot of machines with the HDD missing from corporate clearouts and we need to be able to image a lot of bare drives to slot into these machines and get them configured quickly. Most cloning software such as Clonezilla...
  7. J

    Used Gaming Laptop/workstation also programming

    My budget is about $500. I need a laptop/workstation. Play the recent games(medium -High settings) as well as for android studio and other programming applications. please help me out. I've read that a workstation laptop has a much better build quality than a consumer laptop. I'm...
  8. A

    Please help me find a laptop :)

    Hello all! I was wondering if you guys can help me choose a laptop? Here is my completed form... 1. What is your budget? 600 - 1300 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-15 inches 3. What screen resolution do you want? The nicest one out there. 4. Do you...
  9. C

    Best Laptop for School and Other Tasks?

    Basically, I need a laptop that I can take to my classes, although it won't be on for the entire 7-ish hours. Probably, about 3 or 4 hours, but maximum 5 hours. This isn't for stuff like hours and hours of note-taking, BUT I WILL NOT BE PLAYING ANY GAMES ON IT EITHER. (But I will develop and...
  10. A

    which is best for hardcore gaming and HQ video editing

    hi guys i want to buy gaming laptop same as workstation too so i want both in one so i found three laptops with different brands so which will be the best to buy here is the link and info about it; Lenovo Y700 intel Core i7-6700HQ processor • STORAGE: 1TB HDD 128gb ssd • RAM: 16GB RAM expand...
  11. M

    Laptop for engineering (€1000)

    Hi I need a new laptop for engineering. I will mainly be using programs as cad, solidworks. I have done some searching and noticed that there are 2 different types of graphic cards. Gaming gpus and workstation gpus that are supposed to have more accuracy Is the difference between the two big...
  12. C

    How is the Asus GL502 Strix for school courses and getting work done?

    Basically, I just want to know if the GL502 is a good choice for stuff like Computer Science courses. I will also be coding and running programs that may be graphically-intensive. (kind of vague right now) I will also be doing cyber-defense related stuff. (Of course, I will also do all the usual...
  13. B

    Workstation laptop vs gaming laptop

    I've read that a workstation laptop has a much better build quality than a consumer laptop, but is this really true? Will a workstation laptop really last longer than a 1400 dollar gaming laptop? Or is the build quality actually about the same and you only pay a lot more money for the...
  14. S

    E6400 Workstation Upgrades needed

    Hi, I recently purchased a Dell E6400 laptop. I want a workstation for the home and light business use and it was very cheap. I am familiar with the dell XPS line and know they are durable, also this was the only laptop machine offered on amazon that excplictly stated a smart card reader in the...
  15. skyatday

    Need help with choosing the right laptop hardware for my job.

    Hello guys, the last month I've been looking for a laptop for my work and I can't really decide with so many options on the market. I work as Social Media Manager so the things I use the most are Chrome (unlimited tabs..) and sometimes photoshop on basic level. Now to the questions: 1) Do I need...
  16. steven cook

    $1000 to $1200 laptop for college and some gaming

    I will be attending college hopefully for a bachelors degree starting this summer 2016 - 2017 I have a $1000 to $1200 budget. I am going into multimedia and visual arts IE photography, videography, graphic design, video editing, adobe photoshop and Adobe Premier CS6., I want a good laptop for...
  17. B

    Workstation or Gamer machine

    Im looking to buy a 17 inch laptop which can handle running trading software as well as large excel spreadsheets along with multiple webpages. My budget is £1800 i have come up with a couple of machines but aren't sure which would be better for i want. MSI WT72 2OM-1420UK or MSI Dominator Pro...
  18. E

    Advise from owner of Clevo P750DM-G

    I would like to ask for your knowledge specifically on durability, reliability, and quality of the unit. Regardless of brand(sager,ava,etc.) I am planning to get one of this and was more concern of the life span of the product, since this would be a big investment on my end. I would probably...
  19. K

    Mobile Workstation or Gaming Laptop - Architecture

    Im an architecture student. Im in the market to buy a laptop that would help me for my renders and plans. Softwares used : AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, Lumion, Sketchup. PS, Illustrator and InDesign I was doing some research and came across mobile workstations are...
  20. A

    Looking for a light workstation laptop ($800-1200 CAD)

    I'm looking for a light laptop, preferably under 3lbs. It will mostly be used for web development. Able to run a lot of processes at the same time. Examples of software I'd use are Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro. Premiere not so much, as it's mostly for hobbies. But being capable of decent...
  21. Nosepicker

    Film Composer's Laptop - Memory and Storage configurations?

    The title says it all, I'm building a portable laptop workstation through Origin, and I'm a bit unsure as to how I should build. I'm working with DAWs such as ProTools and Ableton Live, both 64-bit programs. Now, I usually have up to about 100 channels at least processing Audio and MIDI...
  22. Y

    Architecture laptop on budget

    Hello, I am an architect and I use programs like 3ds Max, Autocad, Photoshop, Sketchup and planning to try Lumion as well. I searched for some laptops and find the ones below. But, some say that some of the laptops have heating problems and they don't have good displays or they have loud fans...
  23. B

    Best Workstation Laptop for Engineering Student

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop workstation with intel core i7 processor, 500-1,000 GB SSD, and 16+ GB Memory, a good graphics card, and a built in camera/mic. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  24. Comp2014

    Definitive 2016 dell precision m4600 compatible MXM graphics cards list.

    I just bought a used Dell Precision M4600 with the following specs Intel Core i7 2860QM CPU 8GB Ram 320GB HDD NVIDIA Quadro 1000M DVD drive. When the laptop arrives I am going to upgrade it with 16gb of ddr3 sodimm memory I have laying around. As the laptop only has the base NVIDIA Quadro 1000M...
  25. A

    Speaker or SPDIF output

    I have a Lenovo C20 Workstation with Soundmax Integrated Digital HD Audio which I connect to my Denon AVR 1800. I can use SPDIF to SPDIF or I can use the speaker outputs to 6 discrete inputs on the receiver. Which connection should produce the best sound?
  26. 0nard00

    Surface Book or Custom workstation laptop? For Design, Video and Motion Graphics.

    I already have a desktop that can do most of these.. I just wanna be able to do it on-the-go. The SB would be the 1899 version. The custom laptop would be from Dell, 5510 w/ a Xeon cpu. best bet please, I'm about to get the SB tomorrow.
  27. Anthony Mendez

    Developer Workstation Laptop Decision, Help

    So, in the beginning, I never liked to play macs. I hated Macs with a passion. But I have grown to respect them. There are two things that I never used to like Macs for. One, all of their products battery life is a large margin ahead of their current competition, and two, their products can last...
  28. 0nard00

    Is a 4K Workstation Laptop worth the buck for what I'll be using it for?

    I'm really gunning for a workstation laptop that can mimic my desktop closely, but I'm really undersold when it comes to 4K laptop screens. Should I go for it or just stick with FHD or QHD if I find any? This is what I'm chasing after right now. Lenovo ThinkPad W550 And this one Dell
  29. 0nard00

    Recommendation for a workstation laptop for 2-3 years use

    Can anyone recommend to me a laptop that can handle multiple softwares running, and tabs, videos, and on-the-go design works, that isn't named Mac Book? I've been looking around for months and only dell is offering a good case for the purchase and very good screen resolutions. Budget, below...
  30. T

    PC Significantly Slowing Down Unless Restarted

    Hey guys so this issue started about 3 days ago. I have a workstation laptop called the Dell precision m4600. It's a little old but It's pretty fast. With gaming I get about 130 fps on black ops 2 on high settings and 50 fps on bf4 on high settings. Lately I've been noticing that if I close out...
  31. K

    Looking for a 'Powerful laptop' upgrade w/out previous flaws

    -current Laptop issues -looking for a durable recreation/workstation upgrade -need to know some advanced basics -price range is a factor -custom models shouldn't fail after a year...right? :'( +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...
  32. S

    engineering workstation on a budget

    hey guys , i'm a senior year civil engineer and in desperate need for a laptop , for AutoCad Civil 3D specifically and all engineering / web design / photoshop programs generally . i found the new MSI WT and WS series the best but they start at $3000 while my budget is $1200 roughly 1500 . Thanks!
  33. D

    I would like to virtualize 2-3 windows 7 computers

    I currently have 3 windows 7 computers setup and running 24/7. I have a fairly high spec computer that I believe will be more than sufficient to run all 3 on one machine. I am looking for the best options to do this.. preferably something that is free or cheap and fairly easy to use. My main...
  34. B

    Workstation Laptop CPU/GPU for CAD?

    I am looking for a mobile workstation for CAD, in the mid-range price zone (500-1000$CAD. I'd prioritize performance over battery life or peripherals or portability. Any suggestions appreciated!
  35. A

    Sound Card Help?

    I have searched the internet for a very long time in research of sound cards. Nobody seems to give definite answers on what they do. I have a general idea but I need another answer. I recently bought a Macbook to make music on, and it doesn't have the best specs in the world. When working in a...
  36. R

    Should I switch my new ACER Laptop with my sisters old HP Workstation?

    So i have an Acer aspire e15 (E5-511-P461) My sister has HP Compaq 8510w Mobile Workstation(something like in the link) So I asked my sister and she was quite...
  37. R

    Dell precision 7510 vs. XPS 15

    Hello guys. I am looking for a new laptop. I am an IT engineer which means it wil be mostly used for programming or running virtual machines (i use vmware heavily). I read that precision stations are better for work and designers because of their gpus while XPSs are more premium laptops and...
  38. D

    About VMware workstation 11 compatibility

    I m trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 Lts 64 bit as virtual OS in Windows 8.1 64 bit using VMware workstation 11. I selected store virtual disk as a single file..given 20 gb disk space in win os drive and 1gb ram..when I powered on the virtual machine in VMware I'm getting like this Binary...
  39. I

    Laptop Suggestions? (Questionnaire Answered)

    1. What is your budget? Up to $1400, not including shipping/tax. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15-17" leaning towards 17" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Desktop replacement, but not...
  40. Kisianik

    Looking for a professional, Windows based laptop

    Hi I am helping a friend to find professional laptop. My PC knowledge is not applicable in this situation, so I am here. This is the questionnaire. 1. What is your budget? around $4.000 USD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? A 17-19 inch screen would be great to...
  41. F

    which Workstation laptop should i buy ?

    hey guys. i'm trying to buy a new workstation laptop since my old one does not want to co operate anymore. the programs i use are : Autocad , photoshop , 3d max. i use autocad and photoshop the most but i also need some rendering since i need 3d modeling too which makes picking a new laptop more...
  42. U

    hp zbook 15 graphics card upgrade

    i have a hp zbook 15 base model workstation with a NVidia quadro k2100m and I want to upgrade the graphics card for gaming in a few months. what should I get? the card has to be under 700 us dollars
  43. A

    where can i get a i7 laptop work station for £500 <?

    here can i get a i7 laptop work station for less than £500? I'll be working on CS5 premiere pro
  44. 0nard00

    Recommendation for a laptop under $1500 for gaming/workstation... Or wait for the Holiday's?

    Hi, I'm looking around for a good enough 15" laptop that I can carry around, and work on some design and Motion graphics on the go. Does anyone know of a really good deal I can go after, and not feel like returning the item? Or should I just go for a cheaper one, like around $1300 budget, and...
  45. A

    Securing a Workstation

    How do you secure a workstation We all knew that enabling the Guest account in Windows Machine is not a good practice when it comes to security. If I have a Administrator account (with password) and a User account(which I always use - with password) How can I let someone use my Computer. eg...
  46. R

    Looking for a laptop to model and render relatively complex 3D scenes with Maya

    Hello Internet, I plan buying a computer in the USA capable to handle 3D related tasks nicely and easily. In fact, I use Autodesk Maya for modeling and rendering, and Nuke for Compositing but I have no idea of the kinds of computers to choose (in terms of perfomance, speed, brand, cooling...
  47. Z

    Help finding laptop for CAD and video editing

    So, I'm looking for a laptop currently for college. CAD and video editing. Been browsing, but I really need some help finding a good fit. Here is what I'm looking for: What it's for: Adobe suite, video editing. Price: $1,300-1,400 USD Display: 13.3-14" Resolution: 3k/4k preferred. May consider...
  48. 0nard00

    Are gaming/workstation laptops worth the investment?

    I've been on the market for a while now for a new laptop that can handle a few games, and a lot of production work (C4D, Maya, Premiere, AE, Graphic design). I'm thinking of just using it to remotely access my PC, but, also use it offline when possible or needed. I've allotted a 2K budget so...
  49. A

    need help selecting a mobile workstation

    Need help selecting a workstation laptop... I am a graduate design student who uses rhino 3dsmax autocad revit Photoshop and vray a lot... Am looking for a good laptop in the rand of $1000-$1200... So far I've just narrowed down on 2 gaming laptops...asus rog g751JL and asus rog g55JW... Can you...
  50. N

    Gaming laptop for workstation

    Hi was planning to get a gaming laptop to use as a workstation... will be using mostly for after effects and cinema 4d... looking at lenovo y50 and asus rog G751JM wat would u suggest....
  51. S

    Computer for engineering student

    Hi everyone. I need help with looking for a good mobile computer to use as an engineering student, I've been doing a little research but I'm still new to all this and would like personal opinions and experiences. I've come across workstations but my only concern with those is will I still be...
  52. smasher164

    Looking for a fast development machine

    Hello! This is my first post onto Tom's Hardware. I'm looking a fast laptop for software development. The types of development I do are 1. OpenGL/DirectX (more computation than rendering) 2. Server-side connections (lots of ssh'ing and network transfers) 3. Assets Editing (photoshop...
  53. G

    Laptop/Mobile Workstation for Aerospace Engineering Student

    What would be a good laptop/mobile workstation for an aerospace engineering student? It does not need to include an operating system. Below are some of my wants/needs. ■ Price: basically anything under 3000 USD. ■ Display: 15+ inches and at least a resolution of 1920x1080. ■ Battery: 4+ hours...
  54. L

    NVIDIA® GeForce™ vs NVIDIA® Quadro™ for laptop workstation rendering and animation

    I'm still trying to choose between different laptops but I am now trying to decide between the graphics card. I can afford to get one or the other but I have zero knowledge when it comes to which one would work better for rendering and not only gaming. So the real question here is, which one...
  55. M

    Laptop freezes, reboot, stuck in BIOS

    Hi, since a few weeks, I experience issues with my mobile Workstation Laptop (HP EliteBook 8560w). Those usually do not even have to be when the system is running hot. Examples would be surfing the web or looking for a file using Windows Explorer. There are five cases that happen: 1. Display...
  56. A

    Can someone help me with my persistent stuttering in videos?

    So, I have a reasonably high powered workstation on Win 8.1. I'm pretty sure I have the latest chip-set and component drivers yet still I suffer stuttering whenever a video is played (I have fibre so internet bandwidth isn't the issue). In fact the whole system stutters when I have YouTube...
  57. N

    Lots of hot air

    My new i7-4810mq portable workstation manages it's internal temperature fine, hot but stable. but the air coming out the side is 145 degrees Fahrenheit when the system is busy aND the temp goes up very fast.. So I am very uncomfortable. Does anyone have a laptop suggestion that won't melt...
  58. J

    Looking Gaming Laptop/workstation on budget

    I wanna buy a Laptop for Gaming/Workstation. Play most recent games on high and use for SolidWorks 2015 and Maya 2015. My budget is until $1,300. Little more or less is an option. Some preferences: GPU: at least Nvidia GTX 965/970 CPU: Core i7 5th generation If you guys have any...
  59. R

    Need a CAD / CAM laptop

    *************************************************USES- CAD/CAM software i need workstation basically, *************************************************Battery backup should be atleast 7 hours budget 900 $ cant exceed that, ty,will be waiting for replys.
  60. X

    Safe to Run Systems 24/7

    Is it safe to run a personal laptop CPU at 85-100% 24/7? Is it safe to run a workstation (laptop) at high loads 24/7? Thanks in advance.