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  1. K

    Playing World of Warcraft on a Virtual PC?

    I often have friends over who play World of Warcraft, but I only have one PC to play on. Is there any way to have World of Warcraft running off a Virtual PC, and playing World of Warcraft on the host computer alone, with 2 keyboard and 2 mice. I've heard of VMWare Workstation, and Microsoft...
  2. C

    Good Gaming/ Work Laptop

    Hello i am looking for a very good gaming laptop that also is good for general use and work. My price range is 1500ish. It has to be 15 inches. The games i will be playing but not limited to are Starcraft 2, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online (soon to be), Skyrim, HoN, etc. I am looking to play...
  3. I

    Limit on workstations allowed for microsoft SBS 2003?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any limits on the number of workstation you can connect to your domain using a SBS 2003 server. I searched google for some information but found nothing. Also it would be helpful if someone could explain what CALS for sbs 2003 are used for. Are CALS...
  4. W

    Word 2003 files slow to open on Windows 7 over SBS 2003 network

    Hello, I have a Windows 7 workstation (almost new) running Office 2003 over a SBS2003 network. Word documents take 10+ seconds to open if they are server-based. Local files open instantly. Excel files, local or server-based, open immediately. Server-based Word files open instantly on all...
  5. K

    Laptop Workstations

    Hello folks, I am shopping around for a high end laptop workstation for 2D and 3D graphics. I recently purchased a Dell M6600 and the price to perfomance was sadly lacking - including the Dell support system. Anybody have alternative selections I should consider? Requisites - i7 Core, 16...
  6. D

    I7 or quad core processor

    Hello, My client have the requirement for workstation. and he have asked for i7 processor. Which Model of dell workstation should i quote???? need help.
  7. H

    How to get login workstation computer name from terminal server

    how to get login workstation computer name from terminal server
  8. M

    Recommendations for a 'mobile workstation'

    I'm looking for a high powered laptop for scientific computing with the following requirements: 1. At least 1 (dual preferred) Nvidia 560M or 580M cards with minimum 2Gb memory (each). 2. As much RAM as humanly possible... 32GB might be enough, but I would prefer 48Gb+ (64+ would be ideal). 3...
  9. D

    Solved! Any more info on Dell M6600 ?

    I've been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a Dell Mobile Precision workstation with a Sandy Bridge processor. The general assumption is that the 17" version will be called the M6600. But so far there's no hint on a release date. Does anyone have a clue regarding when that baby will be...
  10. M

    Workstation video card

    Hello, I am ready to by laptop for 3D drawing for solid edge dose it really need a nvidio quadro card or can i get away with a cheaper one?
  11. P

    Solved! Need Wicked-Fast Mobile Workstation

    I'm looking to order a wicked-fast mobile workstation to compliment a 12.1" under 3lb. "carry-with" laptop. Any thoughts and advice will be much appreciated. 1_What is your budget? $3,000 - $6,750 2_What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 18.4-inch (or 19/20-inch if...
  12. G

    A New Kitchen Workstation Designed for Oldies

    Who said tech can't teach old dogs new tricks? A New Kitchen Workstation Designed for Oldies : Read more
  13. G

    How to identify if system is a server or workstation

    Hello, how do i get a C# code to differentiate between the server and a workstation
  14. exfileme

    Emperor Workstation Looks Like Battledroid

    The Emperor 1510 looks like the cockpit of a sci-fi laser turret... or a Battledroid. Emperor Workstation Looks Like Battledroid : Read more
  15. C00lIT

    Printing Lag Issue, Any idea ?

    This issue is at a client's location, happens to about 6 workstations. Workstations range between Pentium4 Northwoods to newer Dell's with core2's, 512mb ram to 2 gig... its all the same They all run Windows XP Pro member of a windows 2003 server domain. User accounts are not restricted with...