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    i want to practice vm workstation in my laptop so please suggest a laptop under 55k

    i want to practice vm workstation in my laptop so please suggest a laptop under 55k.
  2. G

    Laptop for School

    What is better: Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation or the Lenovo W541 I am planning to use it for University, Engineering program, so I am expecting CAD work. If possible I would like to play games on it, although I can live without that. Any other laptop recommendations are welcomed...
  3. D

    Any advice for swipping ssd from workstation into laptop for dualbooting

    So during this week I'll take my second SSD from my workstation and install it in my laptop. After the install I want to be able to dual boot Ubuntu and windows 7 from it. Since I haven't done this before and I imagine that it might not just be as straight forwarded as it seems due to total...
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    Overly Calculated Laptop Buyer.

    Hello Tomsguide community, I'm sure you all are quite tired of answering these type of questions but after tons and tons of research I'm still quite stuck on what kind of laptop would best fit me. My Situation: I'll be finishing two more years of college going into computer science and...
  5. V

    Used mobile workstation or new laptop?

    Hi all. I am thinking of changing my old laptop and my budget is about 600$. I am currently interested in following offers: HP Pavilion 15-n278tx: Core i5-4200U - Nvidia 840M 2GB DDR3 - Display 15.6" 1366 x 768 - RAM 4GB DDR3L. Dell Pricesion M6600: Core i7-2960XM - ATI FirePro M8900...
  6. N

    i need to buy a workstation for 3ds max & Architecture work

    i need to buy a workstation for 3ds max & ARCHITECTURAL work & rendering plus i need it to be with a good cooling system & not less than 8 Gb ram & good quality production that can stay some years with me about the budget i can pay logical price i don't want it to be so expensive & is Nvidia...
  7. B

    Setting up a server with workstations.

    I am needing some assistance in how to go about setting up a server to store my software on. (software that a friend made for me) The server will be in my office while employees use workstations to access the program. The software is like a point of sale software where we will be selling items...
  8. N

    replace mobile gpu

    hi guys, I want to replace my graphics card with a workstation one. Any suggestions? My laptop is HP Pavilion 15 - p083TX: CPU: core i7 4510u RAM: Huyndai electronics 4GB DDR3L-1600 & Crucial technology 8GB DDR3L-1600 GPU: gt 840m
  9. B

    Lenovo Y70 or W550s?

    I am an architecture student, I use AutoCAD Architecture, Revit, 3DsMax, Rhino, Lumion, Sketchup, and Photoshop. Usually I work on a desktop workstation at school, however, I also like working on the go. So I need a laptop that has the capacity to do intensive rendering with ray trace and mental...
  10. E

    Which Laptop Can be Used As CAD Workstation ?

    Hello, I wanna ask wish one of these two laptop is better for architectural 2d and 3d AutoCAD, 3dmax , rendering and Photoshop work .... 1- HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC @ 1100$ Windows 8.1 64 Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ with Intel HD Graphics 4600 (2.4 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) Intel HM87 Express 8 GB...
  11. C

    Can the ASUS ROG G751JY compete with the WS60 2OJ as a workstation?

    I need a laptop to work on AutoCAD, 3D rendering, game development. Can the ASUS ROG G751JY do that? or would it be better to go for WS60 2OJ from MSI, that is a "workstation". I'm not sure how I feel about the GPU in the MSI option, it only has 2 gigs while the Asus has 4. Would something...
  12. C

    High-end Macbook Pro 15 alternative

    Hello, i am a IT/software student looking for a new laptop. I currently have a Sony Vaio Z (the performance is good, but the screen is too small! and the build quality is very bad). I want a 15" ULTRABOOOK. I like the Macbook 15" Retina because of it's battery life, specs, ssd and LOW WEIGHT...
  13. C

    Looking for a Art/Graphic 3d rendering laptop

    Okay, before you post do know I already own a Workstation PC, but I travel a lot for work and is rarely home. What I want is a Laptop that isn't top of the line but one that is kinda mid range (700-1.5K budget) maybe with a touch screen or so that I can do some Art, programing and Graphic design...
  14. C

    Workstation - Cheap & Powerful;

    Hey folks, I'm currently sporting a HP EliteBook 8770w (third gen i7, 16GB RAM, 980GB SSD, 540GB SSD, Radeon HD 7700M) for work. I use it on a docking station (both at home and at work) with a dual monitor setup and the lid open as a third screen. I've used this thing almost exclusively for...
  15. S

    Dell M4800 Vs HP Z Book 15

    I want to purchase a laptop workstation but am confused between the Dell M4800 and the HP Zbook 15. My main need is for trading in the financial market but will also be doing some graphic designing work. I will be attaching two extra 24 inch monitors to it. My desired configuration is Processor...
  16. L

    need a strong 3d, cad, graphics workstation

    Seeking for a strong workstation running software design and architecture autocad, 3dmax 3d rendering and modeling, maya, rhino and graphics any recommendations? dell? hp z series? very confused thanks
  17. S

    Help deciding on workstation for architecture

    Hello, Im looking for a laptop that can run Rhino, Form Z, AutoCad, and Photoshop. Ive been reading through forums and now know the importance of a workstation gpu. I found these two laptops: M6800 and the Sager NP9377-S. Here are the specs; M6800: i7-4910MQ K4100M 256gb SSD 16gb memory...
  18. S

    Help Buying Laptop

    OK, I have asked this question before. The reason for asking again is I did get a good answer but there were many doubts about my question.So a little detailed this time. I need a laptop mainly for Graphics Designing and Software Developing. I don't need it for gaming. Most importantly I live...
  19. K

    Laptop cooler worth or not?

    I occasionally game on my workstation laptop with gtx 850m and i7 4710hq. Some games run it quite hot. Most i have measured is 89 at cpu and 81 at gpu. Thats still quite under the limit, but it is not that hot as it could be, like for example in summer. Also fans get quite loud. I have noticed...
  20. F

    Confused on selecting the right graphics for Dell Precision M6800 Workstation laptop

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a Dell Precision M6800. I'm confused on choosing the graphics card for it. I'd be using, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Rhinoceros, Revit Architecture, a bit of Maya and Blender. Adobe CS and some games. I'm confused to choose between NVIDIA Quadro K4100M 4GB...
  21. E

    need a suggestion for a workstation laptop

    hello ill like some help im searching for a laptop for my family its mostly for video striming and web browsing and word. if its posible for it to be not more then 1k dollers and is an ssd? i dont know if im askking in the right place but its for a birthday that comes realy soon.
  22. G

    ASUS G751JY-DH71 vs a customized SAGER NP8298? For school (Architecture) and gaming?

    Hi guys! I'm currently looking for a good gaming plus workstation laptop for school! And so far these two are in my budget. :) If you're to suggest something else or that is equivalent, kindly look for it in here: My budget is around Php 130 000+ or roughly $2891.46...
  23. E

    Acer reliability (gaming/workstation)

    Hey I am getting new laptop(workstation/gaming). I have been looking at asus g550jk, but it takes too long to deliver. Decent alternative is Acer Aspire V15 Nitro. Is such laptop reliable? I would like to use it at least 5 years Edit: Well as I mentioned this laptop would also be my...
  24. P

    Workstation and some gaming Laptop <$1400

    Hey guys, I'm a bit out of my normal league (gaming) here. My gf wants a laptop to run all of the adobe cloud products WELL and be able to some gaming with me on the side. I know under $1400 is a huge budget cut for a workstation, especially a mobile, but it's what we have to work with...
  25. T

    PC For Development Under $900

    |What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Eclipse, Minecraft, Blender, Garry's Mod, Mostly 2D Animation instead of 3D |What is your maximum budget? Strictly Under $900 after shipping/taxes |When do you plan on...
  26. B

    Looking for a laptop for 3D work on the move!

    Hi guys, I am looking to get a new laptop for using 3ds Max, Unity, Photoshop, possibly Mudbox. I have a workstation PC at home so I will not need to be doing any rendering or really intensive tasks. Its just for modelling, animating and game development related activities. I have researched...
  27. I

    EUROCOM Racer 3W vs. ThinkPad W540 Mobile Workstation

    Hi all! I'm looking for a new laptop (workstation) for video editing and 3d graphic design. Does this option fit for my needs? EUROCOM Racer 3W - 15.6-inch (39.6cm); FHD 1920x1080; MATTE (Non-Glare); Backlight LED - Upgradeable Processor (CPU: 2.80 GHz (up to 3.80) Intel Mobile Core...
  28. A

    powerful mobile workstation for Photoshop, large files 300 MB min/ 1+ gb max

    Hello, its that time of my life again where I need a new machine. Short background: Heavy Photoshop use, work in many layers , digital photography and use of real paint and drawings etc. Have owned Alienware MX17 top of the line , SLI , max RAM of the time, and Extreme Intel processor of the...
  29. K

    Do modern high performance laptop workstations with native res (1920x1200) still exist?

    I've literally looked everywhere. i am looking for a high end workstation, but i don't want to buy a used/refurbished machine. Dell XPS used to have models with this res, discontinued. HP elitebook used to - discontinued dell alienware laptops had at one point - discontinued lenovo had a...
  30. T

    Help Build - Laptop Workstation - Software Development - No Gaming

    Looking to buy a workstation laptop. No gaming. Only for software development. Suggest me some options
  31. T

    Headphones problem !

    A few months ago I bought Havit HV-H611D headphones. I like them and they're really cheap + they got a good bass unit. Anyway, my left side doesnt work, and the cable goes in the left side. I think I know what the problem is but I can't find anything that I could un-screw to open the left side...
  32. H

    ADVICE on Best Laptop for 3d modeling, and Rendering (Vray). Under 1500$ ???

    HI, i'm an architecture student who uses autocad, photoshop, rhino, and vray. I need a laptop that can Render 2d images fast and handle 3d modeling. It should be around or under 1500$ and preferably but not necessarily be able to play current games with average settings. Advice on what mobile...
  33. G

    Laptop (Gaming and workstation) (College)

    Budget is $2500 I'm planning on buying it from I'm planning on getting a sager I'd like to play games like BF4 on high settings I will be using Google SketchUp and Autodesk Revit for 3D modeling I also want good audio and a case with good airflow If possible I'd love to get a...
  34. Coltor

    My laptop charger started beeping... no longer charges Help?

    I have an HP Compaq 8710w workstation laptop. I don't know why but the laptop charger started beeping and will no longer charge the computer. IT IS BEEPING, I didn't know it could do that. What must I do to make it start charging my laptop again?
  35. pigsinspace72

    2003 computer to mine crypto currencies?

    So i got this old 2003 dell poweredge 600sc workstation with a 2.8ghz single core and 4GB of ram. I used to use this computer for hosting MySQL databases but I am currently not doing that anymore so I would like a use for this computer. I have several other old computers(some less and others...
  36. Black_Maze

    SoftXpand Duo. How does it works ?

    Like when you turn off/on the first Workstation, does the second Workstation gets turned off/on too ? The turn on and turn off part is my main confusion. How does this whole thing works, I don't understand...
  37. Z

    Looking for Mobile Motiongraphics Workstation

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile workstation that can run 3ds max, cinema 4d, after effects and nuke with ease. I will also need it to render out both 2d and 3d projects. My price range is between 2k - 3k USD, the best laptop i have come up so far is MSI GT60 2OKWS 3K-615US. I can go beyond my...
  38. DoDidDont

    Workstation Laptop suggestions for 3d Apps, and rendering with Multiple CPU & GPU cores.

    Hi, I am looking for a powerful laptop for when my main workstation is busy rendering, or if I have to be onsite for a contract. I don’t mind about budget or weight. My main workstation has 32 logical cores, over 10,000 Cuda cores and 64Gb1600 quad channel Ram, so it can handle anything, but I...
  39. A

    Shopping, Again for Workstation replacement

    I need workstation replacement with real processing power for CAD and compiling. Here is my gripe overall of past and present devices: Cooling: Typical configurations typically do not provide for sufficient cooling for the paces I put my laptop through. So have been considering diving into...
  40. C

    best audio card for audio editing

    i want to open an audio/video workstation
  41. S

    Which ultrabook should I get?

    ASUS VivoBook S500CA-US71T: Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15: Right now they are both the same price. The only difference that I care about in the two is that the Asus has an...
  42. S

    $3,000 Workstation: CS6, Autodesk, Augmented Reality, and Big Data Processing

    I'm revising a previous request for advice based on a some research. I appreciate any thought on my build. I know that some components may be overkill (like power supply), but I want to leave room for upgrading in the near future. This is for work where I will be creating videos using Efter...
  43. D

    Gaming laptop for workstation

    I need a workstation laptop, for cad/solid works/amoungst other programs, plus I will be using photoshop cs5 for picture and video editing while on the go. I don't necessarily want to spend $2000-3000 on a workstation laptop but found that other than workstation video cards vs gaming video...
  44. N

    $1500 workstation laptop

    I'm picking out a laptop for a coworker of mine. The company I work at puts restrictions on the company laptops that render them almost useless. He has $1500 to spend, and he would like to buy a laptop. Portability isn't really an issue, because he only moves his laptop when he comes and goes to...
  45. S

    Mobile Workstation advice

    Hi I would like to get some feedback for the laptop that I'm interested in getting for 3d work. Packages that will be used are cinema 4d, After Effects, Photoshop, Realflow etc. I am not a professional - but a hobbyist and my budget is approx £1500 My research led me to this laptop. Any...
  46. D

    High Performance Laptop for 1600 USD

    Hello everybody, I was looking for a laptop/notebook for photo and video editing, and sporadically also for a bit of 3D rendering (it would be used in the video editing process). The budget goes up to a maximum of 1600$ / 1200€. It would be like a mobile workstation so here are some specs: -...
  47. K

    Suggestions for a High End Workstation for CAD

    I'm in the process of buying a new laptop, and I am a wanting to make sure the laptop I pick will suit my needs as well as last me for a long time. I am needing a workstation for 2D/3D CAD and graphic design. The main reason I've decided I need a laptop over a desktop is the fact I am a...
  48. M

    Whats the best laptop for gaming/workstation for around $3000 to $4000?

    I was looking into 3 different laptops. The the Alienware 18, Eurocom Panther 4.0, or Eurocom Panther 5D. There a only a few different between the 3. Alienware 18 has a 18.4" screen that i like alot Dual GPU ether 760m or 780m, but they are using the Core i7 MQ Mobile CPU Where as the Panthers...
  49. M

    Whats the best laptop for gaming/workstation for around $3000 to $4000?

    I was looking into 3 different laptops. The the Alienware 18, Eurocom Panther 4.0, or Eurocom Panther 5D. There a only a few different between the 3. Alienware 18 has a 18.4" screen that i like alot Dual GPU ether 760m or 780m, but they are using the Core i7 MQ Mobile CPU Where as the Panthers...
  50. N

    A good workstation laptop?

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a new laptop. Minimal gaming Use. Programming and for some business use. Budget : 2000-2500 USD(can stretch to a $100 at the maximum) Usage : Mainly for programming (Java, web programming, DB programming, geo-data). I use eclipse extensively. Some photoshop use. I...
  51. fxaa

    conection problem in wmwear work station...

    hi,how can i connect my laptop adapter to wm wear workstation,i set it on bridge adapter in wmwear menu but still its not working,my adapter is(realtek rtl8188ce)..
  52. U

    Software to help manage Workstation abuse.

    Hello, I am currently setting up a new workstation for my local fire department. The current station is old and has a lot of random programs downloaded on it from members doing stuff that really shouldn't be done on a companies computer. The computer does have a password, but the members who...
  53. S

    replace k1000m with k2000m -- Hp 8570w

    Hi I have hp workstation 8570w that came with nvidia quadro k1000m... this model also came with quadro k2000m... and the 17" version of this machine also came with k3000m.... So my question is that, is it possible to replace my k1000m with k2000m or even with k3000m.?
  54. N

    New laptop $1000 budget?

    1. What is your budget? $1000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6 inch (mainstream) 3. What screen resolution do you want? Preferably 1600x900 or 1900x1080, no standard resolution please 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Again, mainstream...
  55. C

    Which High Performance Laptop?

    Hey all, I am looking to buy a laptop. Let me know if you guys want any information that isn't in the below questions. I will be setting it up (when at home) on a cooling pad, connected via HDMI to a 24" 1080p Monitor for a dual monitor set up. 1_What is your budget? ~$1500 2_What is the...
  56. D

    I'm looking for a high-end workstation laptop...

    Hi! I had a ThinkPad W530, however have had to send it into service, and when it comes back I might just be using it as a spare. Anyways, I'm looking for a high-end laptop to replace it. By high-end, I mean it - my budget, as long as it's under $10k (however, if there is something above that...
  57. B

    I need something powerful, lightweight and awesome.

    I'm looking for a new laptop for next year and I am looking very seriously at the Dell XPS 15, the MacBook Pro (Retina) and the yet-to-be-released Dell Precision M3800. I am currently studying engineering but also do some film making as a bit of hobby. Currently for class I use programs such as...
  58. H

    Looking for a high quality laptop

    I am currently looking for an upgrade laptop from my 2010 macbook pro 13". I am looking for something that is comparable to a 2012 retina macbook pro minus the retina display, unless you can find one. A quad core i7, 8-16gb 1600mhz ram, GPU with at least 1gb of ram, 128-256gb SSD and 750gb or...
  59. M

    wanting to have one computer run 3 workstations

    I'm wondering how to do this. Basically I have 3 kiddos, instead of making one computer a piece for each of the tykes, I'd like to have 3 virtual machines running on 1 physical, each of the 3 would have their interfaces (keyboard, mouse, monitor) I've seen this similar setup in internet cafe's...
  60. nguyenm

    Workstation + Semi/Fully Rugged notebook.

    Hi Toms, I am currently looking for a Workstation + Semi/Fully Rugged notebook that i could use outdoor for long periods. My goal is to collect data and samples in the forest and data crunch them. That's all i could say about my intention. I will be travelling from countries to countries with...