Overly Calculated Laptop Buyer.


May 26, 2014
Hello Tomsguide community,

I'm sure you all are quite tired of answering these type of questions but after tons and tons of research I'm still quite stuck on what kind of laptop would best fit me.

My Situation: I'll be finishing two more years of college going into computer science and currently already have a workstation/powerhouse/gaming rig, however I need something more portable that can run word processors to type papers/take notes, format documents, work and view heavily formatted code programs, and possibly view different kinds of graphics mediums.

I recently bought a Toshiba Chromebook 2 as I am a big user of Google products and cloud storage. Although the CB2 features a nice 1080p Full HD screen and SSD speeds, I'm still unhappy with the lacking features within ChromeOS; some of which I even have on my Galaxy S5. I've tried to use the interactive laptop buying guide and the results were rather all over the place, some models I had never even seen among other popular models. I'd like to return it in hopes for a Windows laptop that suits my everyday needs.

What I'm looking for but can't find...:

Budget: $400-$600, would be willing to finance around the 1k margin IF a proper investment
Processor: i3, i5, i7..
Storage: I use cloud storage so this isn't the biggest concern. Would prefer a SSD/flash.
Memory: 4GB+
Display: Both my rig monitors are 1080p... so 1366x768+
GPU: Integrated is fine
Ports: 1 USB 2, HDMI, don't care for disc drive.
Battery life: Doesn't matter
Looks: Damn near the most important part.... I'm struggling to jump the gun and return this Chromebook but it's built as clean as a MacBook.
Condition: Willing to buy REFURB

Has anyone in college or in a professional setting recently purchased a laptop that suits their working needs within the past year and thinks it'll be a good 2-3 year investment?

Sorry for the long read, preciate the help in advanced.

Edit: Dang! Another quirk of mine... 13-14inch screen size :p




Apr 16, 2015
you better look for a lenovo thinkpad or a dell latitude as they are sturdy, hard and perform better for office or normal uses and i guess you can custom order
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