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  1. K

    buying used laptop, need advice please?

    Hi, as i'm kinda poor i'm looking into getting a cheaper laptop for light gaming and basically just having a portable device to use as I got tired of lugging my desktop to my friends all the time. I'm not super super tech savy but I think I have the basics down. Yesterday I got a laptop on...
  2. G

    Looking for a laptop with good gaming performance on the go

    Hey all! I've been looking for a laptop which has good gaming performance on the go with good cooling and which is also good for productivity and college work. I'm looking for a laptop with a 15 inch screen and specs as 8th Gen i7/16GB RAM/GTX 1070/128GB or 256GB SSD along with a 1TB HDD...
  3. J

    Seeking Portable Laptop for NLE video production

    I am interested to get an 8th Gen laptop preferably having the new Core i9 processor and discrete graphics (AMD?). My primary power-related tasking will be NLE video production using a program like BlackMagic's DaVinci Resolve. I want to be able to edit 4K without frame drops thus the desire...
  4. B

    Portable speaker, cant find one for my prefrences

    I am looking for a portable speaker with FM radio and alarm clock. It needs to connect with the mobile phone, the tablet or the PC via Bluetooth to play music from the folders or internet. The alarm clock sound should be a desirable FM radio station. The speaker should play the music evet if...
  5. S

    Ways To Reset Your Roku Box

    The Roku Box is an amazing piece of hardware that is able to replace cable TVs by offering you a portable device that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. Despite its greatness, the gadget has its downside as indicated by its potential to freeze with time or to get stuck on a “retrieving”...
  6. A

    Solved! Using DAC and/or AMP on portables Bang&Olufsen H9 and Beolit15 ? Is it worth the effort ??

    Hello all, well these two are usually linked to a mac or iphone, via BT however, both do have a 3.5 m line-in jack. I could've lived with their little downsides (H9 lacks volume/ Beolit lacks esprit) until, I found your thread here and also this Audirvana software came across my eyes...
  7. polyesterpoppycock

    traveller seeks reputable vendor for gaming laptop

    Hello all, I travel for work, and am looking to procure a gaming laptop for around $2k. I've done some shopping and some research, and I have my eye on a handful of options. At this point, I'd like to ask the community here for your opinions on the matter because I know that I can get...
  8. G

    Anker SoundCore Boost Review: Big Bass for a Bargain

    The Anker SoundCore Boost delivers big bass and good overall sound — though you can get better sound and ruggedness for just a bit more money. Anker SoundCore Boost Review: Big Bass for a Bargain : Read more
  9. C

    2012 galaxy note 10.1 bought in 2017 will this still work for lecture/class notes??????

    ok, so I'm in nursing school and use my galaxy note 3 phone w/spen alot. My phone just broke and my eyes are getting old so i found a great deal on a galaxy 10.1 tab w/ s pen for under $200.... Yeah for me!!!! or so i thought! I bought it late last night and this morning started doing a little...
  10. G

    Jam Voice Speaker Review: An Average Alexa Alternative

    The Jam Voice is a cheap, portable Alexa-enabled speaker, but it suffers from weak sound quality and short battery life. Jam Voice Speaker Review: An Average Alexa Alternative : Read more
  11. G

    Polaroid Zip Review: Portable Photo Printer Produces Blah Prints

    The Polaroid Zip is a very portable photo printer that lets you print out photos when you're on the go, but the resulting prints won't wow you. Polaroid Zip Review: Portable Photo Printer Produces Blah Prints : Read more
  12. G

    Canon Selphy CP1200 Review: Portable Printer Delivers Quality Photos

    Canon's Selphy CP1200 produces high-quality photo prints and offers multiple connection options for portable printing. Canon Selphy CP1200 Review: Portable Printer Delivers Quality Photos : Read more
  13. M

    HP x2 10-p005na can hold external hard drive ???

    see this link for the specs and details of the laptop--> http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=Y3V57EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB I was going to buy this laptop today and i was asking questions for general information and than the seller told me what is the purpose of the purchase i said...
  14. P

    Need help finding a Laptop for school and light gaming

    Im currently looking for a light(-ish) Laptop that I can use for school and light gaming (Rocket League, League of Legends and etc..). I have some criteria, but I haven't found anything yet, so here they are: Good Keyboard, Non-reflective screen (really annoying for movie watching), SSD Storage...
  15. Virginia_9

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest that it does not have the features of tethering and hotspot in Settings . "Wireless & networks," More > Tethering & portable hotspot. Is there any App or Software to create a mobile hotspot in my phone. I have Installed many tethering...
  16. B

    Which new laptop (current broken)

    I have a 2014 HP Pavilion that I got for Christmas 2014. Before you laugh, I had no idea what was a good laptop, and what was bad. Yesterday night, I leaned on my laptop after plugging in my phone to charge, and the top left of the screen is now broken, and the touch function does not work on...
  17. A

    Please help me find a laptop :)

    Hello all! I was wondering if you guys can help me choose a laptop? Here is my completed form... 1. What is your budget? 600 - 1300 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-15 inches 3. What screen resolution do you want? The nicest one out there. 4. Do you...
  18. R

    Please help me find my kids h gigaset table

    I need help trying to find my kids gigaset table 8" qv830 someone stoled it but I have the box to it????? How can I find it by the the Barre code numbers please help me
  19. S

    What kind of laptop would be great for an architect student?

    I'm an architecture student in the market looking for a good laptop that will last a few years. It's got to be sturdy and portable, but also lightweight. I'm not very good with understanding computer specs and such, so I need some guidance finding a laptop that can run programs like AutoCAD and...
  20. henrytcasey

    Best Gadgets for Portable Power

    Whether you need to stay charged throughout a daylong music festival, a weekend-long camping trip or just to the end of a workday, we've got the gadgets to keep your screens on. Best Gadgets for Portable Power : Read more
  21. J

    A complete list of all ‘Ok Google’ commands

    Like Siri for Apple, Google Now is a very competent voice assistant that lives in your portable device. With a huge repertoire of commands, there are over a hundred things you can ask of Google Now. Google have yet to release a complete list of all ‘Ok Google’ commands so I had to make my own. I...
  22. G

    Braven XXL Review: Big and Booming

    Braven XXL's big size is matched by its big sound and impressive durability, though the speaker is not very easy to lug around. Braven XXL Review: Big and Booming : Read more
  23. K

    Running a VM off a portable device

    so, I'm taking a college course on computer management. We use VMware allot in the class. Anyways, my professor told us we should NOT be running our virtual machines off of our portable hard drives / flash drives. But we should be transferring our VM to the desktop every time we want to run...
  24. F

    Looking for Laptop: Gaming/Modeling

    Dear Reader, Thank you for taking the time to help me find an appropriate laptop. Below is the standard questionnaire answered with details where appropriate. 1. What is your budget? 2000 CAD, (1400 USD) (...RIP...) excluding tax. Will consider up to 2500 CAD (1750 USD) 2. What is the...
  25. S

    Buying new laptop for writing and occasional games, budget $800-$1000

    Hi :) I'm looking to buy a new laptop to use for writing, homework and occasionally gaming. If it's possible to find a good laptop that suits my needs under my price range, I'd be happy with that :D I would prefer for it to be rather portable and light as I'll be moving it around a lot. Some of...
  26. S

    Best budget gaming laptop under 750 dollars?

    I am looking for a laptop for college that falls under around 750 dollars. I will be using it for regular college work such as taking notes but I will also be running programs on it like Photoshop and after-effects. However I also want to be able to play some games on it. The reason my budget is...
  27. O

    Engineering Student Laptop

    Hello guys! I am going to start my 1st year as an engineering student, electrical and computer engineering in particular, and I would like to suggest me a suitable, non-gaming, value-for-money laptop to buy. I want this laptop to be around 700-800, hardly 900 euros. Also, a sufficient battery...
  28. I

    Gaming Laptop 750-1500

    Hi, I currently have a macbook air 2012 and am looking to upgrade to a gaming laptop. I love the portability, thinness and asethics but it and other apple laptops doent seem to have the horsepower I need. I already have a gaming desktop so this is just for gaming/school work while I travel...
  29. D

    Student/Programming Laptop $300-$500

    I am in the market for a student laptop, as I already have a gaming desktop, but need something more portable. I am not looking for a powerhouse, just something that can handle word processing, chrome etc. I also need to be able to run some basic coding programs. I would prefer a Windows...
  30. W

    Light/thin and performance

    My current laptop (hp envy dv6 15.6") is kind of dying, so I'm looking for replacement. My hp is quite heavy to walk around with a whole day, so I would like a lighter device: max +-2kg max +-20mm thick size: 13-15.6" I'm going to use it for microsoft office, and some lighter autoCAD/archiCAD...
  31. D

    Recommendations for a good university laptop

    I am going to university in September and I am looking for a good laptop. I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations. The study is International Financial Management and Control. I live in The Netherlands, I can ship from other countries. I'd like the laptop to have a keypad since it's...
  32. T

    Overly Calculated Laptop Buyer.

    Hello Tomsguide community, I'm sure you all are quite tired of answering these type of questions but after tons and tons of research I'm still quite stuck on what kind of laptop would best fit me. My Situation: I'll be finishing two more years of college going into computer science and...
  33. B

    Laptop Suggestions for an Upcoming IT Student

    Today will mark my first day of college in two years. For personal reasons I had to drop out and I finally have the time again to try again. The past two years, I invested quite a lot of money ($1200+) on my custom desktop computer. Mostly used for gaming, movies, etc. Now that I'm starting...
  34. C

    Light Gaming laptop for about 1500$

    Hey Guys! I need a laptop, that can run WoW on high/ultra with about 50-80 fps, depends on enviroment. I just got some great tips like: -Asus G551JM with 4GB GDDR5 GTX 860, I7 4700-4710 processor, 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD (2.6kg) -MSI GS70 Stealth Pro 3GB GDDR5 870, I7 4700, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD...
  35. D

    Portable Gaming Laptop

    I know gaming PC's are all around the best at gaming. But I'm not a professional and I don't mind lowering my settings. I'm kind of a PC peasant, used to pretty terrible settings and fps. I'm going off to college in the fall and my mom is willing to buy my a gaming laptop for school. I need a...
  36. A

    How to Register a Nook Tablet

    The Nook tablet is a convenient and portable device that allows you to read on the go. Be sure to register your tablet in order to keep all your books or other purchased content within the Nook organized. Step 1: Turn on your Nook. Step 2: If this is a newly purchased Nook, watch the...
  37. B

    $500 Budget - something light and portable

    I've avoided the Surface brand for a long time now, due to it being extremely pricey and it not being a total laptop replacement as advertised. But, I really like the idea of having tablet that I can use as a laptop when I need to for school work (I have a desktop for any heavy lifting). I'm...
  38. B

    I don't know what to do. $800 Budget

    1. What is your budget? My max is $900, but I'd really like to keep it under $800. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I've been looking at 11.6'', but I'm worried that might be too small for the kind of work I want to do on it (typing long essays for school, having...
  39. M

    mobile video storage device needed.

    I am looking for a laptop, tablet, or pad that is on the inexpensive side, but I am not asking much of it. All I want to do is connect my Logitech D920 HD web cam to it and record video. I would do the editing on the desktop later. I need to be mobile and able to view the recording in real...
  40. R

    highly portable, good build / aesthetic, max £400

    Hi guys, here to hopefully find some recommendations for a laptop / netbook. MAIN THINGS; To watch films on, and other online media (so a nice resolution) To word process (guess I could do this on anything, but a nice feeling, durable keyboard is a must). Small, portable light. Both...
  41. R

    Laptop recommendations, max £400

    Hi guys, here to hopefully find some recommendations for a laptop / netbook. MAIN THINGS; To watch films on, and other online media (so a nice resolution) To word process (guess I could do this on anything, but a nice feeling, durable keyboard is a must). Small, portable light. Both...
  42. L

    PS Vita worth buying?

    The last hand-held system i had was the PSP 3000 and didn't really take to it. I'm now considering getting myself a Vita just for when i can't be bothered to play on my PS4 or PC... Now, the reason i'm hesitant is i don't see many games for it that i would really like, but then i'd still use it...
  43. B

    Best $500 portable device running windows

    Hello, I'm looking for a laptop/ultrabook/tablet type device running full windows (not rt) 1. What is your budget? About $500 before tax 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I'm looking for a portable device, something light and between 11-12.5 inches 3. What...
  44. B

    Is the Old Ivy Bridge Lenovo Yoga 11S worth it (Refurbished)

    Here is the link: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=8989590&sku=LEV-300636984&cm_re=Homepage-_-Spot%2004-_-CatId_17_LEV-300636984&body=REVIEWS#CustomerReviewsBlock After looking around for a capable device (that is portable) for about $500, all I could...
  45. W

    Digital camera Driver install error 31

    I Have error when im trying to install sony corporation digital camera driver , *portable device* , it gives error like this *this device is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for device* (code31) check the picture http://postimg.org/image/ceytnkfxl/
  46. C

    For school purposes, Ipad Air 32gb or Macbook Air 11" ?

    Hi, Next year, I'm going to college (Quebec), so I will need a portable device to take notes quickly. A friend of mine gave me the idea to buy an Ipad Air with the Zaggkeys Keyboard. Ultra portable, I could easily take notes with it during class and when at home quickly transfer them to my main...
  47. T

    Can an Acer C720 be used for coding?

    I'm looking for a portable device that can be coded on at school. I'm wondering if a chromebook running Ubuntu would be good enough to program on (C++, Java, Python,...) The C720 has an Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz and 2 gigs of ram with a 16 gig SSD.
  48. Z

    Help. buying a budget laptop...

    Hi. I'm at collage (uk as opposed to us) and need a cheap laptop (£300 -£320) I'd like it to be able to run Photoshop and Visual Studio 2013 snappily as well as being quite portable (my bags already full of heavy and large books...) Pertaining to this I've seen second hand second gen i5...
  49. F

    Portable gaming laptop $1000-$1300 [CAN]

    I need to get a new laptop for university as my old HP just died. I'll be doing basic stuff while at uni like word processing and watching videos, but at home I also plan on watching movies, streaming, and playing games. The main thing I was looking for was portability but if this is going to...
  50. H

    HELP! I have one day to decide which laptop to buy!

    HELP!! I have to decide between: Lenovo ideapad y510P for $790 Lenovo thinkpad x230 for 642$ Lenovo thinkpad s431 with SSD for 615$ lenovo thinkpad t430s for 697$ I get amazing corporate discounts on lenovo but only til tomorrow. This laptop will be used primarily for school. I will be on the...
  51. 2

    Looking for a light portable device, I have 2 contenders.

    Okay I understand for the budget I have I can build a nice gaming desktop, I already have one so I'm not looking into building one. I also understand that I could get a beast of a gaming laptop, I don't want something that is heavy and thick, I'm looking for nice portability. My budget is...
  52. Virosa

    The right Headphone for me?

    Hello there, i am currently shopping for a pair of headphones to use on my PC but also portable device (@home). I have spent alot of time reading about it and the information is very conflictual, so i decided to ask here; Budget: Variable, 60~ to 200$ including shipping/taxes would be good, as...
  53. T

    Advice on a portable device

    hi, I am in the UK, and I have been looking at getting a 10.1" tablet, i couldnt find a decent deal (still in stock) and then i started looking at the storage capacity and started to move away from tablets and look at 11.6" netbooks. I am only looking for something cheap as it will get so...
  54. beznet

    Solved! Netbook or Pad?

    So I'm sort of torn on this. I just need a portable device that I can web browse and type papers on (college student here). The main thing that I see as being an advantage that the netbook has over the pad is the keyboard/Word. Iv never tinkered around with a pad all that much, but from what I...
  55. Boxa786

    Portable device for designs

    Hi My Brother has been in the sign business for some time now, using plotters, flexisign and various other softwares to design and print anything to do with signs. He has a pretty beefy laptop, but a consumer model, which is fine for flexisign and softwares used for printing to...
  56. S

    Watching BD movies anywhere

    hello everyone ,recently i got a new tool it can rip BD movies into any smart phone and portable device,so i want share with you,and this tool called any blu ray copy,this is the first time feel so happy since i have mutilplayer,so if you have a better tools pls leave a message,let's share with...
  57. R

    Solved! LF: Cheap, Lightweight Portable Device

    I'm looking for a cheap portable notebook or tablet device that I can do things like post on social networking, browse and manage multiple websites, some graphics design (very light), website coding. We have an IPad v1 at the house and I used it some, but some of my needs it doesn't meet. We...
  58. N

    What the best PDA for feild work/outside?>#

    Hello, I need to enter data into excel while working outside. What is the best portable device to use. What device works best with excel and provides the easiest input.
  59. E

    Speaker recommendations

    I am looking for a good set of speakers that I can use with my droid (or any portable device.) I would like it to be somewhat small like those Bose iPod dock speaker systems. Somewhere between this http://tinyurl.com/2b5bamv and http://tinyurl.com/2be6epk in size and sound quality. I've been...
  60. F

    Are they any no BS MP3, video players?

    I am looking for a portable device, that can play many different format of audio and video files. Specially APE audio and xvid video etc. And I don't have to do sync with itune or windows media players. All I need is to connect it to PC and drag files in like a portable hard drive. Not sure...