buying used laptop, need advice please?

Dec 1, 2018
Hi, as i'm kinda poor i'm looking into getting a cheaper laptop for light gaming and basically just having a portable device to use as I got tired of lugging my desktop to my friends all the time. I'm not super super tech savy but I think I have the basics down.

Yesterday I got a laptop on payment plans after selling my xbox 1 to pay for the partial cost and I was wondering if you guys knew anything about this brand of laptop, if it's any good, and how the durability is. I looked at a bunch of review but it was really confusing trying to find my exact model. Anyway, I HAVE seen reports that this laptop brand has a lot of overheating issues but most of the reviews I found were positive? iv'e supplied some screenshots but basically I think it's an MSI GP62 laptop with 8GB of ram and an i7 with a Nvidia gtx 950M and an intel HD 5600.

My main concern is durability, cuz even though I have 6 months protection plan on it i'm just worried about stuff breaking. I will probably see if I can open it and clean it (it is a used laptop afterall) my main issue is budget so I don't really wanna get something more expensive.
This is all the info I could get on it:

Thanks for any possible help, basically i'm just wondering if this is worth getting. I don't even care so much about it being under powered as durability is usually my biggest concern.


Nov 20, 2018
Overall used laptops are good. You need to look the source that you are buying to. Have you look refubrished desktops/laptops from big brands like Dell,Hp etc...
Dec 1, 2018
Not really, just don't have enough money and my options for where I live are limited in terms of what I can find for used computers. I was also thinking maybe I could just open the back providing it's not too difficult(I watched a couple of videos of people opening MSI laptops and mine might be different but this one I found in a video looked similar to the one i'm getting and the fans seem easily accessible) and just blow the fans out or something.

Overheating is always just an issue that concerns me with laptops in general and i'm just potentially preparing for what could happen. I was also told that Nvidya has a feature called optimus which can switch between GPU's or something, how would that help in terms of cooling exactly? I have a feeling it's something to do with one of the GPU's probably using more power or something? idk. I also heard you can underclock voltage which can help if it's hot especially when a charger is plugged in, is undervolting hard to do and what exactly would need to be undervolted to help with lowering heat?


I can't connect to that site, but you said you already got it, the way you will find out how good it will run is by using it. Durability of a used system is unknown, if it's working now it may work for years, may die in a week. Really you are gambling the cost savings vs a lesser warranty and having a bigger chance of failure sooner vs a new system. Cleaning it out is a good idea, re-do the thermal paste with new stuff on the heatsink also. If you have not worked on a laptop before you may want to find a friend/relative that has. Would be a bit silly if you got it, then broke something while trying to clean it.
Dec 1, 2018
I don't have it yet. I have it on a payment plan but will be picking it up next week. Do the gyazo links not work? they should. But I did list the specs in my first post.
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