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    Question Opinions on smart home apps

    Hey Im working on this project where we have to collect feedback about smart home app. I will be really greateful if you share with me your opinions. 'X App desing is awful', 'I like X app because I can change temperature of my heater anywhere I am' etc.
  2. N

    Solved! New Laptop for College

    Hello! I am looking to buy a laptop for college next year. I currently own a pretty good Asus (i7, 16 GB ram, 512 GB SSD , 950m GPU ) but plan on selling it because 1) it is super heavy for a notebook 2) I'm looking to find a smaller screen (less than 14") and 3) the GTX 950m is pretty mediocre...
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    Solved! Looking to get a bit more bang for my buck out of some speakers.

    My first year of college I bought a couple of speakers and subwoofer off of craigslist for like $100. The speakers are the Infinity IL10 model. The subwoofer appears to have its own amp built in and each speaker is rated at an impedance of 8 ohms and 50-150 Watts. The preamp I'm currently using...
  4. S

    Solved! Good gaming laptop options for college

    I’m trying to get a gaming laptop for college. What is a good laptop that has decent specs that does not weigh too much. My price budget is $1500.
  5. P

    Solved! Need a budget gaming laptop

    Hi there. I've been searching for a budget gaming laptop for college. The certain things I've been keeping in mind are :- 1.Decent GPU (mx150 if not a 1050) 2.8 GB ram. 3. I5 (7-8gen). 4.Doesnt have too much of a gamer aesthetic. 5.Backlit keyboard I found this one :-...
  6. W

    Solved! Cheap way to reduce bass going through college dorm walls

    Hey all. So I live in a college dorm which is the oldest dorm on the campus, and it was made a long time ago (pre-war) so the walls are terrible. My dorm neighbours are pretty loud, but even when talking at rather normal volumes their voices still go through the walls. I started sleeping with...
  7. verndewd

    Solved! replacement battery issues

    a couple years ago I was taking a break from college work , and i come in the house from a smoke break and,,,cra!! cats dumped a glass of water on my mac and its lookin dead. I immediately unplugged it, opened it up and got some denatured alcohol through it, called up college, i was screwed ...
  8. B

    Solved! College laptop that supports upgrade

    What is an alternative device with thunderbolt 3 that can be better upgraded to last longer? I require a laptop for my daughter at junior Secondary School. The school prefers surface pro 5 or Lenovo miix 520; i5, 128 SSD, 8GB memory. They swapped out the previous years 2017 models being the...
  9. D

    Solved! my phone is lost. OPPO R9s.How can i locate my phone ?

    i am just a student who studying at syuen college.Kuala Lumpur. I nee my phone back. i can't affort to buy a new phone back :(
  10. M

    Solved! Gaming Laptop for college

    I'm a kid in high school looking for a laptop for college(gaming-able), and i need help finding one with the right specs and price. Can anyone point me in the right direction? ...Or maybe to a company that does custom laptops? Here is a list of specs i'm looking for: Intel Core i7-8559U...
  11. P

    What Specs Better?

    I am looking for a new laptop for college and have narrowed it down to two options. My pros and cons are listed below. Plan on doing video editing and some gaming. I guess, my main question is what one (if any) would be better. First: Dell G3 15 Gaming 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-8300H...
  12. M

    Solved! college gaming laptop search help

    I'm a kid in high school looking for a laptop for college(gaming-able), and i need help finding one with the right specs and price. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Here is a list of specs i'm looking for: Intel Core i7-8559U Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (**Max-Q**) / 6GB 15.6 Inch...
  13. M

    Solved! Best budget gaming laptop that I could also use for college?

    My budget is no higher than CAD$1500, and I’m looking for something that weighs below 7lbs
  14. F

    Good budget laptop for college programming?

    My budget is roughly <350$. I want a reliable laptop that would be good for programming. Gaming on it doesn’t matter for me I want it to be mainly focused on programming.
  15. S

    Asus laptop's horrible fan noise

    i graduated highschool about a year ago and bought this asus laptop: it was great for its price during august 2017, 900$ for an i5 6300hq and 16gb ddr4 ram and...
  16. N

    Gaming/Productivity Laptop for College

    Trying to buy a laptop for, I want to game but not hardcore, and I want it mainly for productivity. Which one? Razer Blade 15, Dell XPS 15, Msi GS65, or any other options. (2500€ Max budget)
  17. B

    is Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 any good for gaming?

    I'm looking for a laptop for around £500-£700 for college, programming and gaming and I found the Acer Swift 3 Ryzen 5 for £649. I don't expect it to run the latest AAA games at max, I have a PC for that, but I would like to know what games this laptop would be able to run and if there are any...
  18. Just another human

    Asus vivobook k570ud review.

    Hey, Im looking to buy a laptop for college and normal gaming. Currently ive shortlisted asus vivobook k570ud but cant seem to find many reviews of it so i was hoping if someone could help me here. The link for it http:// My budget is around 800-900 USD
  19. P

    Budget Laptop for Computer Science Major

    I am here to inquire about what I should be looking for in a laptop, and suggestions of which laptop to purchase, for a Computer Science college student with a low budget. Currently don't have a laptop more modern than a molasses-slow 2010 Dell Inspiron, and would like an upgrade for usability...
  20. T


    Which is best laptop for daughter starting college ( BA/ elementary teacher) - HP 255 G5 Notebook PC, Dell Inspirion 15 3000 3542 , or Toshiba Satellite C55-B5242X Notebook? These are the three she has a choice of at college bookstore w/ scholarship money. Thanks for input as soon as possible...
  21. T

    Dell XPS9560 worth it? Or are there better options for the $ Saw this Laptop for around $1k, im going to be going into college but want to be using it for light gaming, video editing, and Photoshop. Will...
  22. Lazyboy10

    Greatest College/Gaming Laptop

    Hi, I am going through my first week of college and I am going to require a laptop for some of my classes. My budget is around 800-1000$ I would really like one that has very good cooling. Have an ssd to run my apps but also at least a 1tb harddrive. A 15 inch screen. A pretty good battery life...
  23. Jttw2

    Do comfortable earbuds for long hours of usage exist? (Under $50)

    Basically the title :) I've been looking for a decent pair of earbuds that are comfortable enough to wear for hours while I either play games or do homework for college, and would like to upgrade from my $8 panasonic ergofit earbuds. Currently the budget is max $50, but preferred around $30...
  24. D

    Need a good budget friendly laptop for college

    Hi! I have searched a whole lot and finally found a laptop that would suit my needs. Asus Vivobook f510ua. I needed it to have a decent performance and a good colour accurate display as I draw in my spare time. But unfortunately I am unable to get one in my country. So I need an alternative. My...
  25. M

    Htc Vive or Oculus Rift

    So im in college and money is tight, ive found a couple of vives for 250$ and found a couple of oculus rifts for 180$ which should i buy. Ive used both at a VrLounge and the vive felt better but is it worth it?
  26. T

    Looking for a decent laptop

    I'm about to start college soon and I'm looking for a decent laptop to help me out. I'm a computer engineer and do intend on playing video games(probably not too intensive, fortnite stuff like that) and I have no idea where to start on finding a decent laptop. My budget is around 600~
  27. A

    Is a 17inch laptop really the end of the world for college/university?

    So i got this great 17,3'' laptop after days of searching online. Its a really clean V3-772G from Acer. I chose it because: * Really cheap (250 euros) * GTX 760M + i7 4702MQ quad core * Bought a 7700Mah battery with it, so it will easily last long enough for school (I hope) * Its relativly light...
  28. P

    Which Gaming Laptop is best for me?

    Hello all, So I'm just about to order a Gaming Laptop which will be for College use and the occasional gaming session when I couldn't decide between the two. There is very little difference and very little price difference so I'm very stuck. Original choice was...
  29. K

    Dell g3 vs Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5577
  30. M

    school laptop recommendations!!!

    I am currently trying to get a computer that is going to last me through the remaining 2 years of college and hopefully into grad school. I am currently looking at these computers could someone give me a recommendation on what I should do. Or if you have something else you would recommend please...
  31. G

    Laptop for a finance course at college

    Any suggestions on the best laptop for university particularly an accounting course?
  32. K

    Laptop for college and light gaming

    Hey Guys! I’m going to be a college student and looking for a laptop for everyday use, that’s fast and not gonna lag and everything. I’d also like to play games when I can. But only CS:GO, on medium with around 65fps. I’d like a laptop with 8gb ram, 1tb hard drive, 13.5-14inch screen. I’d be...
  33. L

    What laptop would be a good fit for me?

    Hey, I'm Luther. Heres the deal; I'm a sixteen-year-old looking to buy a new laptop before I go to college next month. I'd like my laptop to last me up to five years and be used regularly. Day in, day out. As well as normal school work, word processing etc, I'm going to be using my laptop to...
  34. T

    Solved! Searching a good laptop for light gaming

    I am going to college and i need a good laptop that can serve me with a bit of light gaming (Fortnite, League of Legends). Would something like this be good enough...
  35. C

    I need a good Laptop for College!

    Hello, I am going to start college this upcoming year and I will be majoring in computer science/cybersecurity. I need a good laptop! I know nothing about laptops and really need some advice. I have few requirements for this laptop but I really need it to last 4 years, I don't want to have any...
  36. J

    College Laptop Help (looking to buy)

    Hello! The time has come, laptop upgrade. My college major has me in need of a pretty beefy laptop, and if I’m going to get one I will go all out. I am in need of a laptop that fits in the following criteria: 1. High end editing (Premiere, After Effects, 4K footage, photoshop, octane render...
  37. E

    Need help finding the perfect college/gaming laptop $900 - $1000 (Form filled out)

    Hey guys, I'm really struggling to find the perfect laptop for both my college work and to really be able to game in my free time. My friend suggested I come here and make a post to ask for help. I'd really appreciate any input you can give me. 1. What is your budget? 900 - 1000. I could...
  38. A

    Looking for a tablet-laptop combo or a 2 in 1 for college.

    Hey guys! I am in the process of looking for devices for college. Firstly, here are the things that I will be using these devices for. In terms of a laptop, I will be doing video editing and some digital art; I will be running some pretty detailed CAD models of the human body, and for light...
  39. I

    Used Workstation for college???

    So heading off for college in the next few weeks and unfortunately between paying for text books, tuition its self, expenses (insurance, gas), and having to get a new serpentine belt and steering pump put into my car, my budget for a laptop has gone down to a cool $220 and wont change till well...
  40. J

    Gaming Laptop for College

    I leave for college in a couple of weeks so I need to figure this out urgently. I am looking for a gaming laptop that I will be able to use all 4 years in college. Id like to keep things around $1000 US. After some research, I was set on a 1050ti but then some were saying a 1060 is needed. I'm...
  41. O

    Laptop for college

    This year I'm starting to study finances. Laptop will be used mostly for note taking and research. I'm not interested in 2 in 1 or touchscreens. Right now I'm considering buying...
  42. V

    Advice and Recommendations Needed for a Laptop for College

    Hello guys! I am looking for some advice and recommendations for a laptop that I plan to use in my four years of college as an engineering student. I really am unsure of a lot of things in what I really need for a laptop. I have a $1600 budget, but I really would not like to go up all the way...
  43. R

    College and Gaming Laptop

    I need a 13-14” laptop for college that can run PUBG and Rainbow Six: Siege, too price 900$. I don’t need to run on high or ultra, and this is my first gaming experience on PC so I have no idea what I’m doing. Thanks! Minimum specs for college: •Intel Core i5 or i7 processor •8 gigabyte RAM...
  44. J

    Solved! Is this the best laptop for college under $800? I’m looking for a laptop for college must have good battery life and be under $1100 thanks for the recommendations . I think this is a good laptop because it has a large ssd great battery life with...
  45. T

    Non gamer looking laptop around $1500

    I am looking for a gaming laptop that is not bulky or flashy, I am going to college and I need something that has plenty of power but isn't super heavy. I bought a Dell G5 and ended up returning it because of the weight and the fan was ridiculous, so that is not really what I am looking for. I...
  46. G

    Use gaming laptop all day everyday for rendering

    Is it ok to use gaming laptop for rendering like 15 hours everyday?(im a college student)
  47. B

    Laptop for College under €500.

    Hey guys, my girlfriend is heading to college next year and she needs a laptop. Shes willing to spend up to €500 (about $590) and asked me to help her find one. I know it would be ideal for her to spend a bit more and get something like my Dell inspiron 15 that would hopefully last all four...
  48. G

    Hp, Acer or Asus? Help

    Which is a better laptop for a college student?
  49. G

    need help choosing laptop for college

    hello i am soon going to college and i need a new laptop i was thinking about the lenovo ideapad l380 or the hp 360x-13t which one should i get?
  50. W

    Budget friendly college laptop

    Hi, I will be attending college this year and need a laptop. I will be bringing my gaming PC to college so my laptop will mainly just be for school work. I'm looking for something fairly light/small so it's easy to take to and from class. Also I need it to have a decent CPU because I will be...
  51. X

    Budgeting Out a College Laptop and Graphics Card

    I just graduated from high school and I'm heading off to college. I'm looking for a good laptop for college and a graphics card. My budget between the two is $1,500. I want my laptop to be able to game some: modern games on high settings and new releases at medium-low settings, but I also want...
  52. S

    Looking for Headpones for College

    Hey everybody, I know this question may have been asked 1000 times already but I have been On a wild hunt for the right headphones and I was hoping someone could help me out here. I am looking for some over-ear, closed back headphones that I can use to Game and listen to music. Unfortunately, I...
  53. C

    Solved! Gtx 960m, vs gtx 950m vs gtx 965m, vs gtx 1050

    Hello guys, i am going to buy a sh laptop for college and i cannot decide on which to buy.. let's asume 4 laptops have same specs except the gpu. One has 4gb gtx 965m, one has 4gb gtx 950m, 4gb 960m or 2gb gtx 1050m. Which one shall i choose considering the 1050 is a more pricey? Also does it...
  54. C

    New Gaming Laptop for College

    I can't take my gaming tower with me to college so I want to get a nice gaming laptop that will last. Are Alienware 15 laptops reliable and good? The price cap is around 3,000 US dollars.
  55. D

    Looking for a laptop for college

    Looking for a 14 inch screen with thin bezels good battery life up to 13 hours intel 8th gen cpu mx 150 for intel graphics max budget it less than $1200
  56. C

    Laptop for College Student

    Hi Tom's Hardware community, A friend of mine reached out to me asking about a laptop for her daughter for school. I'm not up-to-date on the hardware for laptops but looking for something that is good enough for school and maybe some minecraft (thats the only game she really plays). We are...
  57. R

    Best laptop for college purpose

    I have completed my schooling and looking to buy a laptop for my college. Please suggest good models in Acer brand
  58. samir167ahuja

    Advice regarding Laptop (i5 vs i7)

    Greetings everyone! I plan to buy a laptop next month as I start college.The main purpose is college work, studying, and moderate gaming (Titles like Overwatch, FIFA, Call of Duty etc.) I have isolated two laptops and I would like your help on the following: 1)...
  59. ajsski99

    Solved! Laptop for A-levels and DJ'ing

    Hiya I'm looking to purchase a laptop for the start of September this year when I start college and begin my A-Levels (UK Thing). I've found a few online and will link these at the end of the post. :) However im not really sure what ill need so i'll need all the help i can get, thats where you...
  60. A

    heavy gaming laptop

    i want to buy a laptop for my college and for gaming purpose and my budget is 800 cad dollar can someone recommend any laptop to me. thx for your assistance