Looking for a tablet-laptop combo or a 2 in 1 for college.

Apr 11, 2018
Hey guys!
I am in the process of looking for devices for college. Firstly, here are the things that I will be using these devices for.
In terms of a laptop, I will be doing video editing and some digital art; I will be running some pretty detailed CAD models of the human body, and for light occasional gaming (overwatch - looking for 60+ frames at medium or even low quality if necessary).
I will also need the functions of a tablet for hand writing notes on the device, for easy portability and for viewing sheet music (putting it on a piano to use as a replacement for paper mainly).
So far, after doing my own research, I am liking the Surface Book 2 (haven't actually tried it at all in person) since it has all of those features in 1 device, and the configuration I need is a reasonable price.
I wanted to ask if there were any alternative suggestions. It can be a combination of a laptop with a good GPU as well as a tablet or it can be a detachable laptop (I am trying to stay away from convertibles, but if you have a good suggestion, I am definitely willing to explore).
I would like to stay below $1700.00 USD in total, so if you have a suggestion of a laptop and a tablet, please make sure there are options in which the sum is under that price tag.
Thanks a ton in advance!