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    Question Bluetooth connection keeps dropping out when audio isn't playing

    For context I just recently bought a pair of Redmi Airdots and tried using them with my phone(Mi 9T Pro) and they work perfectly at first glance. However whenever no audio is playing on my phone the earbuds start disconnecting and reconnecting in a loop every 10 seconds-ish and this repeats for...
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    Solved! Flash firmware Samsung Galaxy S6

    Began a lease of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Nov 2015. Phone bricked during an update in March 2017. Sent to Sprint for repair, was delivered a different Galaxy S6 phone, which was clearly refurbished itself, two weeks later. Lease completed, I own the device. Out of warranty. Nov 2018 phone began...
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    How to sim unlock android devices free?

    is there a safe way for me to unlock my tmobile coolpad rouge for free? is there a safe way for me to unlock my sprint samsung galaxy tab 3 for free? When I try to unlock this I get: internal error 407 " the profile update could not be completed" is there a safe way for me to unlock my either...
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    I am using Samsung s7 edge device when I want to check balance it's show only USSD code running.

    Hi I am using Samsung s7 edge device when I want to check balance it's show only USSD code running.
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    Solved! How can I fix a San Disk SD Card, I bought New ? says it's unsupported on my device, which is ZTE Blade

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    How to re-install deleted microphone device in windows 10

    No audio on Acer laptop. Somehow the microphone device was deleted. The volume shows 100% and speakers are Realtek high definition.
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    Solved! USB transfers files to a "DEVICE" inside it and creates a shortcut to a drive

    Hello all, I plugged my USB drive today and all the files on it were missing, after enabling the hidden files view option I found out that they were moved to a invisible folder called "DEVICE" and also a shortcut to a "removable drive" was created. I suppose the drive got infected somehow...
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    Solved! convert HDMI to USB at 4k resolution and surround sound capability

    How can I convert an HDMI output from streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire into a USB input? I want to connect streaming device like Roku to USB input of 4k Blu Ray player.
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    Solved! Storage full must download some apps

    Device storage is full .need to download some apps .can't i download the app now .i have an sd card
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    Solved! Stupid Question that I can't find an answer to, hoping someone can help.

    I also am not sure if it should be under here or CPU's considering my concern. I use my TV as a monitor and decided I wanted to use something else on the same TV. If I switched sources on the TV to use the other device while my CPU is running on the same device would it cause a problem? This...
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    Laptop completely freezing randomly only when AC adapter plugged in

    Hello, I've got this problem with a "Lenovo Legion Y520-15IKBN". I bought the device during the summer of 2017 and had no problems in the first 4-5 months but I am dealing with this problem since the spring of 2018. The problem: -The laptop freezes only when it is charging. -It does not freeze...
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    Solved! what if my mic isn't in the list of devices? the usb won't recognize it when plugged in

    this is in a new alienware gaming desktop. it worked until a couple of days ago
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    I have a Garmin DriveSmart 5 in. And lost reciept. I'm wondering if I go purchase another one can I use that code for this dev

    I have a Garmin DriveSmart 5" and no reciept. It was a gift. I need to know about this activation code....can I just go buy another one, use the code for this device and then return the other or is it device specific??
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    Solved! Transfer pictures to mobile from laptop

    How do I turn on nearby device to receive pictures
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    Solved! I have acer Aspire 5 A515-51G, and it is showing "PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.

    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083) Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6, 570, 884, US6, 115, 776 and US6, 327, 625 Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.64 (11/20/15) PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable...
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    Solved! Unsupported signal check your device output

    My tv sony Bravia says unsupported signal,check your device output when i plug in my raspberry pi 3 medel B after installing android tv
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    I am trying to connect a home theater system and an external reciever also (to get more blast) what device can I get?

    I am trying to connect a home theater system and an external reciever also (to get more blast) many devices (which have hdmi out and spdif or RCA out) have audio coming out of only one output (either hdmi or spdif). What equipment will help me get sound through home theater as well as the...
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    Solved! region free blu ray

    I'm looking for a region free device. I had an older one handed off to me by a friend, I have BluRay/DVDs from Britian, USA, and China (my Buffy collection, oddly, came from there). I went through a phase of buying collections from before they became wise to the free shipping...
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    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device.

    Is there any way to remove lagging on pubg mobile on 2 GB ram device. My device is Samsung Galaxy A7 (2015). I have tried everything like in developers option, hibernating, using ram boosting apps. It reduces lagging a little but it still lags. I only have not tried rooting my device yet. Will...
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    My Acer laptop says no bootable device and says preparing automatic repair

    Over the past month my laptop started getting hotter where the fan is located. I was on the net and the laptop just froze and I couldn't class click on anything. After a couple of minutes the screen went black. It stayed black for ages and I rebooted it, then it said preparing automatic repair...
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    Replace my wdlive hub

    I have a wdlivehub which is about to die and i want to replace it with a media player device which all formats of video and audio The Wdlivrhub acts as a media server and sends media to pcs,tvs projector through the network and hdmi + cat5 pairing I have many movies and music stored...
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    Solved! Audio from HDMI devices connected to TV to amplifier via TosLink Issue?

    Hi, I recently purchased an S.M.S.L Q5 Pro mini amp to replace a failed soundbar... the original set up was devices connected to TV (Samsung Series 4) via HDMI and the soundbar connected to the TV via TosLink optical cable... this all worked fine with all devices able to send audio through to...
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    How to Sync and Auto-Save All your Documents on iCloud from a MacBook Pro

    Although often unused, the iCloud is a very powerful tool if you use multiple Apple devices. The iCloud is an application which allows you to save your files, folders, and various other items on to a virtual cloud which you can access from any device that is iCloud connectible. Usually it is...
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    How to AirDrop Files Using the MacBook Pro

    There are a lot of ways to send a receive files between devices. There are online applications such as various e-mails, chat tools, etc. Then there are Bluetooth based sharing applications. However, none of these can match up to the ease of process which is provided by the AirDrop app of MacBook...
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    Solved! Sony VAIO SVS13 screen goes white by move the screen

    I got a "sony vaio svs13a12" device. it started to have a problem recently, when i move the screen to change the screen angle, the screen suddenly going white. until i hold the power button (to force shutdown) and turn on again. then it fixes. i opened the device now to change the battery...
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    How can I get my old contact form my old device

    What should I put down on
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    Solved! Teac DVD player breaks Sony Bravia Device Sync

    Hi all! I have a Sony Bravia with a Sony sound bar, a PlayStation 4 and an Apple MacBook Pro all plugged into it via HDMI. The TV can connect to and control the sound bar and PS4 using the device list (change volume, operate the PS4 etc.) However when I plug in a Teac DV-4000 (DVD player) via...
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    Solved! My galaxy tab A 6 crashed with a and now is not working??? What should I do ??

    I downloaded a file , because of this file virus crashed my device
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    How to Stream Media Library Using Plex

    Before vrooming straight into the guide, let’s take a look at Plex. It is a client-server media player that streamlines all of your media library and content into each device by creating your library in it. It is beneficial for people on the go, and you can sign into your content from anywhere...
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    no boot device available

    My Windows 8 laptop says "no boot device available", please anyone help me. Thanks [post title edited to reflect the problem - mod]
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    How to Turn your Amazon Fire TV into an Ultimate Media Device

    Your Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon fire TV comes with a benefit. And that is that it can be turned into an ultimate media device. You get more in less. And who says no to ultimate entertainment? Walk through this guide to turn your Amazon fire TV into an ultimate media device. This guide is...
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    How to Add and Delete Channels on your Roku Device

    The stream of curiosity inside each of us always wants more channels of content. Even if we have the best of all channels, we still want to take it further and add a little more to our mojo. Just like you subscribe and unsubscribe to Youtube channels as you please, your favorite Roku device...
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    How to Organize the Order of Channels on your Roku Device

    When you have the best of all, you might find it a little difficult to organize things. It comes with priority. And with best channels on your Roku device, priority is tough to come by. Also, when you have your streaming platform/device, personalizing increases the entire experience of using the...
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    How to Travel With your Roku Device

    When you have fantastic channels in your Roku Device, and when you are in for a dive into the pool of incredible episodes and amazing movies, you don’t want to miss it out anytime. A delay to watch an episode is as equal as have not watched it ever. Your excitement to watch episodes should be...
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    How to Transfer Channels from one Roku Device to Another

    Over the years, Roku media player has become very popular among the people. The users are able to watch their favorite TV shows, movies or series on the big screen. Roku provides a set of cool extensive range of features along with easy navigation for the people. The users will be able to access...
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    How to Set Up Channel Shortcuts in your Roku Device

    Creating shortcuts for anything is a very convenient thing we do. And through shortcuts, we have less to sweat. The thing about Roku device is that you would not want to indulge in long hours of clicking the buttons of the Roku remote because let’s face it, we’re impatient. But there is no point...
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    How to Add My Feed Services to your Roku Device

    Now, you must be paying attention to things around you. Facebook may be your favorite book. Netflix might be your staple diet. But how about staying updated on new releases? How about getting updates on your favorite channels on your Roku device. Just like you have Newsfeed on Facebook, you also...
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    Solved! unable to access complete install

    I have installed app....entered my sign in info and I get message saying no eligible devices for app install
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    How to Watch Live Streaming Content on Roku

    You bought a Roku device and now you don´t have any of your favorite local channels and wonder if it was money well spent. Don´t worry, there is always a way around your technologic problems. Following these simple steps, you will find the way to get the live streaming content you miss in a...
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    How to Use the Instant Replay Feature on your Roku Device

    There are some examples in the history of movies and series in which some of the characters have accents or lines that are very hard to understand. When that happens, we have two options: either we try to make it out from the context or we rewind it to play it again and see if we can get what...
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    How to Use the Roku Channel

    Your Roku device gives you tonnes of content to watch. Lots of movies, shows, series and even Live streaming. The whole mix of content on your Roku device is categorized. Some are subscribed, some free, and some needs to rented. So, availing your favorite movie or series can be a dilemma at...
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    How to Stop Others from Making Purchases Using your Roku Device

    Most likely, all the people in the same family have access to a Roku Device managed under the same account. This can be a potential problem leading to some awkward family friction that is never nice or pretty. How to avoid these confusions when the credit card summary comes along? Never have...
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    Frankenstein Asus and Toshiba Issue With Graphics Card

    I had two old laptops laying around and decided to see if I could Frankenstein one together because the specs on one are better than my current laptop. I've been tinkering around and have just about everything working properly except a few things. The graphics card is saying "This device cannot...
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    no device for apt on words with friends

    when I try and play words with friends it says my device is not compatible with this version and app not optimized for your device, says this if I try to download game only 3 years old
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    How to Record Live Streaming Content Using a Roku Device

    Watching streaming content has been a drastic change from what we grew up with. With the streaming devices, we can pause, play and save content for later. Back in the days of the beginning of air TV, you had to organize your agenda as to not miss any chapters of your favorite series because you...
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    How to Open the Hidden Menus in a Roku Device

    Roku devices have more than one ace hidden up their sleeve and here is how to find some of the hidden menus to get to some great fine-tuning capabilities. Menu Screen Number 1 It is a combination of keys that has to be done rapidly and in the following order: the ‘Home’ button has to be pressed...
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    How to Use the Roku App to Provide Voice Search Commands

    Isn´t it really useful to just tell your device whatever is it that you want to watch? With other devices offering that option, Roku couldn´t be the exception and lag behind. Sometimes you just want to sit in your couch and demand the entertainment system to entertain you. Some models of Roku TV...
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    How to Install Unlisted Channels on a Roku device

    Unlisted channels, also known as non-certified channels are those used regularly by developers to test new stuff. Also, some of these non-official channels feature different content than the one the thousands available in Roku´s listing do. This feature makes these channels compelling to bored...
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    How to Connect a Headset to a Roku Device

    The private listening feature on the Roku device is nothing short from great. Has it ever happened to you that you want to watch your favorite series while your couple wants to sleep or vice versa? Or perhaps you want to pay a lot of attention to dialogs and such in a crowded room. Well, that is...
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    How to Set Up a MicroSD Card on your Roku Device

    What do we need a MicroSD card on our Roku device for? Simple, it will add more storage space for our favorite shows. MicroSD cards have the great advantage of coming in different sizes and being virtually inexpensive. Also great is that they can be exchanged and you can have more than one ready...
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    How to Use the HomeShare Option on your MacBook Pro

    For people who use more than one Apple device it can get quite tiresome to download the same items over and over again in all these devices. One of the most cumbersome processes among these is the task of shifting all the music from one iTunes app to another and most people get this wrong as...
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    Solved! Alienware 15 R4: "No bootable devices found." & "Boot failure on device"

    So I won this Alienware 15 R4 and it arrived without a hard drive. No biggie, that's in my ballpark, I go and buy a normal 500GB Toshiba hard drive and install it in the laptop. After I turn it on, though, it shows the Alienware loading screen as normal and then shows a black screen with text in...
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    How to Rename the Amazon Fire Stick Device

    Owning a device and having a blockchain-project-like name to it sucks. And it happens with most of us having multiple devices. Even the Bluetooth in our device can have a code name of a distant star in a relative galaxy. We rename them. We always do. Having a name that you love can be a benefit...
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    How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the Amazon Fire Stick

    The Amazon Fire TV stick, the smart device by Amazon is the best-in-class streaming device available in the digital market. With exclusive smart features, fire TV brings the cinematic experience to the users’ homes. The fire TV can be accessed on your home television by connecting the hardware...
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    How to Enable Subtitles on Roku

    Roku is one of the famous digital players that enables the user to play their favorite media content on the big Television. Users can access a lot of free and paid channels to stream all forms of videos. Roku offers a set of extensive and cool features that enable a pleasant experience for the...
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    How to Troubleshoot on Roku

    Watching TV shows, series, and movies that are accessed through the internet on the big Roku TV has easily attracted many people all over the world. The immense number of attractive options features and easy navigation makes this a popular product among the masses. There can be circumstances...
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    How to Get Sling TV on a Roku Device

    Roku digital player has evolved with great advancements. It enables the users to watch their favorite TV shows on the Roku device. Owing to its brilliant features the product became an immediate hit ever since its introduction. Users can always add channels easily to the Roku device which makes...
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    How to Send a Video to Roku

    Roku allows users to access the internet streamed TV shows, movies or the series on the Roku TV. This provides them the chance to perform mirroring and also send the different format of data contents from any device including tablets, mobile, desktop, and laptops to the Roku TV. Here is how you...
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    How to Reset Roku

    Roku is one of the most widely acclaimed digital players used by people from all over the world. The product has received great accolades owing to its cool features, easy navigation and the broad number of channels it offers. People can access thousands of channels offering media content on all...
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    How to Install a New Channel on Roku

    Roku digital player has helped the users to add channels according to their choice, they also have the privilege to access both the free and the paid channels and also remove them when needed. There are an easy navigation and range of intuitive features that have attracted many people all over...