Question Bluetooth connection keeps dropping out when audio isn't playing

Feb 6, 2020
For context I just recently bought a pair of Redmi Airdots and tried using them with my phone(Mi 9T Pro) and they work perfectly at first glance. However whenever no audio is playing on my phone the earbuds start disconnecting and reconnecting in a loop every 10 seconds-ish and this repeats for as long as no audio is playing. The same issue isn't observed if audio is playing, if any audio is playing the earbuds remain connected. Here's a video to get a better picture of what I mean . My friend(OnePlus 6) also has a pair of Redmi Airdots and suffers from the same problem. However, I tried using the earbuds on my friend's phone but the problem didn't occur on his. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
Feb 6, 2020
I've reset the earbuds already along with repairing. I've also cleared all cache for Bluetooth. My phone is up to date running MIUI Global 11.0.4.
Apr 7, 2020
I think this thread is fine.

Is it Android 10.0 or else and updated officially?

Can you check the earbuds with a different phone or device?

It might be faulty earbuds
Sorry for responding late.
Android version is 7.1.2 and it's official. I have checked several times and there is no update within the phone update centre.

I've checked the airbuds with a laptop and my old phone (LG G5) and it worked just fine.

I think there is something wrong with my V30 but its bluetooth works perfect with other device (carkit, another Jabra headset, Stereos etc. )


Jan 7, 2020
Same thing happened to me between my Pixel 3 and my Gear S3 watch. Constant connect and disconnect. Restarting both devices seems to have fixed it for me.
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