Question Bluetooth Audio Sudden Stuttering/Poor Connection Issue

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Dec 4, 2019
Good day everybody,

I've been through a few of the threads on this forum but alas nothing has worked for me as a solution. This seems like the best forum to ask so here goes!

A few weeks ago I noticed some connection issues with my Bose QuietComfort 35 on my Macbook Pro (running Windows 10 with Bootcamp). At first it wasn't too bad, occasionally cutting out for a half second or so and coming back, but then it gradually got worse and worse. To the point where just turning my head side to side would send my bluetooth audio connection into a spasm. Switching to my Laptop speakers resulted in crystal clear sound quality, so I knew it was something with the headphones or bluetooth.

A few days ago I bought myself a nice pair of Jabra Elites, and unfortunately when pairing them with my laptop, the issue persisted and i can hardly watch anything. It definitely seems WORSE with Youtube videos, and a bit better with regular movies on my laptop, and I think it gets better if I disconnect from the internet and close all my chrome tabs (I'm not 100% on this part as its impossible to tell when the sound is gonna cut off or stutter or whatever).

I've tried the following:

  1. Uninstalled & Reinstalled the Bluetooth driver
  2. Unpaired and Re-paired the Bluetooth headset
  3. Done a "hard reset" on all Bluetooth devices, and even removed them all from my laptop
  4. Gone into Device Manager and disabled everything with "Hands-Free"
  5. Set my Bluetooth device to Default in the Sound settings
  6. Disabled / Removed everything with "Hands-Free" in the Sound settings
  7. I've tested all my Bluetooth devices with my iPhone and everything works 100%, so it's definitely my Laptop.
From my testing I feel like it's either the WiFi connection that's messing with my Bluetooth connection, or maybe the Bluetooth Hardware inside my laptop is malfunctioning, or has come loose or damaged (although I couldn't tell you how that would be).

This is driving me up the wall as I can't listen to anything on my laptop except with my laptop speakers, which is not ideal when there's other people around.

Any help or suggestions anyone can provide, any other solutions up any sleeves would be a great help.

Thanks so much guys

Dec 4, 2019
Can you check it with the original operating system?

You can replace the WIFI/bluetooth card inside your laptop or get a bluetooth USB dongle
Ok, I tried the Bluetooth connection on iOS and had no problems at all with the quality. No stuttering, no cutting-out, nothing. It worked 100%.

So this leads me to believe that it's a problem with Windows 10 then. However, I did a lot more testing today and it turns out that if I remained disconnected from my WiFi, it seems like I have little to no stuttering or cutting out.

Could it be the actual WiFi connection itself that is interfering with my Bluetooth connection when I'm running Windows 10? When I was on iOS I was connected to the same WiFi and didn't have any issues.

Maybe a driver issue?
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