Question Bluetooth audio connected but sound keeps cutting off.

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Jun 10, 2020
Hey everyone. I'm using an Acer Switch Alpha 12 laptop and the Bluetooth speaker I'm using is a Yamaha WX- 010(I'm kinda using it as a desktop speaker). The problem I'm facing with the speaker is that even though the Bluetooth is connected, randomly, the audio will cut off. The music or whatever other audio (zoom classes, youtube videos, etc.) continues playing but I don't hear anything. It reconnects automatically, however for a while, there is a major drop in audio quality after which it rights itself on its own.

I have tried anything and everything but this problem keeps bugging me.

The speaker is pretty close to my laptop so I doubt that it is a connection issue( I also tried to keep the speaker directly next to my laptop but to no avail).
Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I don't want to replace this speaker but if this problem persists, this may be the only option I will have left.
Jun 15, 2020
I literally just "fixed" this myself in the last hour. I saw your question when looking for a solution so registered so I could pass on my fix :ROFLMAO:

Upgrading firmware does not fix it - I'll get that out the way. Always worth doing though.

It appears to be caused by Wi-Fi traffic. I have my WX-010 connected to Alexa and a Yamaha MusicCast media centre. One or other, maybe both, appear to be interfering, maybe getting a status update (just a guess).

In my case I rarely stream from either, but while working from home stream over Bluetooth from either a PC or smart phone to the WX-010.

I discovered Wi-Fi can be disabled. Check the manual for the "Option Settings" section. Instructions are there for disabling and reenabling both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

At some point I will look deeper as to which device was interfering, but for now, disabling Wi-Fi on the WX-010 has worked for me.

Was getting a 5 second cut-out every 2-3 minutes. Been playing for nearly an hour with no interruption.
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