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  1. W

    Question Is it possible to connect 4 old wired speaker cabinets to a bluetooth device?

    Hello all yall, I've seen that there are bluetooth boards available on amazon and my though is that if i fitted each of the 4 cabinets with a board then i could somehow connect all of them and play one bluetooth device's audio on all of the speakers at once. i dont know if this is possible and i...
  2. S

    Question Bluetooth problems - laptop and speaker

    My ACER laptop with Windows 10 thinks my bluetooth speaker is a headset and won't play any sound (music, podcasts, etc). They do pair and connect. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  3. everyos

    Question New Jib True earbuds start cutting out after a while in headphones mode.

    Hello! I just got some new "Jib True" earbuds from the store a few days ago. I've found that after a while they start to repeatedly cut out. I've tried unpairing and repairing them. I've tried turning them off and back on. I've also tried updating my Bluetooth drivers. Both earbuds cut out at...
  4. C

    Question Function keys of EXTERNAL bluetooth keyboard gets inverted from factory

    Hello, I did not know where to post this. And there's no applicable solutions so far.... I bought a 3rd party Chinese bluetooth LED Android /laptop keyboard. It works great until I discover that the function keys are inverted from the factory. The most troublesome inverted key is the...
  5. sam_voerman

    Solved! All my asus laptop's conection drivers seem to be broken.

    I bought my ASUS TUF Gaming FX705DU laptop about 2 months ago, and ever since I set it all up it has had a huge list of problems when it comes to connection. Firstly I use wireless headphones and a wireless speaker so I use Bluetooth a bunch. Once every hour or so it cuts audio for about 15...
  6. Alden66

    Solved! Troubleshooter Won't Let Me Open It

    I was using the find and fix other problems Bluetooth devices in troubleshooting on windows ten this morning, and everything was great. Then this afternoon, when I tried to use it again, it wouldn't let me and gave me an error that said c:\WINDOWS\system\msdt.exe Windows can't access the...
  7. zeezeear

    Solved! Can I connect (actively use) two bluetooth devices at once? Windows OS

    I would like to use a bluetooth mouse and bluetooth headphones simultaneously. My laptop is the 2017 Acer Swift 7, with limited (2) USB(c) ports. I am aware that I may purchase a USB extender/hub, but would prefer not to have additional hardware. Thank you in advance for responding!
  8. crawdish

    Solved! What car stereo should I get?

    Been chugging along in my old gen 3 Toyota 4Runner. It's an old car, but still runs like the day I bought it. The seats may be torn, but I'm far from giving it up any time soon! A few years back I upgraded to a touch screen Pioneer stereo in an attempt to bring the car into the 21st century. It...
  9. M

    Question Bluetooth connection keeps dropping out when audio isn't playing

    For context I just recently bought a pair of Redmi Airdots and tried using them with my phone(Mi 9T Pro) and they work perfectly at first glance. However whenever no audio is playing on my phone the earbuds start disconnecting and reconnecting in a loop every 10 seconds-ish and this repeats for...
  10. TheK0tYaRa

    Question kn320 not connecting to bluedio headphones

    Bought kn320 to bridge the connection of jackaudio and bluetooth headphones. They are compatible as of characteristics. But the problem is that kn320 only blinks once with orange light upon powering on sequence. After that it doesn't blink orange even once. Orange light means "receiver connecting".
  11. D

    Question The bluetooth volume bar keeps popping up on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ whenever I switch apps, exit apps or press literally anything.

    Just got this phone today and after connecting it to my bluetooth headphones, I noticed that the sound bar keeps showing up whenever I do anything while they're connected. I could even be browsing Reddit and it will show up at the top of my screen for a few seconds every time I tap a photo. It...
  12. H

    Question bluetooth over ear headphone with high passive impedance

    Hello guys, im looking for Bluetooth over ear headphones with high passive impedance. any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)
  13. SinSurfer

    Question bypass Bluetooth/hardwire vizio sub

    I’ve gotta Vizio woofer SB4021E-BO (Sub) all torn apart and I’m just staring at the circuit board. I don’t have the matching sound bar so my question is this, can I either A. Bypass the Bluetooth or simply replace Bluetooth that sends and receives signal or B. Just hardwire the thing to...
  14. C

    Question Way to fix bluetooth headphones stuttering after watching streamed videos?

    I have Sennheiser Urbanite Wireless XLs, and basically when I watch a streamed video on Chrome and every other browser I have used, if I skip videos in say a playlist, after a couple of skips the video and my audio will start to stutter, it also occurs after I have watched streamed videos for a...
  15. L

    Question Can I use a headphone AUX splitter to feed two audio systems?

    I have a satellite STB connected via HDMI to my TV. From my TV I have a sound bar from Yamaha connected via Optical Toslink. I am not really satisfied with the Yamaha sound so I am using Sennheiser headphones as well. The Sennheiser transmitter is connected to my TV via a 3.5mm AUX jack. I do...
  16. Z

    Solved! Which bluetooth speaker should I get

    I'm currently deciding to buy a new bluetooth speaker but I need help deciding which one is the best. (prices are in sgd) UE Boom 2 ($139) JBL Charge 3 ($149) Sony XB21 ($149) UE Megabooom 1 ($169) Just ton note the 2 things that matter most to me is the volume and the bass.
  17. T

    Question Adding an external sound card to DELL Inspiron 5000 5579 laptop.

    Hello all, I am interested in buying an external sound card for my DELL laptop since I am very upset with its sound quality. However, I have wireless Bluetooth headphones set, and I couldn't find any sound card that supports wireless headphones, Can you advise please? Thank you.