Solved! I hear a local radio station through my Bluetooth speakers.

Dec 4, 2021
I’ve owned Klipsch ProMedia speakers for years now, I had the normal version first & later bought the Bluetooth version. The non-Bluetooth version never had any issues, but the Bluetooth version will pick up a local radio channel. The auxiliary cord is usually plugged into my monitor so I tried unplugging it thinking maybe it was through my pc but it didn’t change. Next I thought maybe the positioning of the speakers could be it so I moved them around in the same room and other rooms, still the same annoying radio. I can turn up the volume of the radio noises on the speaker, to hear the radio station at normal volume The speakers have to be all the way up. With the speakers at 0% volume the radio station is still playing audio. It never cuts out or sound like the signal to the radio station is weak and never fails to stop playing 24 hours a day