Question Bluetooth devices cut in and out-- I have tried everything I can find.

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Sep 25, 2021
For a year now I have had an HP Zbook 17 G2 running Windows 10. There are many Bluetooth devices that, if connected, will randomly disconnect on a whim. Sometimes they reconnect automatically, other times I have to do it manually, and still others it won't even work whatsoever I do unless I restart the computer. I have scoured forums to find solutions and nothing has worked. Here are some of the troubleshooting I have tested:

  • Turn the computer off and on again (simple)
  • Disconnect, remove Bluetooth device on computer and reconnect
  • Reset bluetooth device
  • Reset computer (factory reset and otherwise)
  • Use windows update and device manager to update, uninstall, and/or reinstall Bluetooth drivers.
  • Buy new bluetooth devices
  • Replace Wireless and Bluetooth combo chipset
  • Turn power-saving mode off for bluetooth
  • Set 'Bluetooth Support Gateway Services' to automatic startup type
  • Reinstalled the BIOS
None of these solutions have solved the problem. Whenever I get a bluetooth device as a present it is like getting a slap to the face. Please help.
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You've done pretty much everything I could think of except for a couple things:
  • Go to the HP support site and see if they have drivers other than what you have tried. They also have a dashboard you can install that helps with that. I use it and like it.
  • Go to the vendor for the bluetooth and do the same.
  • Run the intel Driver and Support Assistant and see what it says about your current drivers.
I am personally skeptical of the "driver update" services you find on the internet and stay away from them. Given everything you have done, it seems like about all that is left is driver issues. Although, you should get the service manual for you machine and check that the antennas are installed the way they are supposed to be (probably are).

Let us know if you find a fix!
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