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  1. critchey1

    Question Bluetooth devices cut in and out-- I have tried everything I can find.

    For a year now I have had an HP Zbook 17 G2 running Windows 10. There are many Bluetooth devices that, if connected, will randomly disconnect on a whim. Sometimes they reconnect automatically, other times I have to do it manually, and still others it won't even work whatsoever I do unless I...
  2. M

    Solved! Laptop Asus wireless adapter centrino N 100 not working

    Hi!!! My intel centrino wireless N 100 adapter is not working, and I would like to replace with a new one. My laptop is an ASUS K53sd. Which is the best compatible new alternative for this replacement? Thanks.
  3. H

    Question which wireless adapter do i buy?

    i have an hp that was given to me and it’s a windows 8. it says there are no networks available so i did the troubleshooting and it said i needed an ethernet cable to connect to the internet. i don’t want to hardwire my computer into my router so i’d like an alternative. i tried every single...
  4. shashume

    Question Wi Fi not connecting when laptop is any further than 2 meters from the router.

    So, my Asus K55VM laptop has been unable to connect to wireless networks from distance. At best it gets connected to the networks as long as the source is less than 2 meters away. Any further than that, the signal is deteriorating to Zero. One of my antenna cable got broken earlier, so I just...
  5. bhaaratsharma

    Solved! Upgrade wireless card in Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop to Intel Wireless-AC 9260. Is it compatible ?

    Hello, I'm planning to upgrade the network card in my Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop to Intel Wireless-Ac 9260 (since it's dual band). Does anyone know if it's compatible ? Has anyone of you upgraded with this model ?
  6. jomari29

    Solved! Accidentally snapped off this capacitor, now laptop wont work on battery

    I was replacing the wireless adapter and accidentally snapped off this capacitor, i soldered it back but i reckon it snapped again, the 330uF 6.3v, Its in a HP Omen 15", any idea what the purpose of this?, laptop works fine on power plug, just not on battery, im planning on buying a new...
  7. H

    Solved! pci-e slot covered by graphics card

    Hello my graphics card is looks like its blocking my pci-e slot im looking to buying the vive wireless adapter and you need a pci e slot free and i was wondering if anybody has any ideas
  8. D

    Solved! Can I use any wireless adapter for my samsung tv

    My Samsung Led model TV UE32F532055 is requesting for a samsung wireless LAN adapter. Does it mean its WIFI is not inbuilt? Are there universal wireless adapters that can i can use to connect other than a samsung adapter?
  9. J

    Solved! On device manager,there is only the wired connection showing ,no sign of wireless adapter

    My Sony Vaio laptop lost it,s wireless connection,don’t know how it happened,in devices only wired connection showing,which works,but that connection is not suitable,as I would have to run a cable along the hallway to bedroom where I have my computer.Any help would be appreciated.thanks James
  10. B

    Wireless adapter BAL-M40X not working

    So first off this was working just fine before, now it's not. There are two playback options. One is BAL-M40X Hands-free it doesn't have any spatial sound so it sounds terrible, but it works. The other is called BAL-M40X Stereo and that is the one I normally use, but I hear nothing. I can see...
  11. R

    PCIe Wireless Card Disconnects When Laptop Sleeps?

    For school I purchased an HP Envy x360 with a Ryzen 7 and Vega 10. It works as intended except for one minor but very annoying problem- every time I close the lid and the laptop sleeps for more than a few minutes the wireless adapter becomes disconnected completely in the device manager. Another...
  12. M

    Does the Samsung UN48J52000AF TV require a wireless adapter or is it internal?

    Does the Samsung Smart TV 5200 series require usb wireless adapter to connect to the internet?
  13. I

    Laptop overheats when connected to a network

    Hi, I have a weird problem here. Whenever I connect my computer to a network, does not matter with wireless or cat cable, my computer starts working 90 - 95 celcius degrees but when disconnected it works fine with 50 - 60 celcius degrees max even when playing Skyrim or EU4 or PES2017. I tryed...
  14. T

    Can I connect a tv to digital cable with a wireless adapter

    I have an LG tv on a screened porch. I don’t want another cable box (WOW cable service) because it is a seasonal room. Will a wireless adapter allow me to access the cable channels?
  15. P

    laptop wireless adapter

    Hi guys ! Basicaly I've been having issues with my adapter . It randomly disconnects from my network and then goes into a "no networks detected" mode , even when I clearly see the networks on my phone . Device manager says " device is working properly" and drivers are up to date . I'm sick...
  16. Lutfij

    How To Turn On Wi-Fi On Windows 7 Laptop

    Since the invention of the laptop the next best thing to ever grant us freedom was the power of wireless connectivity. Most people call it Wi-Fi these days while some just call it wireless internet. This tutorial will show you how to turn on Wi-Fi on your Windows 7 laptop. 1. Make sure the...
  17. Lutfij

    How To Screen Mirror With Your Windows 10 Laptop

    Windows 10 has brought a number of features to the palms of an end user. That being said, you can project what you’re seeing on the laptop to a display located in the same room without the need to use chords and fat cables. The feature is dubbed screen mirroring and the option is built into...
  18. R

    Wireless Adapter issue (Qualcomm Atheros QA9377)

    I am having a problem with my wireless adapter, when I try to connect to a network, it automatically disables and quickly enable itself after that it shows me the “cannot connect to this network” error. I’ve tried to update the driver Uninstall, reinstall Disable, enable Forget the network...
  19. P

    [Closed] Idk how to delete post..

    Can't find a delete button so consider this a deletion..
  20. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: http://www.speedtest.net/ I tried literally everything.. My router...
  21. M

    WIFI wont turn on - Windows 10

    I've been using this laptop for about 10 months now and no problems until now. Basically, I am unable to get WiFi working meaning that I cant use wifi as if I don't have a Wireless adapter in my laptop. What can I do? Already tried: - Reboot - Airplane mode ON/OFF - Disable/Enable adapter in...
  22. A

    connecting old projector wirelessly

    Dear all, i would like to have your opinion of what would be the best possible solution for making a wireless home cinema system with the following components: Streaming: PC without bluetooth but with HDMI output or IPAD with bluetooth Projector: optoma HD20...
  23. S

    Wireless adapter suddenly stopped working

    I have a Sony vaio laptop model VPCEA31FX, Windows 10 OS. this issue occurred yesterday where my Wireless stopped working suddenly for no reason, this little monitor screen and a little cross inside of it where my wi-fi connection showed up, i went to my adapter settings and my wireless card...
  24. M

    Is there any way to connect the wifi usb adapter if i am connceted another network

    Is there any way to connect the usb wireless adapter if i have already wifi system in my laptop
  25. sirstinky

    Solved! HP BIOS Whitelists

    Hey. Anyone ever heard of this? I have an Envy 17T-J100 I am wanting to upgrade the WiFi adapter on it to an AC dual band. There are 'compatible' adapters listed. However, it's been said that HP had whitelisted the BIOS on their laptops for years...until recently. My machine is from mid-2014...
  26. R

    Solved! Wireless driver issues with Desktop

    Recently bought myself a Dell Inspiron 3650 brand new w/ Win10. For the past few days now I've been seeing an issue with the wireless adapter. I know about Win10 disabling them after some time, and I've addressed this issue. But this outage happens at random. Could have 12 hours of uptime, could...
  27. L

    Solved! Wireless Pairing but no Sound

    I have a Roku TV, a TaoTronics TT-BA09 wireless adapter. I want to be able to listen to TV using wireless headphones or through a speaker at bedside. I have figured out how to pair them, but when wireless adapters attached into TV, I have no sound coming to my wireless ear phones or speaker at...
  28. B

    So, i got new wireless headphone and i can't connect it to pc whenever i paired it with pc, when i checked device manager the

    So, i got new wireless headphone and i can't connect it to pc whenever i paired it with pc, when i checked device manager the yellow mark is on the bluetooth phripheral device
  29. S

    Solved! How to turn on wireless capability if your function key/alphnumeric is not working?

    I reformat my fujitsu simens amilo pro laptop thinking that it might reset the setting but still the wireless capability is turn off. I try to use different wireless adapter but still it won't work. I think the alphanumeric key is not functioning.
  30. J

    Projecting from pc to tv with miracast, what to do.

    So i would like to project movies etc wirelessly from my Pc to my LG 55UH650V TV, but my motherboard asus maximus viii hero doesn't support miracast it seems, and i was thinking about ordering this "dongle"...
  31. S

    USB Wireless Adapter for mic

    Hello everyone! I have a Rode NT-USB microphone that i use to communicate while gaming, but I can't stand the cables. I'm trying to look for like a USB 2 type B bluetooth adapter, that would connect to the mic, then it would wirelessly trasmit to a receiver, which would be connected to my pc...
  32. L

    Wifi adapter slow in bedroom

    So, my original post received some great suggestions. I bought this wifi adapter, and it seemed to work great! However, it only works great in my living room most of the time, which is where the router is. I mostly need to use my laptop in my bedroom, so this is a big problem. I dealt with my...
  33. R

    Laptop to desktop

    Hi everyone, I have a 3 year old Lenovo U430P Intel i7-4500U. It's still working well, but the performance and battery life is not as good as i would like it to be. (i do a lot of graphic intensive work and work on the go a lot) I have a new PC coming in so i want to turn this laptop into a...
  34. C

    Toshiba Satallite C55-C5240

    Wireless will not work constantly disconnecting. Never have more than 1 bar. I have updated the wireless adapter driver to latest and checked router as well. I also brought laptop to other locations to test. Still not functioning. All other devices laptops, phones and ipads work fine. I decided...
  35. O

    upgrade Wireless Adapter Satellite S870

    hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite S870-BT3N22 or S870-BT2G22. it was a custom Laptop so parts for both will fit. Anyway, im buying a AC router and want to upgrade my wireless adapter and dont know what one to select or even what model I have. If I go to device manager under network adapters it...
  36. A

    Can you upgrade the wifi card on a dell 15r 5521 laptop?

    Hey all, pretty simple question, I have my laptop taken apart (to replace a broken display) and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the wifi card. Currently it has the Centrino 2230 Card. I remember previously trying to upgrade a Lenovo wifi card but failed due to it not booting until the...
  37. steven37

    Will buying a wireless adapter fix wifi signal drops

    I have a laptop that has always dropped signal and lost connection to the wifi even after taking it in for its cleaning and tune up stuffs.. Will buying a wireless adapter fix this issue? and wont have anymore drops...
  38. D

    Laptop's WiFi card shuts itself off every couple of minutes

    Hi, I've been trying to fix my laptop's WiFi since I bought it back in August. It's an ASUS F555LA, when I bought it I immediately installed an SSD before really using it. I just booted it up to make sure there weren't any obvious problems and then went to work. Anyways, it's a couple months...
  39. F

    Looking to wirelessly share video signal using DC equipment on a boat as inexpensively as possible

    I've recently become interested in utilizing infrared cameras on my marsh boat for nighttime navigation and watching & recording wildlife. There is both 12V & 24V power available on the vessel. I would prefer to avoid AC powered equipment. I have a name brand IR camcorder for recording the...
  40. R

    HP wireless issue

    My HP ac-15 121dx laptop is about a year old, and it keeps losing its wireless signal and connection to the Internet. Happens several times a day. The device manager says the wireless adapter is working properly. I went to the diagnostics mode today and did a total system check. Everything...
  41. K

    Asus ROG laptop internal WIFI network adapter not showing up as connected.

    I have a Asus ROG GL752VW laptop thats only about a month old. I was installing some adobe products for school and restarted after they were finished installing like they said to do. When the laptop turned back on it wouldn't/couldn't connect to the internet. I went to the device manager and it...
  42. E

    need answer asap!

    my lg smart tv does not support my wireless adapter. helpppp. its saying does not support usb
  43. C

    Brand New Network Adapter Not Appearing in Device Manager

    I've got an Acer Aspire V Nitro (model Aspire VN7-591G) that's always had increasingly worse wireless network adapter issues to the point where the adapter just doesn't show up under Device Manager at all (even after showing all hidden devices), and I can't connect to the internet, which is a...
  44. D

    Help with the choice of a new wireless adapter for a Dell laptop

    Hello, guys, my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 3543. Some of you may have heard of, or even experienced the number of defects the 15 series laptops come with, which from Dell refuse to fix or replace. Many people with this kind of laptops face performance issues, lack of wireless connectivity...
  45. F

    wireless LAN not staying on during Startup

    The wireless LAN adapter will not stay on upon Startup with the WLAN switch in the on position. The WLAN switch lights but when Vista is about finished loading it turns off, and there's no network connectivity. I've tried the diagnostic tool, done all Windows updates and...
  46. P

    USB not working but power things

    OK I have read through many forums and none apply to me because most are for laptops or another USB works. After waking the PC from sleep mode my wireless mouse and keyboard weren't working (2 different makes so 2 different adaptors and ports in use). The keyboard lights up when batteries are...
  47. J

    NetGear 3100v3 wireless adapter software not working, need help (cant access internet)!

    I use a wireless adapter to connect to my wifi, which requires NetGear Software... This software has been a pain after restarting my computer, never opening until I get lucky by reinstalling it a couple times, and even when it does open, it crashes and doesnt detect my adapter.. Any advice...
  48. N

    How to set up an Xbox One controller with the Oculus Rift

    When you decide to connect your Xbox One Controller to your Windows PC you can choose to do that wirelessly or by cable. So you can have the opportunity to play games on your computer you just need to pair it with one of the two ways. This tutorial will guide you how to successfully finish the...
  49. N

    How to set up an Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift

    This tutorial will guide you how to succesfully do the set up fpr the Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift. The one controller and the 360 controller from Xbox are equally treated by XInput, so you can use the both controllers for your Oculus Rift. So you shouldn't worry if you want to...
  50. N

    How to set up an Xbox 360 controller with the Oculus Rift

    The one controller and the 360 controller from Xbox are equally treated by XInput, so you can use the both controllers for your Oculus Rift. So you shouldn't worry if you want to change your controller, or maybe use the old one you already have. This are the steps to setup up your Xbox 360...
  51. M

    Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 wifi drops out in Windows 10

    My son has a Dell Inspiron 15R 7520 notebook. It has been a workhorse and always worked great. He recently updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now he is having all kinds of problems with wireless connections. He will be connected when he initially boots up, but then it drops. He has the...
  52. I

    My Dell Venue 10 won't connect to the internet.

    My Dell Venue 10 went funky after the lastest update. It won't connect to the internet. The Network adapter has this message: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43). Also, half of my apps don't appear in the apps list or as icons on the screen now, but the...
  53. A

    trying to uninstall a BCM43142 802.11b/g/n from a Toshiba C55-C5241 (PSCPJU-00R011)

    I am trying to install a new AC Wifi card in my Toshiba C55-C5241 (Part No. PSCPJU-00R011, Serial No. 7F272936C). I have a Broadcom BCM43142 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network card (as confirmed by AIDA). I had read that this was a relatively easy thing to do for a hardware noob like me. Finding...
  54. F

    USB Disconnect and Reconnect at Random Time

    Help... I don't know what's happen on my laptop(MSI CX61-2QF). When I want to copy file from my external harddisk, it's disconnect with no reason. Same thing when I surfing web with wireless adapter connected with USB extender (but not happen when not use the USB extender). So, I try to shake...
  55. J

    how do i get my satellite l510 running 64 bit windows to accept a driver for the wireless adapter

    how do i get my satellite l510 running 64 bit windows to accept a driver for the wireless adapter, tried uninstalling software, reinstalling with direct plug to router, uninstalling and installing drivers for the wifi adapter. still no luck, any ideas?
  56. P

    Xps Network Upgrade

    I have a dell xps 8700 and i would like to upgrade the wireless adapter card. It currently has a wireless mini card, but i was wondering if i could upgrade to a full card, ie: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/part/tp-link-wireless-network-card-tlwdn4800#viewImages Motherboard number is 0kwvt8...
  57. J

    Asus t100af wireless adapter not working

    Hi, I'm trying to locate the proper drivers for an Asus t100af running windows 10 (32 bit). It was working fine unto suddenly the adapter, a Broadcom 802. 11abgn wireless adapter, began showing an error that read "The device cannot start(code 10)". I'm trying to uninstall and update the drivers...
  58. K

    Dell Inspiron has lost local connection plus wifi switch won't turn on

    I have a Dell Inspiron 17R running Windows 8.1. For months it has connected easily on ethernet and wireless. I upgraded both router and modem 2 weeks ago and all worked flawlessly. Today: 1. On waking from sleep, it has no local network connections listed. 2. The wifi network connection is set...
  59. L

    Atheros Wifi Adapter Issue

    I accidentally flipped the wifi switch on the side of my ASUS gaming laptop, which in turn, shut off the wifi. However when i turn the switch back to ON my wireless adapter (Atheros AR928x) continues to stay off. I've gone through the troubleshooting menu and it tells me the wifi adapter is off...
  60. Z

    What's wrong with my Dell Inspiron 15R 3531 Laptop?

    I have always taken great care with my laptop, I have never damaged it or dropped it before. As of late it has been telling me that my wireless adapter does not exist (which it does) and then proceeds to crash and freeze on me. When shutting it down after said crash/freeze i have to restart it...