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  1. J

    Changing Wireless Adapter Asus F550L

    I've taken the screws out of the bottom of my Asus F550L laptop and removed the bottom cover. I can't see the wireless card. Searching on YouTube I see that it might be under the top cover and that the top cover probably just pulls off after the bottom screws have been removed. I've attempted to...
  2. S

    laptop internet speed issue

    Hello i have hp 15 r222ne which i recently bought with windows 7 and my wireless adapter is rtl8723be i installed latest driver but laptop internet is slow but when i connect it through cable its speed is fast
  3. G

    Bluetooth Universal USB Adapter Not Detected on Windows 7 Laptop

    My laptop is unable to find the drivers to run my Bluetooth adapter. I run a Windows 7 OS (Windows 7 Home Premium), and I am using a brandless Bluetooth USB sensor I got off eBay. Thing is, it's actually worked on my laptop before. I stopped using it about a year ago, but there is no reason I...
  4. S

    Unable to install wireless adapter in my new OS because the F2 key(toggle key for wifi) is broken?

    I just install windows 7 on my laptop acer aspire one. The problem is that, i am unable to install the driver for my wireless adapter because it is disabled and the toggle Fn key is broken (F2). Now, how can i unable the wifi without using the fn+f2 key? Help please.
  5. W

    Acer Wireless Adapter

    I have an Acer Aspire 57434Z-4386, last week I replaced the LCD screen, now I have a very strange problem with my wireless adapter. After putting the laptop back together I did not have a wireless adapter showing in the Device Manager (W7), so I grabbed a USB adapter I keep around for...
  6. F

    Help using Xbox360 Wireless network adapter for my laptop

    Im trying to use my 360's wireless adapter for my laptop but i cannot find the drivers anywhere. I was wondering if someone knew where to download them.
  7. D

    Reach Wifi That is 500m away

    Hi, I'm looking for any way to reach the wifi signal of my grandma who is like 600m away from my home. ( and there are two houses between our houses ) I'm on prepaid internet so it costs a lot so my grandma let me to access her.. All I need is to extend my range...my budget is $20. I have an...
  8. V

    Need help finding a wireless driver update

    Hi, I have a Acer Aspire V5-572PG-53334G75aii with a qualcomm atheros ar5bwb222 wireless adapter. Can someone link me the proper wireless driver update please?
  9. L

    how can i get wifi a mile away

    hi i have broadband at home but i want to be able to pick up my wifi signal up at my mothers 1/2 mile across the road is this possible i have been told a usb wireless adapter will work but not sure any suggestions would be appreciated
  10. GetOwnedGaming

    Can I get a remote for these speakers?

    Hey all! I have THESE speakers, and I want to know if there is a way to get a remote for them? If I can't get a remote, maybe there is a box that I can get that goes in between the tv and the speakers that has its own remote that controls volume? Thanks! If you need any more information, just ask.
  11. Agera One

    Wireless Adapter Setting

    Does this "on battery" setting affect wireless network performance? I mean setting it to even lower level, i.e. low power saving will cause slow browsing/downloading/video buffering speeds?
  12. J

    wireless adapter not loading

    My HP Envy TS 17 Windows 8.1 64 bit notebook quit connecting wirelessly and cannot get the adapter to load. Connects ok with wired connection.
  13. D

    HP Compaq 6720s orange wi-fi switch/button

    Hello, The wi-fi switch (physical) on my hp 6720s keeps staying orange. Upon boot the light is blue, however when windows starts, the light becomes orange. The operating system is Windows XP SP3. I recently installed linux on my laptop and I boot it through a USB. In Device Manager I have...
  14. O

    issue with my bluetooth software

    hi all previously when I enable wireless adapter on my laptop, the bluetooth will also be enabled, however, all the time now the bluetooth is not starting when I do this, I have to restart the laptop and then it works, how to solve this ?
  15. K

    confused with chose and dont know what to do !!

    I was going to get laptop one was toshiba satellite pro c50-a-1k9 and other is toshiba satellite c70-b-10e. c50-a-1k9 has i5-3230M Processor, 6 gb ddr3 ram and GT 740M max batt life is 4h and it is 15.6inc c70-b-10e has i5-4200U processor, 6 gb ddr3l ram , Radeon R7 M260 Graphics max batt...
  16. F

    very slow download speed on IDM/Browsers...fast on utorrent

    hello Community. if anyone have any solution for this issue kindly share it with us i been using the same laptop with the same internet speed/modem..ect but couple days ago i started to notice the download speed getting very low while skyping or watching on any online video player and...
  17. F

    Possibly damaged WiFi adapter on laptop?

    Hi all, So recently I've been having WiFi problems with my Samsung laptop. It turns out that past a certain very short distance, in my home the laptop either doesn't connect or even detect the WiFi signal (which is literally 2 rooms down a small house). I've been away at college until recently...
  18. L

    how can i get universal wifi adapter driver for mac?

    hello i installed hackintosh and i have rlink rt5390 wifi adapter and i need driver for it to work on MAC OS X ... please help...!!!! thanks
  19. T

    Wireless adapter resets itself when trying to connect.

    So I'm having a really weird problem. Up until yesterday my wireless adapter had been working more or less perfectly, but now I can no longer connect anywhere but right next to the router despite other devices having no issue. What's weird is that my laptop picks up the signal just fine, but...
  20. I

    Wireless adapter not functiong; code 31

    After fixing an issue involving power continuity, i reassembled my laptop only to find that the network adapter is not functioning. More specifically: Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Microsoft ISATAP adapters 1-7 Realtek PCIe FE...
  21. Roger Narq

    Installing Drivers HELP

    I'm wondering if I install all the drivers for the keyboard, mouse, gpu, wireless adapter before I plug the components in or install the drivers when they are in.
  22. W

    GE60 Wireless Drivers not working

    Did a clean wipe and reinstalled Windows 8 on my GE60 yesterday and haven't been able to get wireless networking to turn on. The only device in Network Adapters is Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. There's a Network Controller under Other Devices with no other details. I've tried...
  23. S

    DNS Server Not Responding - - Wireless or Wired

    DNS Server is not Responding. Win7-64 Asus A52F laptop I'm using a JMicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter. I've tried installing these drivers again, after uninstalling. I've tried manually resetting my DNS using the cmd more than once. I have...
  24. adammitchell

    HP dv6 6119WM USB 3.0 ports not working?

    It seems like the computer knows that they are there, because I can see them listed under hardware. However, my wireless mouse and everything else I try to plug into them will not work. Any suggestions? Also, I have noticed that they are not showing up as USB 3.0 in device manager. They show up...
  25. B

    Lenevo keeps restartinga

    On my Lenevo x61s laptop keeps resarting and bluescreened once. I did a system restore but it still restarts. Looking around I finally went to system information and I see the wireless adapter I had tryed to install twice. It had said that it had not installed when I tryed. All other adapters...
  26. O

    Why is netgear firewall blocking access to websites

    Hello, I don't have a netgear wireless adapter, but netgear is still blocking my access to websites. Why?
  27. Q

    Systemax laptop model x11-45371

    Hello, My laptop is missing wireless adapter after a fresh reinstalling windows xp operating system. How can i recover / reinstall the wireless adapter back into the system? Thanks
  28. G

    Gateway 600yg2 drivers windows 7

    Hello, I have a 600yg2, just added new hard drive added ram, upgraded to win 7, using wireless adapter but cannot find audio driver for the model running windows 7. Help anyone. Everthing else runs lovely. digidino summed it all up.
  29. I

    Atheros Wireless Adapter Problem

    i need a free update for atheros ar5005g wireless adapter
  30. T

    How to install Sony Vaio VGN Wireless adapter drivers

    Hi, I need to install wireless adapter drivers on Sony vaio VGN CR series laptop Can some one help me
  31. T

    Question Compaq Armada m700 screen killed by driver(long)

    I have this maybe 10 year old computer and I tried to intall a wireless adapter, but it broke down. I am not even able to remove,add or even start searching anything. Do you have any idea what happened? Thanks
  32. exfileme

    New D-Link Adapter Streams Intel Core-based PC to TV

    D-Link has launched a wireless adapter for HDTVs that supports Intel Wireless Display technology. New D-Link Adapter Streams Intel Core-based PC to TV : Read more
  33. E

    Solved! Wireless adapter to view Netflix movies

    Hello, I am trying to set up a Linksys wireless gaming/Video adapter. I have ATT high-speed internet using a 2wIRE router. All goes well until the very end of the configuration, when I get an error code saying that the router can not find a system to connect to.
  34. E

    Wireless adapter to view Netflix movies

    Hello, I am trying to set up a Linksys wireless gaming/Video adapter. I have ATT high-speed internet using a 2wIRE router. All goes well until the very end of the configuration, when I get an error code saying that the router can not find a system to connect to.
  35. 1234594

    Atheros Wireless Adapter Problem

    Hey, I have a Fujitsu laptop thats been using for 3years with wireless network connection. Until that day I was asked to reinstall my Wireless Adapter Driver because of some problem. After I uninstall and reinstall, I reinstall using the driver given, 100% correct for this laptop. But at the...
  36. R

    Connecting two computer to one wire adapter

    Hello, I have a wireless adapter can i connect another computer to it so the other person laptop can have a internet connection
  37. F

    Failed installation of a network adapter

    Hello, I installed a new Netgear wireless Adapter WG111v3 to a brand new computer (Windows 7). It worked initially, but the internet kept disconnecting so I uninstalled and tried to reinstall and it wouldn't install successfully. I tried that several times with no luck. I've tried downloading...
  38. X

    1394 net adapter problem WLAN

    i have an Sony-Vaio laptop.. after upgrading into Xp-SP2, the WLAN capability doesn't work anymore. Wireless adapter is 1394 net adapter as shown in Properties.. appreciate your help
  39. G

    Acer aspire 472oz unable to detect wlan

    i have a acer aspire 472oz, unable to detect wireless adapter
  40. T

    Dell Laptop wireless adapter

    My brother gave his wife a dell inspiron laptop. I just noticed that whenever she uses the laptop and it connects to our linksys wrt 150n router. The wireless signal has 2 bars on it. The laptop is just on the next room. I'm getting a DIR-655 next week. I hope this router would somehow increase...
  41. C

    the perfect laptop for my grandparents

    i have been talking to my grand parents and they are tired of there old dell computer and they want a new one. so i thought they would like a laptop because they have a big garden and they are always sitting in the yard or on the deck. my question is what is the best laptop for them for around...
  42. M

    Connection with Tivo Series II

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I have a home network and I bought a Netgear 54MB wireless adapter so I could transfer my recordings on the Tivo II to my wife's desktop PC. (she is disabled and we have a special setup for her). But after buying the Tivo, there only...
  43. G

    USB Wireless Adapter -- extending reach to your Access Point

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I put my TIVO Series 2 onto my wireless via an USB adapter. However, my access point is on the 3rd floor and the furtherest TIVO is on the 1st floor, so the connection was "good" at best. Searching the web, I found and have implemented...
  44. G

    Getting 7,1

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I need 7.1 to work with my wireless adapter. I've requested it, but after several days it hasn't been installed. How long should I wait, or should I call?
  45. G

    Using a wireless access point?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) Instead of using a USB wireless adapter (for TiVo ToGo), I've read where you can used a wired adapter and a "bridge." Can a wireless access point serve as a bridge? All of the wireless bridges I've found are kind of expensive, and I see...