USB Wireless Adapter -- extending reach to your Access Point



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I put my TIVO Series 2 onto my wireless via an USB adapter. However, my
access point is on the 3rd floor and the furtherest TIVO is on the 1st
floor, so the connection was "good" at best. Searching the web, I found
and have implemented the following that now gives me EXCELLENT reception.

Using a metal strainer (mine is 8 inches wide), cut a hole in the bottom
and insert the USB Adapter from behind into it. Looks like a TV dish,
point it toward the access point. This seems to have boosted my signal a
LOT! I found this online, and tried it. They recommend a spider skimmer
(chinese cooking tool), but I couldn't find them locally. I set my
little TIVO wireless "dish" I built on top of my entertainment center.

The website I found this out at:

Let me know if anyone else tries this and finds it helpful. Or if I"m
just nuts. :*)