WIFI adapter setup help please


Jun 4, 2016
Repairing a laptop for a friend. It is a Toshiba Satellite and no longer has Intel WIFI driver coverage. After trying older drivers to no avail I went to Amazon and purchased the TP-Link 150MPS Wireless N - model TL-WN725N usb adapter.

The install disk of course came with the adapter, but I turned the laptop on and plugged in the new adapter and lo and behold, the wifi showed a connection and the available networks around me. I clicked on my network name and then 'connect' and it did. I never touched the install disk for the adapter. I did have the wifi switch on the laptop off due to using my router to try things.

Looking in Device Mgr, I see that the adapter is using the Realtek driver 10.11.503.2016 which I didn't even know I had. I do have the Realtek Family controller 9.1.406.2015 which is undoubtedly the last one I downloaded trying to get things working with the now unsupported card. But it is not turned on.

So, the questions are this: Should I leave it as it is or should I go ahead and install the disk that came with the TP-Link adapter. I haven't even inserted that one.

Also, once this is all happening and as it should be. Can I or should I delete the Realtek Family PCIe driver that is sitting there with the yellow excamation point simply because it would no longer work with the wifi card.

In control device, there is also the Intel wireless wifi link 4965AGN that has the yellow exclamation point because that's the driver Intel and MS stopped supporting. Can that or should that be removed also?

Thank you for any help to do the correct thing here.

ps.... yes, I could simply have removed the non working drivers from the device manager but I'm sure you know or can guess how many hours I had into this thing just trying to get it to work after the Creators UD. Now I thought I'd ask first. <g>