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  1. Chrissygirl84

    Solved! Help me. Verizon Contract switch to prepaid

    Hello, I have an iPhone 7, currently with Verizon but phone is not paid off. Service has been shut off for a few months. I can only use my phone on WiFi. I do not have service at all with Verizon. Can I just buy a new SIM card from Straight Talk, Talknow or Boost and have service? I’m afraid if...
  2. M

    Solved! A few months ago my roku express stopped working, saying the wireless strength is poor. We live in a 700 square ft apt and no

    Roku suddenly dropping wireless connection
  3. R

    How can I conect my IPad and my VIZIO Tv with wireless connection, so I can show what is on my IPad on TV

    wifi IPad to VIZIO tv to show what is on my iPad by TV
  4. J

    How to add an access point to WLAN

    I have a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 (not out of choice) provided by my ISP giving me a stable 100+Mbps download speed even at peak times. In total there are 4 of us in the house. We each have various devices (laptops, consoles, internet enabled TV sticks,etc) My dilemma: We have a 3 story house. The...
  5. B

    How can I connect a Dell Inspiron E1505 to my mobile hotspot?

    Says Windows cannot connect to wireless connection. Tryin to get in internet to update Windows and Windows player
  6. S

    Laptop wireless connection problem

    The issue with my HP laptop is that sometime once I turn it on, it does not show the wireless networks. Once I go into the settings I find that all drivers are missing. No wireless networks are shown in the list. It only shows the airplane mode which is also dead. After restarting the laptop...
  7. W

    Wireless connection issues

    My Samsung Smart TV can see my Netgear wireless router, but is unable to see my windows 8.1 PC where all my media files are stored. It worked perfectly until I had a computer problem that forced me to reload my OS windows 8.1. Any ideas on how to get my 2.4 and 5 connections to my PC back?
  8. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: http://www.speedtest.net/ I tried literally everything.. My router...
  9. R

    Wifi network not showing up anymore

    I have the exact same problem as above.. wireless connection all of a sudden is very weak or not even showing up as a network. It has been fine for 2 maybe more years, I have literally tried everything to fix this but no luck. Does anyone know what this problem is because it seems like a...
  10. H

    getting modified ssid names for same wireless connections even after deleting old networks once from system

    I still get modified names of wireless connections even after deleting once used wireless connection name. For instance, if i choose abc as ssid as my wireless connection name in my router settings, the next time i select same ssid i get modified name in the system for same wireless connection...
  11. kol12

    Wireless speaker and wireless connection question.

    I'm looking at getting a wifi wireless speaker as this seems to be the way things are heading rather than Bluetooth... My question is if I want to connect it to a laptop that uses an Ethernet connection for internet but has a wifi adapter can the wifi adapter be enabled at the same time as the...
  12. M

    How do I stream movies and music from my PC to my TV using no wires whatsoever?

    Yes I would like to know how to stream music and movies from my pc to my samsung tv without using any wires at all>>> Please give me step by step directions if have the time??? I"m grateful for the knowledge that you will impart to me!!! Thanks so much!!!! Sincerely, Michael
  13. D

    WIFI adapter setup help please

    Repairing a laptop for a friend. It is a Toshiba Satellite and no longer has Intel WIFI driver coverage. After trying older drivers to no avail I went to Amazon and purchased the TP-Link 150MPS Wireless N - model TL-WN725N usb adapter. The install disk of course came with the adapter, but I...
  14. P

    how to find wireless devices on laptop

    when i go to wireless connection,it says "we cannot find wireless devices on this pc"
  15. T

    Solved! WiFi - Denied Access to Network

    This is a weird problem that I've never seen before. Maybe someone has a solution? I changed my normal broadband connection to Fibre Broadband yesterday with a new service provider. I'm using a WiFi router D-Link DIR-816 and I was able to connect to the WiFi network without any issues. There...
  16. R

    Wireless Headphone Problem

    Hi, I got new wireless headphone for Christmas and everything else (radio, etc.) works except for the wireless connection. The headphones don't use bluetooth. Any ideas?
  17. S

    Can a virus emulate a wireless connection?

    Something was sapping my networks bandwith all of the sudden recently. Seemed to have happened after a bit of torrenting but not sure. Noticed an unknown device on my router "localhost" running a 5g connection. Now I'm in an urban neighborhood and I really don't think my neighbors would, or even...
  18. S

    Wireless connection Problem

    My system won't show any Wi-Fi network nor it's getting connected no matter how many software's I installed it's not working
  19. A

    Can you upgrade the wifi card on a dell 15r 5521 laptop?

    Hey all, pretty simple question, I have my laptop taken apart (to replace a broken display) and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the wifi card. Currently it has the Centrino 2230 Card. I remember previously trying to upgrade a Lenovo wifi card but failed due to it not booting until the...
  20. Z

    Laptop Internet Connection

    Yesterday, my laptop got fried and a smell was coming out of it. So I turned it off and let it cool down for about 7 hours. When I came to check on my laptop, i saw that there was no internet connection. I went to troubleshoot and it said I needed an Ethernet cable. Before, my computer was...
  21. Virginia_9

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest that it does not have the features of tethering and hotspot in Settings . "Wireless & networks," More > Tethering & portable hotspot. Is there any App or Software to create a mobile hotspot in my phone. I have Installed many tethering...
  22. C

    ASUS Laptop Wireless Connection Only After Restart

    I'm have this weird problem with my wireless internet connecting to any network. I have an ASUS G751vj which I bought recently and it seems to run into the same problem every time I turn it on. The wireless doesn't connect to any of the networks that it clearly has found in scan. There is a...
  23. D

    lag and ping spikes only on my ASUS N550JK laptop

    at my house I use a PC and laptop, both of them using wireless connection. My PC connection is fine and stable but my laptop is different, it constantly getting some ping spikes when I'm playing some online game like Dota2, overwatch, and cs:go. I tried to reinstall the wireless driver but...
  24. B

    SIMPLE QUESTION: I have OTA antenna and 2 coax TV outlets in the house. However, I want to be able to add a third TV WITHOUT C

    OTA antenna and wireless connection among TVs in the house.
  25. R

    Toshiba Satellite e205 wireless isn't working

    Hello, The wireless connection (in the taskbar) isn't working on my laptop and when troubleshooting it says the WIFI is turned off, although I have tried pressing FN + F8 (which is the wireless button) but it didn't work and I also tried some idea posted here which was to remove the battery and...
  26. O

    lost wireless connection

    I have a laptop and a pc. I use Belkin wireless modem. The light shows a steady blue so I know it's connected to the internet and the pc runs great but all of a sudden my laptop stopped getting the signal. I looked on the connection on there...it says "connect" , so I clicked and now it wants...
  27. O

    Laptop, External GPU adapter, mPCIe slot

    So, if I were to buy a external adapter for my mPCIe slot (currently being used for wireless connection) in my laptop. Would ithat be compatable with a EVGA GTX 960? How much would it bottleneck?
  28. I

    My Dell Venue 10 won't connect to the internet.

    My Dell Venue 10 went funky after the lastest update. It won't connect to the internet. The Network adapter has this message: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43). Also, half of my apps don't appear in the apps list or as icons on the screen now, but the...
  29. M

    Bluetooth and WiFi PCI card for Toshiba NB 550D

    Dear Friends, I'm looking for advice on a certain matter concerning WiFi as well as Bluetooth for laptops/netbooks. My Cousin's netbook and my netbook are almost the same; except that mine runs on Intel Atom N570 Processor and His runs on AMD C50 Processor. His Laptop has both WiFi and...
  30. harrystam

    Can I Turn My Galaxy S5 Into a Universal Remote?

    Is there any way I can turn my daily phone into a universal remote? A remote I can change channels or music with. I think this is unlikely without wireless access keys, but I'm curious.
  31. W

    Looking For A New Sound System

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new sound system for my house (One Medium Sized Room), Ideally I'd like to be able to swap between my computer, Hi-Fi, Phone, And TV so I was thinking a wireless connection. My Price range is around £150 but its flexible. Does anybody know of a good system for my...
  32. S

    Can I setup a wireless access point through a split coaxial cable that is currently attached to a set-top box?

    So, I am on Time Warner and am trying to figure out a solution to get better wireless access for the back half of the house. I have tried a powerline adapter but my circuit breakers degrade the signal too much for a wireless access point to be effective and I have tried wifi extenders but also...
  33. D

    Samsung updates stop all networks

    Last Sunday some updates came down to my Samsung, and for the entire week Samsung technical support has been trying to get it to work again. So far, this morning, since downloading an "update" I have no wireless at all, and it does not even register any wireless networks at all. This is a...
  34. S

    how to connect projector with laptop wireless in HDMI mode

    I want to connect my laptop to my projector wirelessly in HDMI mode. I dont want to use the casting hardware's likes google chrome cast / ezcast as they require internet and passwords. Please help
  35. S

    3 Signs of a Failing Hard Drive? or Is it?

    Hi Tom's Hardware Community, Was wondering if you can please help me tell what the problem and solution might be here, as I am not the most tech savvy. I have encountered the following issues before, which went away for some time after restoring computer to factory settings but they have...
  36. G

    can I know the pc or the device who used my wireless ip ? after closing my pc and not wireless connection yet any more ?

    can I know the pc or the device who used my wireless ip ? after closing my pc and not wireless connection yet any more ? thank you
  37. U

    lost wireless connection

    Hello. I have changed my wireless security pin and after i lost my wireless connection even the sign, its been working on other devices but not on my computer where i change it.
  38. S

    forcing gmail.com to show its WAP version in mobile browsers

    Hi guys, I am new, my name is Elio from UK. As per subject, with my android smartphone, I use both opera mini and naked browser as web browser. The version (wap?) of gmail that I get using opera mini, in my opinion, is far better than the mobile version you can get using standard web browsers...
  39. T

    Samsung TV wireless connection

    When under network, the instructions say to choose wired or wireless, but the TV only gives me a wired option. How can I get a wireless option to appear so it can find my network?
  40. Z

    I was tweaking my firewall settings (Comodo Internet Security Premium) and I have google chrome. I have a wireless connection

    Windows 7 Google Chrome Firewall Antivirus Commodore Internet Security Wireless connection
  41. T

    conection to i pad

    how can I access information from my laptop on my I pad I have wireless connection on my Acer
  42. B

    Toshiba Satellite C850-F01M wireless connection

    I have never been able to use wireless on my Toshiba laptop please help me and tell me what programs to downlaod
  43. tomsguideUS

    How to Secure a Wireless Connection

    In the past several years, we have become more and more dependent on wireless networks. Not only is Wi-Fi really convenient, it's also easy to secure. But if you don't take the steps to secure your network, you could let unexpected users in. Here's how to secure the wireless connection from your...
  44. D

    toshiba satelite laptop

    how do you setup for a wireless connection using wi-fi and my home modem. its a toshiba satelite 5500 laptop
  45. A

    HP nc6400 suddenly stopped detecting avaliable wireless networks!

    Hi there I am completely frustrated with this problem. I have an older laptop HP nc6400 that worked fine until recently. I downloaded Fios Optimizer and soon thereafter my wireless connection stopped working. Windows XP intel Centrino intel Pro/ Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection The channel...
  46. J

    Wireless connection from laptop to both TV and Projector?

    Can I set up some sort of wireless connection (VGA transmitter perhaps - or indeed, any better alternatives) to transmit a power point presentation from a laptop to both a TV and a projector. The laptop will be placed in the middle of the two and probably transmitting up to distances of 40 feet...
  47. P

    quality of print

    Does a wireless connection between printer and laptop lower quality of the print? Using Vaio and Epson XP-610
  48. J

    Windows 7 starter will not detect wireless connection after installing updates

    MSI notebook will not detect any wireless connection after installing updates last February. I already did the system restore and deleted the updates. I also uninstalled the network adapters under device manager and scan for.hardware changes and still wont work. One thing I noticed is theres no...
  49. F

    Possibly damaged WiFi adapter on laptop?

    Hi all, So recently I've been having WiFi problems with my Samsung laptop. It turns out that past a certain very short distance, in my home the laptop either doesn't connect or even detect the WiFi signal (which is literally 2 rooms down a small house). I've been away at college until recently...
  50. H

    Wireless Connection on my old Compaq Laptop

    I have an old Compaq NC8430 laptop. It previously had Windows 2000 on it and it connected to my wireless router with no issues. I formatted it and installed Windows XP on it and now it doesn't seem to be able to even show me that it has a wireless card in it. When I go to Network Connections it...
  51. D

    wireless connection slows when lid is closed

    Hello, My NP-RF711-S05CA samsung laptop's internet connect slows down from 25-35Mb/s to 0.4 Mb/s or disconnects when the lid is shut. Any thoughts?
  52. M

    Asus, Sager, or Alienware?

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new gaming laptop to replace my current laptop. In my research, I have come across three laptops in my price range ($1500-2500), the ASUS G750JH, the Alienware 17, and the SAGER NP9380. The specs in each laptop are shown below: i7-4700HQ NVIDIA 780M 16GB RAM (any...
  53. T

    whats network security mismatches

    I have a gateway notebook and its asking for a security key how do i find out whats the security key.?
  54. W

    Dell Laptop Loses wireless connection

    I have a dell laptop running windows 7 and it will randomly lose all network connection. All other devices still work fine connected to the network. I have a D-Link DIR-665 router. Power saving is set to max performance for wireless. It will reconnect if I delete the network from the Manage...
  55. I

    wireless switch is off

    I recently bought a used acer aspire 3680 trying to setup a wireless connection and the wireless switch is turned off how do I turn it on and where is it located
  56. H

    Wireless Connection Problems on my laptop

    My Acer Aspire 5560G-7809 seems to have trouble connecting to wireless internet even with full bars on the connection. Unless I put the laptop right next to the router, the laptop doesn't connect to our wireless internet. I have tried connecting in various places including my university, home...
  57. C

    How to turn on the wireless connection on a toshiba laptop

    Where's the wireless switch on toshiba lap top
  58. S

    Wap to input 10 numbers in an array and print the array

    i am seeking an exact answer
  59. S

    Wap cingular

    Hello, I am suddeny unable to send text messages. I can receive text messages, but cannot reply or send a new message.
  60. K

    Free cell phone tracker using imei number

    Can you help me track my cell phone by using the IMEI number? My phone is an iPhone 4s.