Bluetooth and WiFi PCI card for Toshiba NB 550D


Mar 10, 2015
Dear Friends,

I'm looking for advice on a certain matter concerning WiFi as well as Bluetooth for laptops/netbooks. My Cousin's netbook and my netbook are almost the same; except that mine runs on Intel Atom N570 Processor and His runs on AMD C50 Processor.

His Laptop has both WiFi and Bluetooth, whereas mine has only got WiFi and NO Bluetooth. My Question is this - does WiFi and Bluetooth work on a single PCI WiFi Card or is there a separate Bluetooth module attached to the motherboard? My netbook is Toshiba NB 520, whereas my cousin's is Toshiba NB 550D. Is it possible to get a WiFi cum Bluetooth PCI Card for my netbook too?