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  1. ooh.lolita

    Question Sony VAIO netbook VPCW210AL hardware upgrade/software malfunctioning

    Hi, everyone! I hope y'all are ok! I have this netbook and recently no update wants to work , no Microsoft updates, no Firefox, Microsoft Edge, last update of any kind that worked was in early 2020. So I have been wondering if there was any chance to upgrade either RAM, SDD, CPU, anything! The...
  2. Y

    Solved! have a slow netbook how can i speed it up?

    hi, I know its a weird question to ask but I got a netbook from my uncle as a gift..... but the problem is that it is really slow and it is running on windows 10 (which I kinda like....) see I'm a power user I have high end gaming pc with nvme m.2 ssds ..... but I really need a laptop / netbook...
  3. C

    Netbook black screen

    I need to transfer my files from my netbook to my flash drive but the screen is just black. How can I do it?
  4. R

    Solved! I reset my next book but it is still in a loop on the next book logo

    I hard reset my next book but it is still in a loop saying netbook over and over
  5. L

    Factory reset my LT 20 gateway netbook

    Netbook turns on but no home screen Just a flashing line in the upper left corner . HELP.
  6. S

    I need activation code for a netbook Ares 8A

    It was a gift from somebody
  7. C

    It won't let me get to the home screen

    It's on still on netbook powered by Android
  8. J

    My Asus Eee PC (1015bx) won't turn on (MOBO PROBLEMS???)

    So, a few weeks ago my Asus netbook died and I decided to take it to a technician who works with laptops just to analyze it and he said that the motherboard stopped working and he didn't want to risk replacing it since he couldn't find an original one. So I bought a new mobo and installed it...
  9. Y

    mini 1012 will turn on..but thats all

    my netbook fell off the couch, and now wontwork .it will power on, but the screen has a glitch. but no logo called dell.. they said they don't support this type anymore
  10. R

    VGA Output doesn't work ?.

    Hello dear reader. i'm facing an unusual issue with my old (Notebook) Please take some time and read if you think you could help, highly appreciated. So i own a notebook which i mostly use when traveling, Bought it 3/4 years ago if i remember correctly and it was made in 2011 it's quite old...
  11. S

    restore my tablet

    When I power up the sylvania android netbook, it loads the Sylvania image and stays there. Any help available for this problem what bottom do I hold to restore my tablet
  12. D

    Solved! Help with identification

    A few years ago I picked up a small laptop/netbook, branded as a 'Cyclone'. Cyclone CP10V. Marked as 'made in Taiwan but also has another sticker marked CP10-S manufactured in the UK by CI for Staples. 1ghz VIA C3 processor, 512 mb of ram. Probably made in the early 2000's. I've searched online...
  13. R

    Update won't work

    I have just bought a netbook laptop acer it's starts from 64 loads through to 88 then restarts and starts back at 64 please help I think you need net only how do u connect it as its updating please help??
  14. S

    Which Netbooks were just released most recently?

    Hello all, I am looking for a netbook (Not a laptop) to use while on my bed on my stomach.(Something lighter than a laptop) I don't know much about netbooks. However, I know that I want to buy the newest ones that were released recently. Does anyone know where I can find a list of recently...
  15. J

    How much is this laptop worth?

    Asus VivoBook X555DG AMD® Carrizo APU A10-8700P up to 3.2 GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 AMD RADEON R6 M340DX 2GB DDR3 1 TB HDD
  16. T

    Netbook no boot option for usb

    I had been trying to fomat my netbook DEEQ A116F but had no luck please help urgent.
  17. S

    Solved! Operating system on Toshiba Netbook

    Hi, I bought a Toshiba Netbook in 2010. It has some version of Windows on it. It started to run slowly. I installed Linux on it. Over time, same thing. Any thoughts as to what is making it slow down and what I could potentially run on it to even use it as a word processor? Also, any ideas as to...
  18. P

    Cello N142 netbook

    Hi, Can anyone help please. I managed to get a Cello N142 Netbook. Item has no battery and i can't find it anywhere. Ebay, amazon, few battery shops... nothing. There isn't even a photo of one if you google it. Manufacturer doesn't do the laptops anymore as far as i can see on their page. Its...
  19. D

    Direct powerbank charging of netbook.

    I have a netbook whose wallcharger 5V/5A has failed. No accesories at customer support. It does not respond. Can I try charging with powerbank via its USB 3.0 port? Dev
  20. O

    Need to get activation code on netbook 8A tablet

    Need activation code on nextbook 8A tablet or bypass
  21. C

    laptop hardware question

    does the samsung nb30 netbook have a slot to put another video card in,,,,, as i would like to increase its graphcs capability
  22. L

    Can I use a external cd/DVD rom on an android netbook

    Android netbook want to use external cd rom to play DVD and cds
  23. V

    Password protect HDD and Bootbooster in BIOS

    Hi everyone, I have an old Asus Eee PC 1001HA netbook, it's working fine for basic tasks. Can you please help with with the following 2 issues? 1. HDD password lock 2. Boot Booster I want to password protect the hard disk in BIOS, however this option can't be selected, although it is...
  24. S

    Cheapest fastest laptop that can run Photoshop elements

    Taking a class and need to run Photoshop elements. This is really all I need it for. I cannot stand slow laptops! Wanting maybe refurbished from Walmart because of there warranty options. Help!!
  25. B

    Laptop not as fast as specs claim to be.

    My Asus A556UR-DM368D netbook performs at an average level even though its specs are:- i7-6500U @2.5GHz up to 3.1GHz 8GB(2*4GB) DDR4 Geforce 930MX/Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 1TB 7200rpm OS- Windows 10 Pro x64 Display- 1920*1080 It takes at least 1 to 7 seconds to open an application like...
  26. A

    My asus netbook is plugged in and charging but the battery % does not increasing. I left my netbook uncharged for 4 days.

    My asus netbook is plugged in and charging but the battery % does not increasing. It still on 0%. I left my netbook uncharged for 4 days. I replaced the battery about a year ago or less. Help me please. Already uninstall the microsoft acpi but still remain same.
  27. S

    hp stream netbook help

    Hi all About three months ago I brought my girl a hp stream netbook 30gb ssdd running windows 10. My problem is the hdd is full hardly any apps or programs installed or personnel files saved to hdd. Has windows updates took all the space?. I need to put her a program on it for a few days so...
  28. J

    acer aspire one netbook ( not sure which model it is) keep pressing one of the dot like keys nonstop?

    is it the motherboard possibly damaged somehow? i have a external usb keyboard thay works fine on my desktop pc plugged in to it and the issue persists either way. i also had a clean install of two operating systems (ubuntu mate 32 bit and lubuntu 32 bit) (currently have lubuntu on it) and the...
  29. Y

    Acer Aspire One D270 - keyboard just won't work

    Hi There, mine is an Acer Aspire One D270, the netbook is password locked and the keyboard just won't work but the mouse does.
  30. J

    Solved! Looking for a OS that will work well on a lightweight netbook

    Hi guys, this is the section I thought this is the most appropriate to ask in. I got my nephew a netbook to play flash games as he likes to play online flash games. It is a refurbished asus eeepc and the hardware all runs fine. It has an intel atom processor (forgot exactly what speed but I...
  31. A

    Netbook hardware upgrades

    I recently got given an ASUS Eee 1001PXD Netbook and I am looking for advice on upgrades to it. I have seen the ram and the SSD posts so we don't have to go over that ground except I would like to know the best 2GB SODIMM that was allowed.. I'm interested in the cpu or at least overclocking...
  32. G

    Airis laptop won't open

    Hello.I just got a Airis laptop ( or netbook ), one of those small ones, model Kira N7000 and it won t open It looks like this and it won't do anything. It s just staying like that. Any ideas on what i should do ?
  33. L

    Would a 2GB @800MHz work on a netbook that has 1GB @1.6GHz before?

    Hello! I have a HP Mini 1012TU net book with 32-bit Windows 7 starter installed. It has a 1GB 200-pin DDR2 @1.6GHz RAM inside but it is slow for me to use. I want to confirm if a 2GB 200-pin DDR2 RAM @800MHz will work on it because the item would be shipped from overseas from our country and it...
  34. A

    laptop and charger?

    so i had my netbook repaired and don't remember if i had left it with the charger. the shop claimed that it wasn't written in the "job order" and i can't find it anywhere in the house. question is: is there any way to check if those guys have my charger? any way to match it with my netbook that...
  35. D

    EeePC 2G Surf not charging.

    I have a EeePC 700, took it apart like 21 times. A week ago it stopped charging. The charger is producing the high pitched tone (this means the laptop is not cosuming any energy, thus leaving the transformer with no load), charging LED is not lit. Tried to check the connection with the...
  36. D

    Can't start tablet

    I just bought a netbook aeres 8. Went to turn it on forthe first time and doors appear telling me to draw my pattern. Under that it says smile? No matter what pattern I draw it doesn't work.
  37. K

    Solved! My sylvania netbook synet7wid wont go pass the loading device drivers page

    My netbook wont go no further then the sylvania loading device drivers page what can be done about this
  38. W

    small linux netbook advice

    hello. Does anyone know of a cheap(100gbp) linux netbooks. Does it even exist? All i need from it is 2 gb of ram, an okay cpu, a screen which is at least 720p and over 100gb of storage. it would also be helpful if anyone knows of a online tool to find laptops. finally, i am uk based so...
  39. W

    BIOS not Showing USB HDD while trying to boot from USB.

    Hi guys, I have a problem booting USB Drive on Bios, I tried everything I found on the internet but it still doesn't work, I'm trying to install windows 10, I successfully burn it on the USB with Rufus. Fast Bios is disabled. My laptop model is a Samsung NP355V5C I restarted my laptop and...
  40. D

    Lost hard drive

    I have just installed android os on a Asus netbook and now seem to have lost my hard drive, also i get a message i only have 490mb of space . Don't know what i have done wrong. Please help.
  41. M

    Enter password key pls

    I try my best on this my netbook is lock now
  42. Rohail Sk

    Solved! Good notebook under 20000 INR

    I want a Light Weight Portable Laptop of good quality under 20000 Indian rupees. Main purpose for college, and coding. I already have an hp-pavilion g6-2237tx for some heavy workload. So any Suggestions. Thank You. Preferred Websies:
  43. S

    Samsung Netbook N145

    I have a Samsung Netbook N145 Plus.Years ago water wasted on the computer keyboard and now only a handful of keys work. Also sometimes it would get so that when i pressed a key a lot of random stuff would happen boxes popping open everywhere. Ive described this to some shops/places and they said...
  44. J

    Help me with putting a netbook MB back!

    OK, I have come into possession of a 2008 n270 netbook laptop which is the sort of Citroen 2CV machine that interests me. I have successful replaced the hard drive but it required taking the whole motherboard out. And now I can’t put it back. The video cables just will not plug into the MB...
  45. J

    Solved! Advice sought re: desoldering netbook hard drive. {solved - it just unscrewed!)

    OK, I have come into possession of a 2008 atom n270 netbook in near mint condition. It’s exactly the kind of machine that interests me! (Don’t ask.) However, the hard drive is soldered onto the motherboard! An 80GB HD is useless to me. I need at least 320GB. I have such a HD and am looking...
  46. I

    My netbook wont turn on

    My netbook was on the charger all day and it still won't turn on the paper says it takes 5 hours to fully charge
  47. N

    Acer Window 10 Netbook stuck in Driver Install

    Hi I have an Acer Windows 10 Netbook 32GB. I decided to do a factory reset without saving my files because I didn't have any space left. I followed the directions but now it appears stuck in a loop with installing apps and drivers it progresses through to 100% then restarts and starts the...
  48. N

    gaming pc for college

    hiello everyone :) i am soon to be a college student shifting to canada. and i am really confused as to should i just get a light gaming laptop or use my netbook for college and build a pc. i have been a console gamer but i've always wanted to play on a pc. Now that my college is about to start...
  49. G

    Laptop/Netbook for TEFL

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new laptop/netbook for TEFL (English as a Foreign Language) online. Requirements are: - Must support Skype conversations and have headphone/microphone jack - Must support Google docs and MS Word - Excellent Internet connection - Don't like Google tracking me around the...
  50. S

    Solved! How to remove left behind icons of uninstalled apps on hl-1088 android netbook.

    I have successfully uninstalled a variety of apps, none of which required device administration. The problem is the icon of these no longer installed apps remain on the screen of my HL-1088 android netbook. I have tried right click and settings and have thus far not found a solution. Any help...
  51. T

    my Asus netbook keyboard quit working. my mom is completely tech incompetent. can someone help

    My mom messed her netbook up and the keyboard quit working. Someone help me?
  52. S

    Battery Advice PLS?

    I bought the netbook es1-131-P4YH around 1.5 month ago..... i want to know about how to maintain my 4-Cell lithium battery (non-removable) to gain battery performance at its best... My regular charge schedule is, --discharge the battery down to 20-25% (rarely 15%),then give full charge with...
  53. A

    is good this netbook Dell Chromebook 11??

    i would to buy netbook just for my studies, videos, torrents. no games. i will never play games. i want to open many tabs and windows to do my jobs. can i upgrade memory ram? can i upgrade the hard disk with 128 ssd??
  54. M

    nextbook 11 not charging

    My Netbook 11 shows that it's plugged in but says not charging. It's been plugged in for a couple of days now and is at 10%.
  55. J

    Can I get ZIF cable extensions for wooden laptop?

    OK, the casing for the wooden laptop proceeds. Not much more to go but it gets more fiddly as it goes along. Because this is wood and not plastic the thickness of the wood must be considerably greater than the original casing. I am little worried that the barely able to reach tiny ZIF cables...
  56. C

    NetBook for use with 1080p 24" monitor?

    Hi Forum, I am thinking of using a netbook (chromebook) with my HD monitor. I would like to have a 12" light weight unit, but could live with a 3lb 13". I need at least 4gb ram for heavy web surfing and stock trading. Does such an animal exist? Thanks! Mike
  57. G

    error disk AO725

    when I turned my Acer Aspire One 725 netbook, on screen appeared this note, "a disk read error occured press Alt+Ctrl+Del to r
  58. B

    Aspire one netbook

    I Thnk I down loaded a virus on my aspire one netbook
  59. A

    Acer AspireOne 722 keeps giving me a "No bootable device error"

    I bought this netbook back around Christmas of '12.. In spring of '13 the screen got smashed. I had a student at the nearby university recover my data from this device and another that was having significant virus troubles. I finally purchased a new screen for my acer but now I get an error...
  60. M

    OS installation failed on Samsung N148-DP05IN

    Hi friends.I have a samsung N148 plus netbook.I had installed windows 8.1 on it.since it was very slow,i decided to install windows 7 on it.after installing windows 7,it showed "preparing your desktop".usually after showing this dialogue,it will go straight to the desktop.but instead it showed...