Battery Advice PLS?


Oct 22, 2016
I bought the netbook es1-131-P4YH around 1.5 month ago..... i want to know about how to maintain my 4-Cell lithium battery (non-removable) to gain battery performance at its best...

My regular charge schedule is,

--discharge the battery down to 20-25% (rarely 15%),then give full charge with netbook power off (though in windows 10 it almost always show 99% or 98% (rarely 100%))

-- i never used my netbook plugged in, only used it in battery power

I installed battery care software at the begining of use, it said 0% wear and then uninstalled it,today now i installed it again and this time it says 0.27%

is the battery wear percentage normal against the time passed...? i use the laptop daily, but for normal uses....sometimes for flash games..

Am i doing something wrong with charging the battery?

thanks in advance. Any help appreciated :)
Laptop batteries will last about 3 years or so before they start to pretty badly degrade. Just set the power management options to max battery life and use the laptop. No need to spend half your day worrying about the battery.