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  1. S

    Toshiba NB505 Netbook - HD Film Playback

    Hi, I have a Toshiba NB505 Netbook and I think I'm doing something wrong, or our netbook is a not up to it. While trying to play HD/BR films on our netbook off a file on VLC media player, it plays all jumpy and pixelated. Simply unwatchable as you can't see what is being displayed on the film...
  2. J

    Acer aspire will start up and get to the user menu and the cursor is!

    Computer mouse was frozen at user menu on Acer Aspire using Windows 7. I plugged in a mouse and it do I get my drivers to work. Help!
  3. J

    how do i format netbook

    hi I have a windows 7 starter netbook eepc I don't know how to format it can you help ialso have forgotten my pssword its acer
  4. risaccess1

    Plugging Netbook into Car

    Hello all. I just had a quick question before going on a roadtrip. I have a small netbook that draws about 3 amps at 12 volts from the AC adaptor. I want to plug the netbook directly into the 12 volt power outlet in my car so I dont have to bother with an inverter. However, when the car is...
  5. M

    what part of the asus brand netbook keyboard were going to press so the cursor will function? i need help! thank you

    My problem now is the cursor of my asus netbook is not functioning they remain steady in short, what part of the keyboard i'll going to press so my cursor will back to the normal. thank you!
  6. K

    now that netbooks are dead...

    I'm currently using a netbook, which is my favorite system. It's an old HP Mini running Linux Mnt and it runs faster and smoother than my brand new Lenovo with Windows 8.1. This is what I like about it: 1) The size. It's small, but the screen is still large enough so everything is readable. I...
  7. L

    Asus S200E-RHI3T73 with an i3 3217U any good?

    Hey guys, I've been looking around for a new netbook, and have found that this one can be had for a very reasonable price refurbished. I'm wondering if anyone owns this config.? I've read that ASUS has throttled the i3 on this netbook and so it may not be as powerful as it could be. Here is a...
  8. K

    netbooks or laptops for disabled

    Does any one know of a company or Charity that gives Netbooks or Laptops to the disabled/?
  9. Z

    Laptop Connected with old Laptop parts?

    I have 3 laptops (1 of them is netbook) they are 17" (2) and 14" in size, so i have a question: I can get the working parts of the 17 and 14" laptops and create an case with them, and connect them to my laptop somehow to create a better system for the working laptop?
  10. baniDJ

    Laptops from NewEgg

    Hello there. Which one of these laptops is the best? 1. 2. Which one to choose? And is it...
  11. A

    hello I want to format my netbook which is linux loaded but I can access bios please help

    I have triy all the options like del f2etc but I cant go to the bios menu
  12. L

    Recommend an upgrade to my netbook please?

    Hey guys, For the past couple of years I've been using an upgraded Hannspree SN12E2 Netbook that I upgraded to 4GB of RAM and an SSD. I run Windows 7 Ultimate on it, and it is pretty damn fast for what it is. Boots up in just over 10 seconds, etc. At the time I bought it, the market was flooded...
  13. G

    In the market for a Netbook. Are they right for me?

    This is probably going to be long, because I'm a spaz... So recently, I've been looking at netbooks, mostly on Ebay. I need something that I can really take around with me, as well as give me excellent battery life. See, I already have a laptop. And old one, at that. It's a Gateway M-1624 with...
  14. M

    aspire1 virus overload until keyboard stop working, Help!

    hi, so my dilemma is this.. my cousin doesn't use her aspire1 netbook anymore because its loaded with virus, and until the ke
  15. O

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Hi, I am looking to buy a gaming laptop/netbook/ultrabook. I have a budget of £300. I am just a casual gamer. I know that £300 is no were neer what i need for a gaming laptop. But could you please just suggest some that would run games like bioshock, terraria, portal, and garrys mod at low-mid...
  16. Leonell12

    Best laptop/ netbook for £300

    hi tom's members....when it comes to laptops, my expertise completely boils down to nothing. So my friend wants a laptop/ netbook for her university work, that would obviously include writing assignements, surfing the web and occasional movies and music. so what is the best possible laptop/...
  17. R

    how to reset acer aspire, forgotten password

    I have an acer aspire netbook. I stopped using it when the screen broke, I need to use it now but my son put a password on it but cannot remember it. I need help.
  18. W

    Student/everyday netbook suggestions?

    I'm a new college student and I'm looking to buy a small netbook that I could use mostly for school work (papers, spreadsheets, research, etc.). I would also use it for basic internet browsing or watching YouTube videos and such on lunch breaks. I'm looking for something no more than $400. It...
  19. K

    Web browsers performing poorly on netbook

    I recently found my old netbook, which I took the liberty to upgrade to Windows 8.1. It's running with an older Samsung 120GB SSD, and this particular netbook has an NVIDIA ION 2 graphics chip to augment the onboard graphics. However, onboard or not, graphical performance is pretty awful on any...
  20. kiwi king

    Looking for a cheap couch surfing laptop!

    Hello! I am looking for a small couch surfing laptop/NetBook (10.1 inches at the lowest size, 11 inches at the highest size) that I can watch YouTube on, use for SNES emulators, surf the web, check emails, browse Tom's Hardware, and listen to music on. Price Limit: $150 Screen Size: 11 inches...