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  1. D

    What kind of charger do I need for the Samsung NC10 netbook?

    Ok, here's the whole deal. I got this netbook on eBay for some silly sum and I'd love to make it work, but I don't have a charger for it and I'm not sure what to look for. I should point out right away that it came to me charger and I'm sure it works. I can still turn it on, this battery seems...
  2. B

    Acer Aspire One D257-N57Dbb initialize problem

    Hi, i've been given this netbook to fix whatever i can. So far i've replaced the keyboard and HDD, but 1 issue remains. Half the time on boot/reboot, the netbook just shows "_" and stays like that for a few minutes before flashing the ACER logo and then showing "_" again for some time. After...
  3. M

    Would this laptop be capable of doing these things?

    I'm trying to look for a budget laptop and I was wondering if it can do these things, Watch HD videos on youtube Use the office applications (word, power point, etc...) Video call one or two people on Skype Listen to music on spotify Watch HD live streams on twitch Browse the web And do a few...
  4. audie-tron25

    Recommended Netbook for Uni?

    Hi all, So I'm looking for a new laptop/netbook for Uni since my current one was a freebie and has an Atom N450 (1 core @ 1.6GHz) which is painfully slow (as in word takes about 20 seconds to boot). What I'm looking for: - Small and portable (not a full sized laptop) - Under AUD$600 but would...
  5. D

    Acer aspire one netbook won't access internet after dwnlding prs. Previous restore pts gone! Factory reset my only option?

    Acer aspire one netbook won't access internet after dwnlding prgs. (Heard AVG can cause this, and I did try the free version... or maybe it was the Avira update?) My previous restore points are also all gone! Is factory reset my only option? Please help! IMy files have been backed up on WD...
  6. A

    Acer Aspire Happy One Model PAV70 Black Screen (of Death???)

    Specs: Acer Aspire One Happy Netbook Model PAV70 Windows 7 Starter Android (I don't know which version though) Intel Atom Processor N450 (1.66GHz, 512KB cache) 1GB Memory 250GB HDD (about 200GB) 3-cell Li-ion battery The other evening I was on the Internet, went away for a outlet of hours and...
  7. G

    Budget 13" Laptop with Great Battery Life?

    So in a few months, I'll be going away for a while, and my old laptop won't cut it. Dead battery, crap performance, just overall not great... So I've been looking at these "budget" offerings from HP and Asus, and for the money, they seem pretty good. I don't care about a ton of performance...
  8. N

    Laptop cooling pad suggestions?

    I have a 13.3 inch slim laptop. I was wondering what model I should get to cool it. Most seem to be for huge laptops or little netbooks. I don't mind one up to 15 inches but 17 would be a bit much. Any suggestions? I travel a fair bit so not bulky right now I have soda top blue tacked in the 4...
  9. BlazeMike

    Looking for a laptop for 815$

    I'm looking for a laptop for my dad Its main purpose will be for office use: MS Office, Running Java apps, Needs to have a reasonably good network card to sync with the company wireless/ wired network. Dad uses two to three portable hardrives so it needs to have a fair amount of usb ports...
  10. P

    would an Acer ES1-512-C685 netbook be able to play Netflix?

    I heard that netbooks can't really stream Netflix, but some can. What's the verdict on this computer anyway?
  11. X

    BSOD when windows tries to start up,

    Wow did this thing really just delete my entire essay? gg, Okay so long story short, Buddy of mine gave me his old Gigabyte Netbook to fix said something about the hdd i had a look he's getting bsod'd at windows startup had a look around on the internet which apparently states he he either...
  12. A

    Looking for a good Netbook (300€-500€): any suggestions?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a new netbook (around 15-16 inches) but I can't find the right one for me. Price should range between 300€ and 500€. I'd also like to play games like Medal of Honor: 2010 or World of Warcraft on it. So, having this on your mind, what model do you recommend me buying?
  13. N

    Toshiba Netbook will no longer connect to the WIFI at my Library.

    This is a recent development with my Netbook. I have no problem connecting to other WIFI networks and up until a few months ago I could also connect at the Library. The network at the Library has a sign-in page at startup. That page never loads on my netbook. The Network Sharing Center says...
  14. L

    I've tuned off my keyboard on my netbook!

    I've turned off the keyboard on my net-book and cant find a way of turning it back on. Can you help?. It's a Asus X102BA touch screen.... I strange message came up as i was typing.... unfortunately I didn't notice immediately and pressed enter for the end of a paragraph... Have resolved by a...
  15. A

    Can I run scientific softwares like Mathematica 10.0.1, Matlab, Origin Labs etc on ASUS eebook X205TA?

    I am a physics graduate student. I aready have a heavy and bulky and powerful laptop which is very difficult to drag around. So I was thinking about buying the ASUS eebook X205TA as it is well within my budget. My work mostly comprises of data analysis and plotting and Mathematica. So do these...
  16. I

    Looking for the ideal "long plane flight gaming" netbook

    Hi, I'm in need of a netbook for a singular purpose: to be able to play Civilization 4 continuously for 22 hour transpacific flights. That's it, nothing else. I'm assuming multiple batteries will be needed. What's the best option out there? PS: I'm also considering buying multiple batteries for...
  17. T

    laptop with good battery life

    which laptop or good netbook has a battery life of about 3 or more hours within 300-500 dollar range
  18. Rocko1976

    Small, Light, Cheap Laptop or Netbook for Travel?

    Can anyone recommend a small-11" screen is fine, light netbook, laptop for travel? I just need to be able to create/edit Excel and Word documents. No gaming, etc. Used is fine also. Thanks in advance.
  19. M

    my netbook acer stays with a black screen and windowns xp showing like is loading...?? can u help me...

    Please help with my acer netbook aspire one it only shows a black screen showing windows xp like its was loading.
  20. C

    Nothing Works after Win 7 Starter Update

    An update basically rendrered exe files, audio, registry nnoperable. Asus netbook with no key and no dvd slot/drive. Do I have any options?
  21. D

    netbook battery life

    I'm thinking of buying a netbook which has a 2.670mAh battery. Does anyone know how many hours the battery will last until next recharge in, let's say, 50% brightness? The netbook also has a Intel® Celeron® Processor N2840 cpu which doesn't consume much energy I suppose.
  22. R

    Have a problem when run PSX games

    I'm sorry for the dumb question, is there anything wrong with my netbook requirements? There are 2 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 1,83 GHz. but I can't run PSX games perfectly. What's the problem? Is VGA the problem? Or anything else? Give me solutions, please. My netbook is Acer Aspire D270. Thanks...
  23. S

    I have a Samsung netbook that the screen is white when turned on. When it first started you could open it to certain angle and

    I have a Samsung netbook that the screen is white when turned on. When it first started you could open it to certain angle and it would work but if you moved it either way it would turn white
  24. K

    can't print on netbook

    i had just reset my acer aspire 1 netbook 2 weeks ago and installed all my hp printer software and drivers but i still can't print any documents but i could scan on the printer.if i click the print icon in the print priview the document is sent to microsoft office one note 2007.i am sure that...
  25. ace3217

    Which RAM and SSD is BEST for my netbook? PLEASE HELP

    Hey, So I was just given a Acer Aspire One D260 for free and I've done some research and found that the RAM and HDD is upgradable, the max RAM for the netbook is 2GB (1x2GB) and its only capable of holding DDR2 or DDR3 (I would prefer DDR3). I also want to get rid of the HDD for a new SSD which...
  26. N

    Acer Aspire V3-112P will it do the job?

    Hello! I'm looking for a portable laptop for programming and networking. I'm noob in both but I'm really iterested and willing to learn so the question is will this netbook be able to handle the programs. Android programming, html, python, virtual machines for networking i will use live usb...
  27. S

    Will adding memory to an old netbook improve performance significantly?

    My son has a 1 GB netbook samsung np130. He wants to add 1 additional GB of RAM to improve performance. There is a noticeable lag when typing basic emails. He tends to browse a lot and open many tabs. Of course he games too but that is probably a lost cause on an old netbook. The cost for...
  28. S

    I have a Packard bell netbook and need to factory reset but have no disc can anyone help

    i need to factory reset a Packard bell netbook without disc
  29. S

    Any suggestions for a laptop?

    Hello. I'm looking for an everyday use laptop to buy. Purpose- multimedia, streaming and Microsoft office work Nothing fancy just need good connectivity, lightweight, cheap(relatively) durable, with long battery life. budget_£400 Many thanks
  30. Persheis

    ASUS 1215B Cleaning tips

    Hello guys! I recently stumbled upon a malfuncitoning 1215B, and everything seems to point to an overheating issue. As such, I'd like some feedback about this netbook in particular. 1. Could anyone provide me a link to a guide for taking apart this netbook? I know there are a lot out there...
  31. S

    Failed installation on samsung netbook

    Hi ive got a samsung nc10 netbook to fix for my bro. Ive loaded windows 7,windows 8.1 and xp on to usb on seperate occasions for installation and it freezes on every single 1. It originally had an error missing NTLDR so i tried hirens fix ntldr step 1 to 7 to fix it but to no avail. I have also...
  32. G

    Laptops: Outfitting the Home?

    So for a while now, I've had a slight Ebay addiction. Not that I compulsively buy, but when I really want something, I may bid without truly wanting it 100%. I usually figure that out before I win the auction. When I do though, I'm a good payer... I have a bunch of computers around here. I've...
  33. A

    aspire one netbook

    where can i buy keyboard for netbook aspire one acer?
  34. Nadav Erez

    Will increasing RAM improve performance?

    I'm looking for a laptop for school, and the one I currently have is a Lenovo S10-3 netbook: Atom N450, 1GB DDR2 RAM. It's a bit sluggish, obviously, but after installing a light Linux distro it has actually become usable. So my question is: if I increase the RAM to 2 GB, will performance...
  35. Dylan1999

    How much can this stuff sell for?

    I wanted to get either a tablet or a next gen game console and was wondering how much this stuff will approximately sell for. I have an elgato capture card, an acer aspire 5749z with RAM upgraded to 16gb and a small netbook that I have no clue about. If you can tell me how much its worth and...
  36. J

    create bootable install usb

    Hello, I have a Gateway netbook (no disk drive, only USB) which I'd like to restore to factory settings. The manufacturer (Acer) sent me "Recovery *Disks*". Yes, disks. Three of them. They do appear to contain the reinstall files I need. However, how do I get the files from the disks onto...
  37. L

    Netbook trying to run skype

    I was able to get an ACER Aspire One AOD257-1802 for an older relative. It was for just doing email, web-surfing and Skype. It came with a link to load Skype on the desktop, but no mater what I try it says cannot connect with the Skype Server. It is running Windows 7 Starter so I'm wondering...
  38. K

    netbook won't go pass loading OS

    Bought used netbook from thrift store n it won't go pass loading OS. what am i doing wrong
  39. J

    Videos lag behind audio when played on Netbook

    Hello every one, I have an Asus Eee Pc 1025c net book and I have been using it for more than a year. I use it for school work, light gaming (Old games like starcraft and warcraft 2) and watching videos. I have been having trouble watching videos just lately. I had trouble with my net book's CPU...
  40. P

    I want to vlog for my youtube chanel and im wondering if i can just video using my aspire one or not?

    I'm not sure how to take videos on my asus aspire one netbook. How do i do it? Am I able to just open a program that's already on the computor or do I hae to download something myself? If I have to download something, what is the best program to download?
  41. S

    Can this laptop run the following games?

    Here is the laptop/netbook : Important specs: Processor: intel atom-t z3735 (baytrail)...

    netbook CPU HELS PLS!!!

    Is it possible to unsouter the CPU on a Acer aspire one Pav70 and put a better one pls help!!!! And will ssd and some more RAM help my gaming performance alot
  43. voltoid27

    Clearing BIOS Password = New Password?

    Before I start, I want to make one thing very clear: I am not asking for a backdoor password or anything of that nature. I just want to know if anyone knows why this happened: A month or two ago, I decided my Gateway LT40 netbook didn't need a BIOS password anymore. I hit F2 on bootup, entered...
  44. A

    Can't reflash Netbook

    Recently picked up one of those cheap Chinese 9 inch netbooks at a car boot sale. The system is really low spec - 128 mb memory and 1 gigabyte NAND Flash drive. No Cd. It was meant to be running Windows Ce. On boot up the system displays the boot up screen and is locked there. I've tried...
  45. E

    NetBook Not Charging Properly

    Recently I noticed my netbook wasn't charging properly. it used only charge when the charger was in a certain position. But about a week ago it just wouldn't charge. Then after a day it started to charge again, however a couple of days ago it would only 'run on AC power' and cut out as soon as...
  46. C

    Net book XP hard drive, how to clone full content to another (empty) hard drive please?

    Asus Netbook xp hard drive needs full content cloned to a different laptop(empty) hard drive, help?
  47. ComputerWhiz305

    Acer Aspire One Netbook Will Not Boot

    I dropped my Acer Aspire One netbook computer a few years ago and I haven't been able to boot it. I have removed the hard drive and looked to see if it is damaged, but it appears to be ok. I am trying to boot the laptop. I have removed both the battery and hard drive from the system and am...
  48. K

    Netbook won't turn on/charge

    I have a dell inspirion mini that i have not used in well over a year. Couldn't find the original charger but my universal charger for laptop fits and the voltage input is the same. If you plug the charger in, nothing happens. Not even a charging light. Taking out the battery and plugging in...
  49. C

    Laptop dc jack

    I just desoldered and soldered back a dc jack on an acer one netbook. The thing is though two of the standing legs got broken off in the desoldering process. The laptop is powering on fine now however my question is is it ok to leave it like this. Without two of the standing legs. It has two...
  50. C

    laptop dc jack

    I just desoldered and soldered back a dc jack on an acer one netbook. The thing is though two of the standing legs got broken off in the desoldering process. The laptop is powering on fine now however my question is is it ok to leave it like this. Without two of the standing legs. It has two...
  51. A

    can i get windows on my android 4.2 netbook

    am i able to get windows downloaded onto my android 4.2 netbook.
  52. R

    highly portable, good build / aesthetic, max £400

    Hi guys, here to hopefully find some recommendations for a laptop / netbook. MAIN THINGS; To watch films on, and other online media (so a nice resolution) To word process (guess I could do this on anything, but a nice feeling, durable keyboard is a must). Small, portable light. Both...
  53. George Lazu

    Damaged netbook motherboard, can it be used?

    Hey, i just found an old netbook motherboard, it's a little damaged, the wires connecting to screen [ which is broken ] are disconnected, also, the wifi adapter is unplugged and the VGA port does not work [ tested on two monitors, i think the video card is not working ]. When i power it on the...
  54. N

    ASUS EEEPC 1015PX Netbook Overheating after repair

    Hi, I had to take an ASUS 1015PX netbook apart due to a broken screen hinge. However, when I put it back together and try to boot it, it seems to overheat within minutes with the fan going into overdrive, and shuts down. The last message was that it had reached a critical temperature of 101...
  55. D

    Should I upgrade?

    Should I upgrade from a ASUS X200CA with 4gb ram to a ASUS Transformer Book T100?
  56. S

    acer frozen and beeping

    hi can anyone help, my acer aspire one netbook frozen on start/safe mode screen and beeping at me. tried to start up on all options but not responding to anything...any help much appreciated. has been running slow for some time, and pop ups often just 'pop up' when trying to access pages on internet
  57. G

    cannot wake up from Sleep

    I've got ACER AO-532h for about 4 years. I just realized a couple of weeks ago that the netbook cannot wake up after I put it in a sleep mode for more than 30 minutes. No matter what keys I click, it doesn't wake up. What should I do?
  58. V

    Best lightweight netbook or other solution to buy for a backpacking programmer

    Right now I'm working on an Acer Aspire One 725 (dual-core 2.5 Ghz AMD processor, 2GB RAM). It works suits my needs, I can run Kubuntu with a Python IDE on it and it works fine for web development, but I'm forced to replace it soon. Battery died, warrenty problems, replacement battery didn't...
  59. J

    format netbook windows 7 starter

    how do I go back to factory settings without a disc drive I have a windows 7b starter netbook
  60. L

    My netbook Lenovo S110 keyboard alway types uppercase letter

    My netbook Lenovo Ideapad S110 keyboard alway types uppercase letter, even if the caplock key are turning on or off. I must press Shift+Fn before press any letter key for lower-case letter. Please help me !