Best lightweight netbook or other solution to buy for a backpacking programmer


Aug 24, 2014
Right now I'm working on an Acer Aspire One 725 (dual-core 2.5 Ghz AMD processor, 2GB RAM). It works suits my needs, I can run Kubuntu with a Python IDE on it and it works fine for web development, but I'm forced to replace it soon. Battery died, warrenty problems, replacement battery didn't work, etc.

So I'd like to make use off the occasion to upgrade a little bit. What is the most powerful solution I can get with a reasonable battery life weighing under 1.5 kg? The weight and battery life are the most important to me, because I often find myself backpacking through mountains, working a bit every day without any electricity near and I carry this thing with me every day.

Another idea I had was to buy a tablet the size of my current screen with an external keyboard and reinstall it with Kubuntu. Would be more compact, easier to pull out while travelling and it could also serve as a camera. Would something like this be achievable? Are there tablets with enough CPU and battery life that are reinstallable?

Thanks in advance!