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  1. stevenlash

    Question Which is best tablet for office use by Steven lash San Diego

    Hello, I'm looking for best tablet for office use, any recommendation and suggestion really be appreciated. Thanks, Steven lash San Diego
  2. scwolves10

    Question RCA Tablet stuck in boot loop after factory reset

    It's an RCA RCT6203W46 Tablet and it was working fine before the reset. Now, it only goes to the RCA logo screen and it just restarts if I try to turn it off. It won't go in to Recovery Mode using the power and volume buttons like it did before. It won't go into safe mode either. The tiny Reset...
  3. G

    Solved! My RCA Voyager Android tablet keeps rebooting itself, why? It's a little over 2 years old

    Why is my tablet rebooting itself?
  4. C

    How to unlock keyboard, next book android

    Cannot get keyboard unlocked on android Next book tablet.tried removing keyboard
  5. T

    why does my rca tablet stay on the logo sign

    I barely got my Rca tablet on Dec the 25 and it stop work on Jan the 20 i never got water in it i never dropping but out of no where it wants to stop working.
  6. S

    Solved! how do I find out what model my rca tablet is, it's Desktop 33A01E3

    RCA Desktop 33A01E3, how do you factory reset
  7. K

    i need a unlock code for a aqt80 from sprint

    help i need to unlock this tablet cus i lost my phone hfvchg fvutyftv hfv ytf ygy fvg
  8. I

    Factory reset of Galaxy Tab A

    I tried to this but it just got stuck downloading. I was waiting for this for hours. I ended up powering to off, although it says not to, I waited 16 hours. Now it will not power on. It had not battery power when I did it, but the unit was plugged in. Would this have something to do with...
  9. N

    Solved! how to get a mouse and keyboard paired with tablet

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to connect a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to my Samsung galaxy tab A 7.0. I am aware that i can only connect 1 device at a time, so i was wondering if a OTG (on the go) cable would work for a mouse and pairing my keyboard with the tablets built in...
  10. J

    Locks at password

    Tablet will reboot using power and volume buttons, it then asks for password and locks up and then goes black
  11. 2

    My rca tablet is not working when I hold the power button and the volume down it doesn't take me anywhere

    When I hold the power button and the volume down button it does not do anything.
  12. M

    My pin screen comes on but wont take my pin

    My android tablet switches on but wont take my pin
  13. C

    Broken tablet, please help

    my tablet (that acts like a pc) is giving me an error 0xc0000185 message and wont start up, how do i fix it?
  14. N

    I tried it and it never work I think my tablet is broken

    I want YouTube and try to see the volume work then I record myself talking and it never worked
  15. H

    For Christmas I bought an android tablet lost the receipt can’t get the code how do I get the code

    Purchased an android tablet for Christmas lost the receipt can get the code
  16. G

    Best iPad and iPad Pro Deals in January 2019

    Don't pay full price for a new Apple tablet, here are the best iPad and iPad Pro deals this month. Best iPad and iPad Pro Deals in January 2019 : Read more
  17. A

    Solved! My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my

    My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my volume keys are not working please help....
  18. D

    Get past the logo ATLAS PRO 10 screen

    Been trying to use this new tablet for almost 4 hours. First I get the dogs then after 30 minutes I get a black screen that saws Atlas Pro10 and will not switch to home screen.
  19. G

    Solved! Asus Zenpad Z8s tablet wont power up when i have it plugged into the charger led blinks red

    My asus tablet wont power up and led light blinks red when charger is plugged in
  20. Z

    Solved! How to download apps to SD card in Android tablet that is mounted and registered as default writer

    installed Lexar micro SD card which is recognized but does not allow any storage. Do I have to use my computer to download to chip before the app will work in my RCA tablet?
  21. D

    I have a rca 10 Viking pro 2 in1 tablet. I replaced with a brand new battery. It still won't turn on. Nothing but blue charge

    RCA 10 Viking Pro 2 in one
  22. G

    Intel Patent Heralds Foldable Future Merging Phone and PC

    A newly unearthed patent shows a three-fold device that transforms from phone to full-size tablet. Intel Patent Heralds Foldable Future Merging Phone and PC : Read more
  23. O

    Lenovo Thinkpad shuts down instead of hibernating

    My Thinkpad X230 tablet shuts down instead of hibernating. Often it doesn't even warn me that I have a low battery, and just shuts down. My power settings are set so that it gives a Low Battery warning at 60% and Critical Battery at 30%. And the Critical Battery Action is to hibernate...
  24. W

    Cant remember my passwood to unlock my tablet screen and theres no option to do anything

    How can i unlock my tablet screen if i can not remember my passwood and there no option do do anything So i can get into my tablet
  25. T

    Solved! Bluetooth down load

    Can you download a Bluetooth for your proscan tablet
  26. U

    Solved! Looking for code to activate my new rca tablet

    I need a code to activate my new rca tablet
  27. D

    RCA Tablet exhibiting some weird behaviour after not booting

    The missus has an RCA tablet that she plays a few games on. Had it for a couple of years. If I remember correctly it's orphaned at Android 5. Yesterday, it froze, so she forced it off by holding the power button for a while. She was unable to power it on. I said i'd take a look and took it to...
  28. J

    Solved! read books on glasses

    Looking for glasses that can show the video image from a tablet or kindle in the glases for boo reading. Anything like that out there?
  29. G

    Solved! Child forgot pattern on Lenovo Tab, how to recover her account?

    My daughter locked her Lenovo tablet using pattern mode, and now she forgot it . How can I recover her account? Tablet works fine under my account, but cannot access her files. Doing a hard reset would be the last thing to do... Thanks.
  30. F

    Solved! Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet and physical keyboard not working

    Hello. I purchased a physical keyboard for the Cherry Mobile Superion Radar tablet. It works with my Android phone, but NOT with the tablet. Help, please.
  31. O

    Galaxy Tab A 7 (Nook version) reset itself?

    Last night I accidentally left a game open on my tablet which prevents going to lock screen, and eventually the battery drained. This has happened plenty of times during the life of the tablet, doesn't seem abnormal. Today upon restart, home screen had gone to original default, all data from...
  32. G

    Act Fast: Save $150 on Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro

    Apple's least-expensive iPad Pro is now more affordable than ever. Act Fast: Save $150 on Apple's 10.5-inch iPad Pro : Read more
  33. R

    My rca tablet will not play music

    No sound on tablet
  34. N

    Solved! RCA MAVEN PRO unable to complete bootup

    When I mash the power button on, the tablet opens the first screen showing the two dogs near the Victrola player. When it opens to the screen showing the Maven Pro logo, it stays there until it runs out of charge. I tried rebooting many times to no avail. It stays on the logo screen. Period...
  35. H

    Solved! Hey. My RCA voyager III tablet just started having sound problems.

    Basically, the speaker stopped playing sound. Nothing is muted. None of the sounds will work, including alarms. I haven't done anything to damage the speaker, unless playing stuff at full volume counts as damaging the device. For some reason, blowing into the speaker brings the sound back, but...
  36. M

    My rca tablet works with keyboard, however the keyboard no longer charges the tablet as a docking station

    I have a docking station that is also a keyboard for my rca tablet. I have only had it a month and until now has been great, however it no longer charges the tablet. It works as a regular keyboard but I have to charge the tablet separately now. Anyone got any ideas?
  37. M

    Defrag RCA Viking Pro10

    My tablet keeps bringing up video ads in the middle of other Apps.
  38. S

    Solved! How to get an activation code for my RCA tablet I have the receipt

    How to get an activation code for my RCA tablet I have the receipt
  39. M

    Looking for activation code

    I bought a rca tablet black Friday from Walmart didnt keep receipt for a tivation how can I activate it
  40. T

    Solved! My Dodson tablet was charging and it just went off and now it is as dead as a doornail it's dose not show the little battery t

    My Dodson tablet was charging but then it went off as I was going to text back and now it don't show the little battery to say it is changing or nix when I plug it in and it is as dead as a doornail please help
  41. M

    Android tablet not turning on

    My Vodafone tablet was hit against a radiator a long time ago and now the screen has cracked and will not show anything what do I do ????
  42. R

    Solved! My tablet is stuck . It is nor on or off. It is lit up a little but it has a black screen & won't turn on or off

    My tablet is stuck. It's not on or off. It's a very slightly lit up black screen. Won't go on or off
  43. B

    Solved! rca voyager 3 tablet android

    need ans to the rca voyager 3 tablet re: system UI has stopped. It is noted to be solved, how do I get the answer to correct this?
  44. S

    Solved! Input Vizio with the tablet

    Can I make my tablet run my Vizio TV and a Samsung TV
  45. B

    Solved! Tablet needs help

    If a battery is completely bad in a Samsung tab 4 should it still turn on with a charging cable attached?
  46. P

    Solved! Tablet mode what is

    Tablet mode? What is it
  47. R

    How to get activation code for a aries 10 notebook

    I need a code for my are we notebook tablet thank you so much, please help me
  48. V

    Solved! Need a help to make my tab work

    Hi, I had a Nextbook NEXT7P12-8G tablet,when i power on it,its getting struck on the screen"quote of abraham lincon and a girl hearing music.i tried reseting it but it doesn't work,what should i do it is usefull for me. I hope you will solve my problem. Thanks!
  49. L

    Solved! where to buy refurbished acer

    model #c720 acer
  50. L

    Solved! android tablet powers up but has no image or logo on the screen. Made by nuvision

    I have an Android tablet by nuvision. When I turn it on the screen lightens up but doesn’t have a logo or any other image.notebook,
  51. S

    Solved! Cant download app on tablet

    Paid for a subscription but googke play store said tablet isnt compatable. So how do I download the app..its already paid for.
  52. D

    Solved! Help with rca tablet

    I tried a factory rest it said denied what is something else I can do if it is stuck on Voyager III screen? I trying reboot system wipe catche everything is being denied or failed my mom got it for Christmas and no it won't work
  53. K

    Need an activation code for an RCA Voyager 3 model number RCT6973W343 DISa 1002211636??

    Years ago I received the tablet as a gift and never got the receipt. Now when the representative puts the no. in it comes up unavailable or something like that. I don't have any idea where it was purchased from, I like I said, it's been 4/5 years since I got it.
  54. E

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 Turns its self on and off and doesn't respond to reset and has no way to remove the battery

    I've had this tablet for a while and of course I got it from Wal-Mart... I'm having trouble just trying to get it to respond at the very least. It turns on without any add and shows the name of the tablet then turns back off. I've tried to reset and there is no battery to remove so that's out of...
  55. C

    Solved! Wont charge or turn on, galaxy tab a 8.0

    Bought a off brand battery for samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 tablet, once put battery in and used the device it goy extremely hot near the battery area , once the battery died i tried to re charge it but it did absolutly nothing, no icon, no turn on, just black screen. This is the second battery that...
  56. M

    Solved! Problems with SD card

    I have a Huawei Mediapad T 5. I put in a 128 gig SD card which the tablet recognised and set as the default storage location. I downloaded some stuff from Netflix and quickly ran out of space. I looked at several posts to find a fix. I looked for the option to format on the tablet but the option...
  57. O

    Solved! i tried hard reset on my rca voyager 111 tablet but after the initial logo it goes back to the screen that says voyager 111 a

    pretty much just what I described. Thanks for any help you can provide folks.
  58. M

    my sreen is cracked

    i cant get into tablet i cracked my screen and the back button cant be reached or next when i connect i erased everything
  59. P

    Solved! how do I get my tablet to allow me to use my SD card

    I switched over to my SD card settings instead of internal, but when I try to down load anything from google play it tells me that i have no storage space.
  60. U

    I hit my tablet on my forhead and the screen went black and the buttons wont turn it on.

    So basically i was in bed and i was playing a game and got really mad for losing and hit the screen on my forehead and now its not turning on by any buttons and the screen ia black even when i try rebooting it nothing works and im scared that i wont be able to fix it please help.