Factory reset of Galaxy Tab A

Feb 3, 2019
I tried to this but it just got stuck downloading. I was waiting for this for hours. I ended up powering to off, although it says not to, I waited 16 hours. Now it will not power on. It had not battery power when I did it, but the unit was plugged in. Would this have something to do with it?
Help I think I really screwed UP.
it was saying it was downloading but It did nothing.
Well first off, if you can't get the power to turn on, then you can't reset anything. It has to be able to power on. It doesn't have to actually be able to load, just the power has to be able to turn on.

So, a bit more details would be helpful. What exactly were you trying to download on the tablet? And what 'exactly' is the tablet doing when you try to turn it on?