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    Factory reset of Galaxy Tab A

    I tried to this but it just got stuck downloading. I was waiting for this for hours. I ended up powering to off, although it says not to, I waited 16 hours. Now it will not power on. It had not battery power when I did it, but the unit was plugged in. Would this have something to do with...
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    my phone was factory reset i cant remember my google password and all my recovery info is no longer valid how can i get google

    My phone was erased I don't remember my password to google or gmail my recovery email and phone number doesn't work any more i have a different phone number and the email is opened by account key as well which will bring me back to my gmail in which i cant sign in the only question they have...
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    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
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    Looking for a new headset

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new headset, I will be using it mainly for gaming. My budget is 230 euros and as far as I have found my main options would be: 1. sennheiser game one/zero 2. kingston hyperx revolver 3. asus strix 7.1 Since I've heard that seperate headphones and mic would be...
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    Looking for Subwoofer

    Hello All, I have a 2 speakers from a previous hi-fi system that are passive and connect to a receiver through speaker wire / copper wire. I am looking for a sub woofer which has an RCA input, and Two speaker wire outputs for my two speakers. I have been unable to find something like this. I am...
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    Bad GPU or LCD?

    First off, I'm computer literate so no layman's terms are required for this answer. Second: The laptop is a HP Envy M6-1148ca. The laptop (see pics) has a problem with the LCD where it shows nothing but vertical lines all over the screen! The laptop works fine on an external monitor...