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    Galaxy Fold Release Date May Be Pushed Back to July (Report)

    There had been some hope it would launch in June. Galaxy Fold Release Date May Be Pushed Back to July (Report) : Read more
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    Samsung Patent Hints at Galaxy Fold 2 with Improved Folding Mechanism

    The next Galaxy Fold could have an entirely new folding mechanism, if a new Samsung patent is to be believed. Samsung Patent Hints at Galaxy Fold 2 with Improved Folding Mechanism : Read more
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    Info Here's How Samsung Is Fixing the Galaxy Fold

    Samsung is fixing the design flaws to get it to store shelves. Here's How Samsung Is Fixing the Galaxy Fold : Read more
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    Info Samsung Will Announce Galaxy Fold Release Date Soon

    Samsung said that it will make a final decision on the Galaxy Fold's release date by the end of the week. Samsung Will Announce Galaxy Fold Release Date Soon : Read more
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    News Another Galaxy Fold Just Got Ruined - And This Could Be the Culprit

    A Galaxy Fold teardown reveals why the foldable phone is so susceptible to damage. Another Galaxy Fold Just Got Ruined - And This Could Be the Culprit : Read more
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    Info Galaxy Fold Teardown Reveals Just How Tough It Is to Repair

    Samsung's Galaxy Fold is very difficult to take apart without damaging components. Galaxy Fold Teardown Reveals Just How Tough It Is to Repair : Read more
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    News Samsung Responds to Galaxy Fold Fails as Shares Fall

    Samsung says it will be inspecting early Galaxy Fold review units that have been breaking. But investors are not pleased. Samsung Responds to Galaxy Fold Fails as Shares Fall : Read more
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    Question galaxy s9 recover photo

    Guys please help me to recover a bunch of photos deleted during last four days on my Galaxy S9plus. OS is Android 8 thus Gallery App doesnt have "trash" folder. There a lot of freaky apps to recover but all of them seems to be just advertising platforms. Who knows good way to restore my photos...
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    Google Contacts Replacement program to use with Gmail & Galaxy 9

    Love Gmail, but have continuing problems with Google Contacts. Is there a contacts program that I can use with Gmail and my Samsung Galaxy 9+ ?? Thank you.
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    Flash firmware Samsung Galaxy S6

    Began a lease of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Nov 2015. Phone bricked during an update in March 2017. Sent to Sprint for repair, was delivered a different Galaxy S6 phone, which was clearly refurbished itself, two weeks later. Lease completed, I own the device. Out of warranty. Nov 2018 phone began...
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    Factory reset of Galaxy Tab A

    I tried to this but it just got stuck downloading. I was waiting for this for hours. I ended up powering to off, although it says not to, I waited 16 hours. Now it will not power on. It had not battery power when I did it, but the unit was plugged in. Would this have something to do with...
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    Samsung Galaxy j3 prime

    I want to unlock the pin of my sim card of my Samsung Galaxy j3 prime
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1) wont start up or charge

    Had this issue for over a month now, decided to try buy a new battery, still same issue. Ive tried booting insafe mode and all the what not. I know the tablet still works because before I switched the battery, I was having charging issues and then eventually, my tablet just died and I could...
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    Found Galaxy Tab

    Found a Galaxy Tab. I’ll be happy to return it... it’s also posted on Craigslist. If you don’t have serial numbers etc, you can describe how & where you think you misplaced it.
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    All the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Specs So Far

    Memory, storage, display, CPU, and all the special stuff coming in the next generation of Samsung’s flagship. All the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Specs So Far : Read more
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    Unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime plus

    Hi ineed to unlock Samsung Galaxy Grand prime plus a network
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    Solved! I'm able 2 get on the Internet using my galat phine with no oroblem.

    Im.getting g on the Internet with my galaxy phone with no problem. No router just using ohone. Why can't I get on the Internet the same way with my galaxy tablet. With no router
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    Replace card reader in Galaxy grand prime

    Replace card reader in Galaxy grand prime
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    Solved! Samsung Galaxy J5 Internal Storage

    Can the internal storage be increased?
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    Solved! how to retrieve messages from my lost phone

    I lost my phone Samsung galaxy J1 ACE NEO. I blacklisted the phone. how can I restore or retrieve the messages and photos from the lost phone?
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    how to fix samsung galaxy 2 boot freeze?

    I've been factory data reset my device and it stock up on blackscreen (literally all black) that keeps on flashing on and off. how to fix this? please help me =(
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    Do you HAVE to have OEM controllor or not ???

    I have a"found" Galaxy Star drone and I would like to use it but,no controller,no battery charger . Cant locate them online .
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    Solved! My galaxy tab A 6 crashed with a and now is not working??? What should I do ??

    I downloaded a file , because of this file virus crashed my device
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    Solved! Wont charge or turn on, galaxy tab a 8.0

    Bought a off brand battery for samsung galaxy tab a 8.0 tablet, once put battery in and used the device it goy extremely hot near the battery area , once the battery died i tried to re charge it but it did absolutly nothing, no icon, no turn on, just black screen. This is the second battery that...
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    Solved! Recovery mode problm

    Sir my Samsung Galaxy j2 is stuck at logo.i an enter in Odin but not in recovery mode n shows only battery when connected to charger
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    Solved! Auto-rotate works half way

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1). Whenever I use the auto rotate feature, the screen won't go back. If I turn the tablet sideways, the screen will rotate that way, but when I try to rotate back, it doesn't rotate. It will rotate, however, 360 degrees after the initial rotation, but not 90...
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    Usb/otg Galaxy halo

    How do I enable USB/ otg on my Samsung galaxy halo? Cricket is my carrier.
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    Does the straight talk Samsung Galaxy crown J7 have hotspot?

    Does the straight talk Samsung Galaxy crown J7 have hotspot?
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    My Samsung galaxy tab 4 is switching on vibrating and again switching off

    My Samsung galaxy tab 4 is switching on vibrating and again switching off what todo
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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Won't Turn On

    My Samsung Galaxy S6 won't turn on. It's quite a worrying problem, since the warranty on it expired last December. I've searched online for solutions but none of them worked. The last time I had some kind of response was when I tried to turn it on after the battery got depleted. I put it in the...
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    Wi-Fi fix for tab a

    Every time I put the back ,back onto my galaxy tab a the Wi-Fi signal goes away ,I leave it off or just not snapped all the way back on its fine shows strong x Signal , can anyone figure that out
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    While Hard resetting galaxy Tab 4 SMT231

    While Hard resetting galaxy Tab 4 SMT231 I am able to do upto selecting " Once you have selected the "wipe data/factory reset" now the moement I press power button. It simple reboot the system. Kindly suggest what to do.
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    Solved! Install ringtone into Samsung Galaxy

    Greetings, all, and Happy New Year!! Can I get some help on how to install a 'real' ringtone into my Galaxy Duos? I'd like a ringtone like that of an old, analog, plastic/mechanical old know, the kind with a rotary dial, the kind that folks of my generation grew up on? The 'pretty'...
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    I factory reset my old galaxy tab e and I forgot the email so I can’t get in my tablet

    I found my old galaxy tab e tablet and I factory reset it because I forgot the password and now I can’t even get into my tablet because I also forgot my email
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    Solved! Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016; Set SD Card as Default

    I want to set the SD card in my tablet as the default location for everything I can (Apps, downloads, etc). I've checked a bunch of other guides for this, but they haven't worked. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Tried: -Go to Settings>Storage (Doesn't exist) [The closest I...
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    Solved! How to find lost pictures on J7 Galaxy Sky Pro

    I moved my photos to my SD card because of memory issues then I wasn't able to view them, so I moved them back to my phone hoping that would fix the problem. When they transferred from the SD card they didn't go back into my gallery, how do i find them now? They're very important pictures.
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    Galaxy J7 is the phone in question

    He forgot his pattern on his phone an now I can't turn it off with out the pattern.. How can i get it unlocked
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab E wifi will not turn on

    Samsung Tab E , wifi won't turn on and is whited out. When you tap advanced the adaptive display button is whited out also. The button for wifi will go to on eventually, but it still buffers. And it won't go to the scanned networks.
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    How can I find an activation code for Galaxy Tab E from Walmart? I haven't received it.

    I can't find any code for Galaxy tab E purchased Wal and picked up at a Walmart store. said "A confirmation of purchase email is sent first, within 48 hours expect a second email from the distributor containing the activation or redemption code;" however, I haven't...
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    Where is the activation code at?

    Need help finding the activation code for 2 Samsung galaxy tab A
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    You need unlock codes for Galaxy j-3 Luna pro

    I have tried every possible avenue to get this phone unlocked and I cannot seem to get it done can you please help
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    How to detect the security protocol used by a Galaxy Tab S2 when set as router

    Hello I'm trying to find out what security protocol does my Galaxy Tab S2 use when it is set as router. Is it also changable? Connection \ Router Wi-Fi - Tethering \ Router Wi-Fi Any hint? Thank you in advance
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    Solved! New Samsung galaxy s7 crashes - no fix?

    So I have purchased a new Samsung galaxy s7 and it keeps crashing. I have performed all troubleshooting options, like deleting cache partitions and factory resetting the phone but the issue still occurs. Now I am starting to think it might be hardware related. Any suggestions before I return the...
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    Solved! Factory reset a sanding galaxy j7 sky pro

    How to factor reset my galaxy j7 sky pro
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    How to setup samsung galaxy j7 mobile after factory reset has been made and i have forgotten my google id

    My friend have forgotten her google id and now she was not able to setup her mobile which is factory reset... Please email me a remedy
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    Solved! How can i turn on my Samsung galaxy tab , i had it on charge and it was then fully charged and then all of a sudden I was just

    How can i turn on my Samsung galaxy tab because it was fully charged then I wanted to go on my tab but it wouldn't switch on at all, i kept my finger on the turn on button at side for about 20+ seconds and wouldn't even vibrate like it normally does when it switches on.
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    Solved! Unlock my phone carrier

    How to unlock my Samsung Galaxy j7 prime from metro pcs
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    Solved! Broken screen transfer

    Transferring contacts from s7 to galaxy prime without Google account screen is blaclef out on s7
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    Solved! how to upgrade samsung galaxy mega 4.1.1

    I have a samsung glaxay mega. 4.1.1 now it will not play nice with apps i previously use. is there anyway to update
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    Solved! Just bought my Samsung Galaxy s6. I dropped it face down and the screen is black. I can hear my notifications coming through I

    I cannot see anything on my screen. It is pitch black however I can hear notifications
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    How to remove caynogen mod from Samsung Galaxy tab 2.

    My dad put it on and doesn't like it we can't remove it.
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    Earphone Volume Are Low On Computer But Not On Phone

    I've bought Samsung AT-046 earphone a few weeks ago, they work fine on both my phone (Samsung Galaxy J1) and laptop (ASUS) until recently, when I'm in the middle of watching videos on laptop, my earphone sounds lower than usual so I've tried it on my phone it worked perfectly fine I make sure...
  53. L

    Don't charge at all

    I got a galaxy tab E, used her one night was fine, put it on charge came back to it in the morning and it was on 26%, my charger makes like a buzzing noise when it's left on and not charging anything, and it did that when I put my tablet on charge, how can I stop it from blocking the charge...
  54. S

    Solved! sumsung galaxy sm-t320nu will not shut off, will not reboot ,will not factory reset

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet, sm t320nu, i shut it off, turned back on and all i get is the Samsung logo, it wont turn off, wont reboot, wont factory reset, says no command with a dead android... i have tried all the videos and nothing. The TABLET WILL NOT,WILL NOT SHUT OFF, WILL NOT FACTORY...
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    Solved! Samsung galaxy tab E has no sound. Checked sound in settings.

    Today tablet has no sound. Tried adjust volume. Looked at sound settings in settings. Mute is not on.
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    Solved! Phone only goes to Samsung Galaxy 6 screen then back to lte plus screen

    I've tried all soft and hard resets cleaned cache and phone still rotating between two screens
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    Solved! Why is my Samsung Tab A screen off?

    Hi, my SM-T580's screen is "turned off" but S Voice/Assistant is stuck on, and when touching the screen it detects that I'm touching something even though I can't see what it is. Is this a hardware issue where I can't do anything, or is there a way to get the screen to turn on? My cousin...
  58. young707

    Solved! How to locate the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Wifi only tablet?

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Tablet, SM-T380 32GB 2018 WiFi only model. I have set up my Samsung account. Is there somewhere I can set up the "locate my device" so that if my tablet happened to be lost, I can locate this device? Thank you
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    How to fix error on Galaxy S5, along with no media sound?

    My grandma's phone suddenly stopped playing sound. I know it's not a hardware issue because ringtones and notification sounds work fine, it's just call and media that doesn't work. I've tried resetting app preferences, multiple restarts, and wiping cache partition and nothing. Weirdly enough...