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    Solved! After a factory restore my tablet is not "stuck" on odin mode.

    After a factory restore my galaxy tablet is "stuck" on odin mode. Saying downloading do not turn off target. Is this normal and how long should it take?
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    i did a factory reset on my samsung galaxy j6 but it is asking for an account from the previous owner of the phone but i do no

    it is asking for the google account of the previous owner of the phone wich i do not know the google account(email and password)
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    Solved! Why does my Samsung galaxy j5 says unsupported sd card

    Help, does anyone know how to fix my problem to the above question.the sd card has been in phone, since new, it’s a 4gb card.many thanks.
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    Solved! How to activate my new att sim card in my old Verizon phone

    How to activate my sim card from att on my galaxy 5 from Verizon
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    Solved! how do l use sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy win

    how do l use my sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy win
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    See the Galaxy S10 From Every Angle in New 360-Degree Renders

    New Galaxy S10 renders show a huge curved display, four rear cameras and a cutout for the camera instead of a notch. See the Galaxy S10 From Every Angle in New 360-Degree Renders : Read more
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    Solved! How to set my SDcard as main storage on Samsung galaxy prime+ 6.0.1

    How to set my SDcard as main storage on Samsung galaxy prime+ 6.0.1 Baseband version G532FXXU1ARF3
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    trouble when powering on

    My Samsung Galaxy j7 v will not turn on after I dropped it. I have tried holding down the power button as well as the volume and home buttons. Nothing is working. I vibrates about every 30 seconds and last for about 2 to 3 seconds long.
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    Best camera for smartphones

    Hi guys! :) Me and my friends are traveling the far east (currently in Myanmar), and looking for a phone with the best camera to catch the beautiful views we see every day. Which one will suit us best? : - Xiaomi Mi 6X - Xiaomi 8SE - Huawei P20 - Galaxy A7 - Galaxy S9+ (rather not...
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    Samsung galaxy j7 refine needz unlocking instructions so i can put my cricket wireless si.

    I need instructions how to unlock uicc so i can use my phone on cricket wireless was on boost. Pleaze help
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    Samsung phone galaxy A5

    Bought new phone, unable to transfer emails from apple, using FORGOTTEN PASSWORD
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    how can I unlock a preowned phone

    I purchased a used Galaxy 5 (with verizon network) online and gave to a friend as a gift; also, the phone did not come with a carrier SIM card. When my friend tried to activate the phone, she was told that the phone is locked and can only be unlocked by the previous owner. I have no idea who...
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    Solved! My Samsung Galaxy Tab E won't charge and gets very hot near the camera when plugged in

    When I plug in my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 it doesn't charge it gets very hot on the back from the camera to the charger port
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    T-Mobile Giving Away Free Samsung 4K TV with Note 9, Galaxy S9

    T-Mobile has a 4K TV with your name on it. T-Mobile Giving Away Free Samsung 4K TV with Note 9, Galaxy S9 : Read more
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    How can unlock my Verizon phone and use my country simusic card on it?

    I got a Samsung Galaxy 6 from US but the phone doesn't accept my country simcard . How can I unlock it?
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    i need a unlock pin for a verizon galaxy core prime phone

    looking for a pin or how to exactly unlock my verizon galaxy core prime phone
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    Solved! No transfer apps to the SD file button shows

    when I get to the step to transfer a specific app to the SD card, my Galaxy 5 doesn't have the "move to SD card" tab. I installed the card and my phone recognizes it
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    Solved! How to set my sd card as internal memory in my samsung galaxy tab j

    How can i set my sd card as internal storage on my samsung galaxy tab j,,please help me
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    Samsung galaxy 3 won't play videos

    It will show the video but it is gray and distorted. I've cleared all my cache and it didn't help. Please help. My husband is having the same problem.
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    Solved! Storage default settings

    What's wrong with this Samsung Galaxy Grand prime cause I can't find how to set storage to sd card.anybody got an idea on how to do it
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    Solved! Galaxy Tab S SM-T705 Black screen

    Hi all, My Galaxy Tab S SM-T705 has a kind of recurrent problem ! I spend much time on the Internet to find a solution ... In my case : Pressing (short / long) the power button has no effect. Pressing the power button + Vol up (or down) buttons has no effect. Pressing the power button + Vol up...
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    Solved! How do I move FILES to the SD card when there is no menu option for move. All I get is "details" as an option

    Im using a Galaxy Tab A. I have found instructions for moving apps to the SD card, but not able to move large files. The directs say to use edit from menu, and then select videos, and then select "move" from the upper right menu. But when I hit menu all I see is "details". Is there a secret to...
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    Solved! Lost 2 Samsung Phones (galaxy S7 EDGE & S8 )

    Lost 2 phones Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32gb(BLACK) SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64gb how to find my lost / stolen phones? *Moderator edit for personal info*
  24. J

    Solved! Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet won't format SD card

    Sometimes it won't recognize card at all other times it said it needs to be reformatted but when I choose format it starts off at 20 % and never goes any further
  25. O

    Solved! RF keyboard to Galaxy S9+ possible

    Is there a method to connect an old 2.4 GHz RF keyboard to the S9+? Specifically, we have an Adesso WKB-3000 that we used to use with a mini computer. Dongle and computer are long gone. After reading about the capability of plugging a USB keyboard into the S9+, I thought I'd give this board...
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    Solved! My Galaxy Core Prime won't go past the metroPCS screen

    A few days ago my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime was working I was doing a startup test with it and the S2 but after that I turned it on just like any normal person. It went to the MetroPCS screen and then it just wouldn't go to the lock screen. I keep turning it off and on and even hold the power...
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    How to store and retrieve contacts Samsung Galaxy Express 3 J120A ?

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 J120A and would like to be able to store the contacts information online, and update it when I want to or have it do it automatically however that would work, and then be able to load it onto another phone when I want to. Can anyone tell me how to do that...
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    Samsung Reveals Perfect Phone in New Patent: Is This the Galaxy S10?

    If Samsung truly makes this, they will could win the smartphone wars. Samsung Reveals Perfect Phone in New Patent: Is This the Galaxy S10? : Read more
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    Delete user account in Android 7.0., Galaxy j7

    i have a Samsung Galaxy J7, Android upgrade to 7.0. I have a Gmail account that I use to link when installing a separate application (Google Domain Policy). Now I'm going to leave this phone to my colleague, so I want to delete the account. Go to Settings -> Accounts, this account is listed...
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    Phone won't charge

    Hello.... My phones battery was drained completely last night and today it can't charge and it stuck at 0% My phone is a Galaxy A3 2016 Please help me fix it!!
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    Solved! How can I change the setting like when am downloading on app store on to SD card Samsung galaxy prime plus

  32. K

    Solved! how do i unlock sim card for galaxy j3 luna pro

    my phone say's that the sim card is locked how do I unlock it
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    New Render Shows the Stunning Galaxy S10 We Want

    A new render based on the latest Galaxy S10 rumors shows a stunning Samsung phone with an in-screen camera sensor. New Render Shows the Stunning Galaxy S10 We Want : Read more
  34. fernandaraihan

    How to Fix my Adoptable Storage (Samsung Galaxy J5 2015)

    Yesterday, i was flashed with this custom rom.. And then, in my notification bar, there was a notif "set up sdcard". i'm corious what is it, so i click it, and then i click format sdcard to internal storage. And then, my smartphone is normal and the storage up to be 32gb (i have sdcard 16gb). I...
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    Steamed my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi

    How do I Steam my Samsung Galaxy j 7 prime to my chrome cast without wifi
  36. V

    how do you open the sd card slot on a galaxy s4?

    HOw do you open the sd card slot on a samsung galaxy tab s4?
  37. 1

    Android system recover for Samsung Galaxy Tablet not working is there another way to reset?

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet hard reset using tablet buttons not working, is there another way to reset?
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    how can I retrieve my pictures off a Samsun Gusto 3 flop phone

    I need to put my pictures from my flip phone to my new Samsung galaxy J3V, How can I do this?
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    How to unlock galaxy core prime on metro pcs coverage

    Need unlock code so I can use another carrier
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    i have an old samsung galaxy model sgh-t599. how can i use my sd card or merge it with the phone internal storage?

    how can i merge my sd card storage with my phones internal storage. i have an old samsung galaxy exhibit. model sgh-t599.. any advice?
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    Please find my device

    Samsung galaxy J8 lost please help me to find out
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    Facebook says the app is download on my galaxy tab 8.4 but isn't it's only on cell phone nit mytablet

    Facebook and messenger disappeared from my samsung galaxy tab 8.4 I tryed reinstalling again but it says it's already installed, I cannot find where it is, When I hit install I only get the option to reinstall on cell that shows up all the time, I do not get the option to reinstall on my...
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    How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 5

    I'm trying to find out how to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro s and I can't find how to hard reset one anywhere I tried everything and nothing seem to work so please somebody help me if they know how to hard reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro s???????¿?????????????????????
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    How do I retrieve pics off a old deactivated phone to my current phone?

    I have a Samsung galaxy which is my current phone and I recently found an old phone I once used with pictures on it that I would like to have on my new phone. Any idea how i can do that?
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    my samsung galaxy prime plus continues to say save social network content to sd card to free up internal storage

    my samsung galaxy prime plus continues to say save social network content to sd card to free up internal storage when i insert my sd card and everytime i unlock my phone it gives the same message,when i try to move the content the phone crashes
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    Galaxy s8+ camera not working

    So, I bought a galaxy s8+ and they said that other than the whole back being off, it worked perfectly and I immediately went to the camera because that was what didn't work on my other phone and it says "camera failed" every time, I've tried everything I can find online software wise, I don't...
  47. M

    Get past the login with old account

    Bought a galaxy s7 and factory reset the phone it's making me put in the old owners Google account info I need to bypass this
  48. P

    Sasmung Galaxy Tab S2 does not turn on but the "return" and "multiwindow" buttons light up

    For some reason Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 doesnt turn on anymore (SM-T813) I tried all the power button, volume combination to get it reset but the screen stays black. Obviously I also tried charging it with 100% working chargers but it still doesnt go on. The only thing that happens when I plug...
  49. Z

    Gs7 reset itself

    My Galaxy S7 just reset itself today on the way home from work. One minute I was texting, the next minute it had a black screen and said reset then the little android man showed up and screen said ERASING!!!! I had to set everything up like brand new, I’m so pissed!!!!!!!
  50. D

    Tab 3 v

    No option coming of yes delete all user data after wipe cache and factory reset in my Samsun galaxy tab 3 v plz help
  51. P

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" WiFi connected, but not connecting to internet!

    Had this Samsung Galaxy Tab S for years with absolutely no issues. Love it. Until now. Fine one day, but not the next. Here's what I've tried: 1. Resetting time and date... even though they were already correct. 2. Reset Network Settings... then re-entered information. All good. 3...
  52. R

    retrieving my info off a broken phone

    how can i get my contacts and pictures off my samsung galaxy s6 with a broken lcd and no sim card
  53. C

    Sim card switch

    I have straight talk galaxy j 3 Luna pro. I bought freedom pop simply cards. Can I use it on this phone
  54. A

    Can no longer move apps to sd card on Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android 7.1.1)

    I've lost the option to move apps to my sd card on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (Android 7.1.1). I used to go into the app manager, select the app I wanted to move, click storage, and then see an option to move it to the sd card. That option is no longer on the screen for any apps. I'm not sure...
  55. L

    My samsubg galaxy 10.5 inch will not turn on or charge what do i do

    My samsubg galaxy 10.5 inch tablet will not turn on or charge Need help Ive tried numerous chargers no luck
  56. E

    Galaxy Note9 shuts off when removed from charger

    My Galaxy Note 9 shuts off when I unplug it from the charger but it comes back on when I restart it. It holds the charge and I'm able to use it normally. I'm just tired of having to restart it. I use it often when it is plugged in and having shut off when I unplug it is highly annoying and...
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    My old phone Bamber how I get

    Namber Samsung galaxy A5