Delete user account in Android 7.0., Galaxy j7

Nov 7, 2018
i have a Samsung Galaxy J7, Android upgrade to 7.0. I have a Gmail account that I use to link when installing a separate application (Google Domain Policy). Now I'm going to leave this phone to my colleague, so I want to delete the account.

Go to Settings -> Accounts, this account is listed there. I click on the security settings and sync, but I do not see any options to delete the account. I tried touching, touching and holding, double tapping, swiping, and other things but not

So does anyone know how to delete that account? When there is not even a delete button?
sorry my english is not good

Saga Lout

Olde English
Instead of trying to do this on the Android ,device use a PC to log in to that account and close it.

What you're asking the Android to do is to kill the account that runs it. To be sure your colleague doesn't see any of your pesonal data, take the device back to factory settings but before you do that, and before your account is closed, get him to add his account to your's before deleting yours completely. Once there is another account it will be able to allow your deletion.
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