Solved! Get your email password from the android mail client

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Jul 26, 2020
Hey folks!

I have the following problem:
I forgot the password for my yahoo email account and the only thing to restore this password is an alternative email adress which does not exist anymore.
Yahoo also does not provide customer support for private users.

I posted this to the android section, because I still have access to this account via my Galaxy Tab A10, the password is stored in the email client (not in the gmail mail app, the standard android mail client).
So I guess somewhere on the tablet there is the encrypted password.

I know that this could be just some story to get access to a third person's mail account via a stolen/borrowed hardware and i have no way to prove otherwise.

Or maybe I do, what I know:
-at least one password which has been used prior to the current one
-the name of the alternative email adress (is only viewed censored)

When restoring a Skype account for example, you can use such information for authentification, but I did not finde a similar way for yahoo mail account.
Any suggestions here?
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