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    How do I find my username and password

    Samsung Galaxy j2
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    Galaxy S10's Triple Cameras Revealed in New Leak

    The Galaxy S10 will sport three rear cameras with pretty impressive performance, according to a report. Galaxy S10's Triple Cameras Revealed in New Leak : Read more
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    Galaxy e black screen need fix

    My galaxy tab e 10.1 screen is black but the volume control make noise wen pressed but no display or picture i tried everythin hard reset everything any ideas? Is it trash?
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    jailbreak sprint samsung galaxy J7 Refine

    how can I a hammer fisted hack jailbreak a samsung galaxyj7 refine?
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    samsung galaxy tab a will not read sd card

    tablet will not read sd card
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    How to close Samsung Galaxy J5

    How to close tabs of Samsung Galaxy J5 ?
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

    I just received my tablet and it has a Verizon phone number. Does this mean it will make/receive calls and texts?
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    Verizon to cellular one unlock code

    I have a cellular one sim card in my Verizon Samsung galaxy J1 it says her Verizon's unlock code to use this sim
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    Samsung Galaxy J1 doesn't recognize SD card after factory reset

    I saved (exported) my contacts to sd card on my Samsung Galaxy J1. I did a factory reset and now the SD card is not recognized. Please help !
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    How can i move photos from my gallery to SD card on a Samsung Galaxy grand prime

    I'm trying to move my photos in the gallery to a SD card on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime and don't know how
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    Galaxy X Leak Reveals Nasty Surprise

    Samsung's upcoming foldable phone might not ship with the feature you'd expect in today's smartphones. Galaxy X Leak Reveals Nasty Surprise : Read more
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Three Won't Turn On

    I have tried multiple button combinations. Nothing. Leave plugged in all night. Nothing. Plugged into my laptop. Currently plugged in and still nothing. Any other ideas or am I poop out of luck?
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    Sd card Help

    I have the Galaxy tab A 10.1 in. I have a sd card and it shows it. The problem is when I move Movies to it or download em. Only around 26 min's will play then it freezes and wont play the rest. And theres 256gb's available. Any idea why? Its driving me crazy. Lol
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    how to fix black screen

    dropped my samsung galaxy 7, screen broke. can hear alarm, phone ring and notifications but screen black
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    Virus on Galaxy s7

    I think i have a virus in my Galaxy s7. Or atleast i think it's a virus seeing as it wasn't there when i got the phone, i haven't updated the os since purchasing it, and it just appeared on my phone one day. When it first appeared, it forcefully turned on alert notifications for every single app...
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    Will any 128gb sd card work on samsung galaxy J7 sky pro phone

    Will any brand sd 128gb card work on samsung galaxy J7 sky pro phone
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    Unlock code galaxy s7 att

    Unlock galaxy s7 att if theres any help thanks in advance
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    Verizon phone to straight talk

    I am currently on Verizon plan. Can I use my galaxy s7 fot straight talk prepaid
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    Straight talk question

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, it was purchased through Verizon. I upgraded a few times and now have an 8. The 6 is paid off, longtime ago. Do I still need to call Verizon to have them unlock it? Also does it have a removable sim card?
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    I have a samsung galaxy grand prime plus. My mobile phone is not using the SD card even after formatting it. And it is still s

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. My mobile phone is not using SD card even after formatting it. And it is still showing that the storage space is running out. So what should I do now? I hardly download 2 apps and the notification of "storage space running out" is displayed.
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    it doesn't work

    Try Samsung Galaxy smt111 Struck down with Samsung logo on it after I rooted it And have done hard reset it doesn't work Pls my boss I need ur help
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    Storage cannot be found under settings onmy Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. Why not??

    I am trying to change my SD Card to be used as internal storage, but don't find the storage file under my settings. I don't have any storage on my internal storage left. Thanks in advance
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    Jailbreak my phone

    Jailbreaking Samsung galaxy amp prime
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    No sound on Galaxy Tab A

    My Galaxy Tab A is about 1 1/2 years old, sound has always worked great. I went to listen to it just now and no sound, but I do get sound from the head phones. I haven't dropped it, spilled on it or anything. Any ideas what could be wrong. And yes, i checked all the volume settings.
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    Galaxy tab a screen frozen

    Tablet screen grey in colour. Not doing anything
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    6 Ways the Galaxy Watch Beats the Apple Watch

    From battery life to design, here's how Samsung's smartwatch is better than Apple's Series 3. 6 Ways the Galaxy Watch Beats the Apple Watch : Read more
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    Does it make

    Does the Samsung galaxy e lite android tablet make and recieve phone calls?
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    How do I recover my contacts from google account

    I lost my phone and don’t know how I can recover any data back I am lost and really upset over it as it’s my life on that galaxy S6
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    Phone won't respond

    I got a Samsung galaxy express 3 phone and it cones on but gets stuck on a page and won't do anything else how do I fix it
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    Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Get It for the Battery Life

    With four days of battery life, an attractive design, great fitness features — and did we mention the battery life? — the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a step forward for smartwatches. Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Get It for the Battery Life : Read more
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    how do i reset my pin code to get into my galaxy j7

    i must have hit a wrong number trying to set it up but now i dont remember i just want to reset it the pincode to unlock my phone. samsung i called they said go to this site for help
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    How do I turn safe mode off on the Samsung Galaxy A3 if it doesn't want to power off?

    My niece managed to enable safe mode on her Galaxy A3 and we cannot get the phone to power off. How do we go about disabling safe mode now?
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    Samsung galaxy j7 missing contact numbers

    Contact number screen
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    how to set my sd card as primary memoryfor my samsung galaxy A6+

    how to set the SDcard as main memory for samsung A6+
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    My phone was stolen, can you help me find it?

    Samsung Galaxy ACE 4Neo
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    I can't get my new Samsung galaxy a6 tablet to read my address card

    Need to see my books on my new tablet
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    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 Cannot turn on

    I came back home to find that it couldn't be turned on. I then attached the cable to charge it for a few hours - still nothing. Did the Home + Power + Vol Down combo, still to no avail. Tried all others such as Power + Vol Up for more than 30 secs. Nothing. Any ideas? Not keen to open up the...
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    Delete unwanted apps from Galaxy Grand Prime

    Want to delete unwanted app from Galaxy Grand Prime. Need how to instructions.
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    New Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch: Can you read email and SMS Messages?

    I have a beautiful brand new Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. I first paired it with my iPhone 8 Plus and discovered that both the email and the SMS Messaging apps were missing from the Watch. After hours with Samsung Support, they told me that "those functions are not available with iPhone." So, I...
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    can any unlocked samsung galaxy phone be used on straight talk

    unlocked phones I have a note 4 on straight talk I want to upgrade. can I buy an unlocked galaxy note 8 and use same card
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    Set SD card as default for downloads

    I recently purchased a Galaxy Tab A. I followed the March 18th 2017 instructions to set the SD card as the default download. when I select format, the only option I have is "format as portable storage". There is no way that I see to set as internal. Is there a step I'm missing, or another way...
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    How can I find my Samsung galaxy A6+ using imei number

    How do I find my samsung galaxy A6+ using imei number
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    how to find my lost phone galaxy j7 nxt

    my phone number was Removed. stolen by thief. this imei no. is Removed
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    How can I make my Samsung Galaxy e tablet compatible to evernote

    Till recently I had Evernote app in my Samsung Galaxy E tablet. Recently had to reset my tab. After resetting when I tried to download Evernote app, it says my device us not compatible. Over a period I have 1000+ notes saved to my Evernote account but now I can't retrieve any of those. Can...
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    Samsung Galaxy Watch Hands-On: Fashion Meets Fitness

    Samsung's newest smartwatch is fast and stylish, but can it compete with the Apple Watch? Samsung Galaxy Watch Hands-On: Fashion Meets Fitness : Read more
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    SAMSUNG Galaxy s7 flashlight

    I have galaxy s7. Does the flashlight of the galaxy s7 harm the phone. I mean if I want to use during all night long(12h or just for exaggerating 24/7) except it drains my battery does it make any damage?
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    how can i put back my Imei number of my Samsung galaxy j1 ace

    My Samsung galaxy j1 ace lost an imei number so i want know how to put back an imei number so that my phone can work properly again..
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    how do i delete the voice recordings that have gone onto my sd card

    i cannot delete the voice recordings that have gone onto my sd card galaxy j5
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    How to set download location external sd card on Samsung j2 we 2016 android marshmallow

    How to set download location external sd card on Samsung Galaxy j2 2016 marshmallow
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    Samsung Galaxy tab a 10.1 batteries goes out

    Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 batteries goes out