Lenovo Thinkpad shuts down instead of hibernating

Jan 26, 2019
My Thinkpad X230 tablet shuts down instead of hibernating. Often it doesn't even warn me that I have a low battery, and just shuts down.

My power settings are set so that it gives a Low Battery warning at 60% and Critical Battery at 30%. And the Critical Battery Action is to hibernate:

Initially I had it set higher, but after months of it shutting down without warning, I bumped the Low Battery Level setting higher and higher till I've reached where we are now. It is now ignoring the 60% threshold and shutting down without warning me, so at this point I might as well just not have a low battery warning at all.

I did a hard reset, and also tried replacing the battery, but I'm still getting this issue. I've also updated the driver. I'm not sure what else to do at this point.

Thanks in advance!
It sounds like your battery may be going bad which can cause this. As they near dying the battery will hold less and less of a charge, even though it says it is holding a larger amount. This leads to it shutting off quicker and quicker.

If the laptop is under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer about a having the battery replaced. If it isn't under warranty, then you can either try doing the replacement yourself, or take it to a local tech. Just a word of caution, don't get an aftermarket battery. They tend to be hit or miss if they will actually work correctly, and in addition the worse ones can actually cause harm to your device. You would be better off sticking with an OEM one.
Jan 26, 2019

As I said in the original post, I did replace the battery already, with an OEM one. I'm looking for solutions besides that.

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