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    Question Some keys not working after replacing internal keyboard twice

    Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 1 Initially, my letter "Q" was not working well and would press itself non-stop once in awhile, but the letter Q was still able to be typed onto the screen when I wanted it to. Then it completely stopped working when pressing Q, but would still input Q onto my screen...
  2. R

    Question Buying 32GB RAM kit for my Lenovo E440, need to know if it will fit

    Hi all, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E440. Specs are: i7 quad-core 2.3GHz / 16 GB RAM / Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit / Intel HD Graphics 4600 / NVIDIA GeForce 840M I want to upgrade the RAM Memory to a 32 GB kit, with two 16 GB ones, as the laptop has two slots. But a while back I bought a kit and it...
  3. A

    Solved! ZenBook 14 UX425 (11th Gen Intel) VS Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8

    Hi there! Today the latest Asus Zenbook 13.3" went on sale for 899$ (Amazon; 1TB NVME, 16GB LPDDR4, Intel 11th CPU, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0b...) Asus claims the battery should last 18 hours. I didn't pick one. I spent the entire day going over some laptops I wrote down a while ago. Crazy, I...
  4. L

    Solved! Is it worth it to replace my SSD?

    I currently have a 3 year old Lenovo thinkpad T470, with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. However my SSD crashed and now I am wondering whether it is better to buy a new laptop or only a new SSD (the costs are about a 100 euros). Any thoughts on this? CPU: Intel i5 7200U
  5. M

    Question Lenovo ThinkPad T590 shuts down when it's physically moved

    Hi, my Lenovo ThinkPad T590 shuts down when I physically move the laptop and sometimes also randomly shuts down. I already applied warranty on the device and they returned it from service place after two weeks claiming they replaced motherboard, but issue still persists. I'm kinda frustrated...
  6. ina_dee

    Solved! ThinkPad E590 games unplayable. *SOLVED*

    Hello, I'm sorry this had to be there at least milion times, but I'm truly desperate. I bought ThinkPad E590 i7, 8th Gen, RX 550 2GB 16GB RAM. I dont know where is a problem, but when I start any game after couple of minutes it start lagging as hell. Even games like Dota 2 or Skyrim sometimes...
  7. Hristomir Hristov

    Solved! Thinkpad T61p midleton bios instal

    I have a thinkpad t61p laptop. My bios version is 2.30. I want to install Middleton Bios. Do I need to install official version 2.29 or Middleton version 2.29 directly?
  8. ativsc

    Question Motherboard of new Thinkpad T480s fried for the second time within 3 months of purchase.

    I received my T480s around 3 months and, just after a month, the device suddenly stopped working (did not boot even to the bios). The motherboard was replaced by the service center. Again after 2 months, the device began to reboot spontaneously and after a while, it stopped working at all...
  9. H

    Solved! Llenovo W530's battery causing problems

    Hey everybody, I recently bought a used W530 in good configuration and condition, and till then the laptop has been charged about 5 times in about a week, so I had some worked to do in blender that would take around 6-7 hours therefore after charging the battery to a 100% i unplugged it and...
  10. leonhk

    Question Laptop doesn't turn on

    So, I have a problem with my Lenovo Thinkpad L430 (3 years old) It sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't turn on, the power button lights up but there is no display on the screen. However, sometimes it turns on if I try and works smoothly like it is supposed to. But, will...
  11. wuws

    Advice on purchasing Thinkpad e495

    After weeks of searching i am on the verge of buying the Lenovo Thinkpad e495. (639€) Here is the config and price: Since i had to compromise a lot to get there, I need some advice on the following questions: Is this good...
  12. Dominator2000

    Thinkpads keyboard

    Hi, I recently tested the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 1st gen keyboard from the store. She felt fantastic. But I decided to buy a third generation. I was expecting a similar keyboard. But I was very disappointed. The keyboard was much worse with this generation. She was not so booming. I read...
  13. T

    Solved! Lenovo E550 Thinkpad fans & display not turning on, but Thinkpad light is on

    Hello all, My Lenovo E550 Thinkpad up and stopped working after being powered off one day. As described in the title, when I power the laptop on I can't hear any fans and the display is completely black. However, the Thinkpad light is still solid red. I have tried all of the solutions listed...
  14. O

    Lenovo Thinkpad shuts down instead of hibernating

    My Thinkpad X230 tablet shuts down instead of hibernating. Often it doesn't even warn me that I have a low battery, and just shuts down. My power settings are set so that it gives a Low Battery warning at 60% and Critical Battery at 30%. And the Critical Battery Action is to hibernate...
  15. S

    Solved! Laptop Fans Running Harder than Necessary

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad x230 with fairly high specs: an i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and it runs with a single SSD in the mSATA slot. This is an Ivy Bridge era machine, so it isn't exactly new, but it has been well kept and is clean, physically and software wise with a relatively recent full...
  16. B

    Lenovo thinkpad P51s stuck in boot manager.

    My thinkpad (P51s, windows 10) crashed. Now when I start it up I see the lenovo splash screen that says to interupt normal startup, press enter. Then it will go to the boot menu (blue and gray screen with two tabs, boot menu and app menu, under boot menu my options are windows boot manager and...
  17. S

    Solved! Thinkpad T420S getting too hot?

    Hello I own a Lenovo Thinkpad T420s With the Intel Core I5 2520M, 6GB Ram, NVS4200M. Speccy says it is running windows (idling) around 55 - 90 Celsius which I'm not sure is good. Does anyone know if these types of Temperatures are normal? Thanks
  18. H

    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpad won't stay HDMI connected to my Samsung Smart TV

    I've connected my Lenovo thinkpad X1 Carbon Windows 10 to my new Samsung Smart TV model UN43J5202AF via HDMI to the HDMI 1 port on the TV. To get the connection to work, every time the laptop goes to sleep, I have to 1st turn the TV back on, then wake the laptop. Most of the time that works...
  19. D

    Thinkpad price comparison

    I've read these reviews and I'm still not sure what justifies a 2-3x (depending on the configuration) price difference when the specs seem more or less the same. Could someone please elaborate? VS...
  20. A

    where can I buy a battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530

    where can I buy a battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530 if this wedsite right:
  21. S

    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad edge 13 don't Start

    Hello, I have a broken Lenovo ThinkPad edge 13. It does not want to start anymore when I press the power head. There is no fan running or anything else. However, the red LED of the logo lights up. I have already checked the battery and power supply. Also the fuse from the motherboard. Also, I...
  22. S

    Solved! Upgrading to Lenovo Thinkpad T420S

    Hello I currently own an Acer Aspire 5742 and it has 4GB Ram, I5 450M, 250GB HDD. I find it to be a little slow and the visual condition isn't great anymore. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Lenovo Thinkpad T420S WIth an I5 2520M, NVS4200M, 4GB Ram (Upgrade to 8) and hopefully an SSD. Does...
  23. J

    Lenevo thinkpad won’t start up

    I have a lenevo thinkpad x260. It won’t start up. It won’t go past the starting windows page. When starting in safe mode it’s starts loading and stops at classpnp. I have tried everything. I have bought windows 7 on a usb as advised in another forum but it is doing the same thing. Any help would...
  24. R

    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad t420s not booting on mains power but boots up on battery

    My Lenovo ThinkPad t420s not booting up on mains power but boots up on battery.the power adapter is okay but the battery is not charging neither is the battery light blinking.please help
  25. V

    Solved! can I use a 19v 4.74A from a 20v 2.25alaptop charger

    can I use a 19v 4.74A from a 20v 2.25alaptop charger on a Lenovo thinkpad e560
  26. M

    White screen on ThinkPad R61

    I've got a Lenovo ThinkPad R61. When I turn it on, the screen goes blank. I have tried disconnecting the screen but it still doesn't work properly. Is it possible to fix the screen issue?
  27. H

    Thinkpad L480 mSATA SSD

    Hello, I own a Thinkpad L480. This consist of a WWAN slot that can be removed. Will I be able to use its mSATA slot as a slot of an mSATA SSD to use as boot drive?
  28. H

    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpad Edge turns on, but screen stays black

    So my laptop screen has died, the laptop turns on but the screen stays black. I already did a hard reboot, tried turning it on with only the AC and the Battery, tried connecting it to another monitor but with no luck. What can I do to fix it?
  29. Y

    Solved! thinkpad wont start

    my Lenovo Thinkpad X220 was working perfectly before i decided to store it somewhere, but when i decided to turn it on after about a month, it wouldn't turn on, when i plugged it in the LED with the battery and "+" either turned on or flickered and turned off, but either way when i pressed the...
  30. O

    Solved! Can't pair my JBL speakers with my Lenovo Thinkpad X230

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 and i'm trying to conenct my JBL speaker to it. It shows it's pair already but on the sound section only shows the default laptop speakers, not the bluetooth JBL speakers.
  31. I

    Solved! overheating Lenovo thinkpad

    Lenova ThinkPad E545 fan runs often and makes the surface and bottom left side very hot to touch. How can I clean/fix this?
  32. M

    Solved! Should I downgrade the CPU of my Thinkpad X1E from i7-8850H to i7-8750H or i5-8400H?

    Hi, I bought a X1E with i7-8850H, 32GB RAM and two 1TB SSDs. I have noisy fan issue even I just surf the internet or send email. Will exchanging a model with i7-8750H or even i5-8400H CPU solve the noisy fan issue?
  33. M

    Solved! 2570p vs T430

    Hey, should i go for EliteBook 2570p (i5-3360m, 8GB RAM, 180GB SSD, 12,5 inch HD ready screen) or pay 20 USD more for ThinkPad T430 (i5-3320m, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 14 inch HD+ screen) I´m student, traveling a lot (laptop is in my backpack) , need it for web, word, excel, powerpoint and light...
  34. A

    Solved! Lenovo Thinkpad T560 screen completely black

    I was listening to music on my Lenovo Thinkpad T560 when all of sudden my laptop shut off, I try to turn it back on my backlight and power light comes on like normal but my screen stays completely black, when it shut off it was charging at full battery so maybe it over charged but i tried taking...
  35. M

    Solved! Laptop with Dobly Atmos. What speaker/soundbar to buy? Creative Labs Katana?

    Hi, I have a Thinkpad X1E with Dobly Atmos built-in. I connect it to a Sony XBR49X900E 49-in. 4K HDR UHD TV. If I want to enjoy Dobly Atmos (i.e. hearing things moving around across my small beadroom) without...
  36. X

    Finding the right ssd for my laptop

    I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon (3448), laptop with 128gb ssd. I want to upgrade it to higher capacity ssd but i don't know which ssd is needed so i go and disassemble the laptop, the ssd is 20+6pins so i went to google but all i found is adapter. I can't find a ssd with 26pins can someone tell what...
  37. S

    Issue with Laptop display, display is fuzzy - Lenovo ThinkPad E570

    Hi, I have a ThinkPad E570 which is not more than 2 years old and lately I've been experiencing an issue with the display. It appears very fuzzy with nothing visible. I've already verified it's not a display driver issue by hooking the laptop to an external display, and it works with no issues...
  38. M

    Solved! i5-8350U or i7-8650U?

    Hello, between the i5 and i7 CPU, are there noticable differences in terms of battery life, heat level and performance? I am trying to decide a CPU for the X1 Yoga Gen 3. Thanks
  39. N

    Solved! 3 monitors on a thinkpad T470

    Is there anyway I can run 3 monitors on a Thinkpad T470 I can I have 2 but when I plug the third in one will go out is there a way I can keep all 3?
  40. E

    Thinkpad with gaming?

    Hello guys, My friend is starting university this October, and he was wondering which laptop should he buy for his degree (not scientific). He is about to start philosophy, economics and political science. He is targeting the Thinkpad series - known for their reliability and good excellent...
  41. S

    Thinkpad t440p pricing?

    Hi everyone i was wondering what would the be the best price to sell a thinkpad t440p with a i7-4600m cpu clocked at 2.90ghz and 16gb of ram and a samsung ssd and a geforce 730m.
  42. C

    why this lenovo thinkpad E440 suddenly shuts down?

    I have a thinkpad named lenovo E440. I have shown it to the repairing centre but they have not found the solution. It shut down itself. No problem is found but it is frequently disturbing me. Does the company compensate me?
  43. C

    Lenovo thinkpad T480 vs. T480s

    Hey, I’m looking for a thinkpad - X1 is too thin and pricey, can’t upgrade ram... Would you get t480 or t480s for a little more money? And why?
  44. B

    Thinkpad x140e randomly shuts down

    I recently purchased a used x140e which runs Windows 10. It started to randomly shut off, with absolutely no warning. It recovers fine, boots up and I haven't really lost anything substantial as the recovery features on my programs seem to work well. That said, it is happening a couple of...
  45. C

    DisplayPort from Thinkpad x250 to external Philips HDMI Not Working

    Hi, I have a 2+ year old Thinkpad x250 which I've connected to an external Philips 24" monitor, using a VGA to HDMI cable - VGA from the laptop to a HDMI port on the Philips. This connection is used purely as an extender from my laptop. This has been working perfectly till last week when...
  46. S

    Thinkpad X250 freezes when ac is unplugged.

    Hello Friends, I am facing a weird issue with my Thinkpad X250. whenever ac adapter is unplugged at any stage the laptop freezes after few seconds & needs the forced shutdown option. Although it runs fairly well when run exclusively on battery or with ac plugged in. Pls suggest any remedy for...
  47. S

    Get lenova thinkpad to go to next line by using enter button

    My Lenovo thinpad wont go to the next line using the enter button.
  48. R

    Choosing a Refurbished Laptop - Help

    Hello. I have been selecting a notebook for a long time. I would like to ask about your experience and recommendations. Thinking about the ThinkPad t440p or t450p. Would you recommend him this year? Is it worthwhile to buy it, or is it old and are better alternatives? I need to carry the...
  49. H

    Thinkpad E480 vs. ProBook 440 G5

    I started my ICT studies at University and I need a laptop for programming (C,C++, Javascript) and basic school stuff. I've already picked two laptops which have everything I want but I can't decide because I've no experience in Lenovo or HP laptops. Both are 900 euros, 3 year warranty, 8gb DDR4...
  50. B

    Regarding Thinkpad W530

    My Thinkpad W530 has developed quite a few issues in the last two years. Despite its stellar performance ever since I bought it in the December 2013, it has developed few software issues as also those of hardware ones. While the hardware ones such as rusting of the USB ports etc are relatively...
  51. S

    how to take back off lenovo thinkpad 13?

    I'm trying to open the back of my Lenovo Thinkpad 13 bought new in 2016. It seems like the screws will unscrew, but not come out of the holes?? Is there a trick to get the screw to completely get out of the hole? I've tried continuing to unscrew them, shaking them out, prying out (gently) with...
  52. S

    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad E585 vs IdeaPad 530S

    OK, need help deciding. Which would be the best for my office needs - general productivity type activities (Outlook, Publisher, Excel, etc), photo/video editing. I have listed the config details of the 2 laptops - I have the ability to change the specs on the ThinkPad ex. the memory from 4GB...
  53. T

    Lenovo thinkpad t560 for gaming?

    i have lenovo thinkpad t560 (i5 6300u, nvidia geforce 940mx 2gb, 8gb ram ddr4) I can play Gta V?
  54. C

    upgrading sony svt13 laptop

    Hello, I currently have a sony viao ultrabook that I've owned for a number of years and am thinking of updating my setup. I am a computer programmer, so I need something with reasonable performance for running multiple development tools. My current setup - Sony Vaio SVT131A11L (link) Intel...
  55. O

    My thinkpad only connects to an external monitor how can I get it to work without the external monitor

    Black screen needing to connect without an external screen how to fix ?
  56. M

    Is it recommended to get extended warranty in case of buying Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen6, T480 or Yoga 920?

    Hello, it is worth for MacBook Pro users to get extended warranty. Is it recommended to get an extended warranty if I buy any of the above laptop?
  57. M

    Lenovo Thinkpad or Apple MacBook Pro 2018?

    Hi, I am drawn between Thinkpad 480, X1 Carbon Gen 6 and MacBook Pro 2018. I have lots of QC issues of both manufacturers. Which is better hardware-wise and have good after sales support?
  58. C

    Lenovo X1 carbon worth it?

    Hey, I'm about to buy a thinkpad and was set on t480s (1400eur). Than I saw X1 carbon costs 200eur more. Would you get X1 over t480s? They seem to be the same laptop, just slightly thinner on the X1 side.
  59. C

    thinkpad win 7 help

    thinkpad x121e, win7 en 64, i cleaned my c drive..cause the system broken.. now can not login... can not recovery by press f12... can not repair... just black screen. so, there may be only one way left: recovery with a usb recovery.... so, is there anyone can help:;???? how to make a usb...
  60. B

    Need Lenovo Thinkpad W530 Review.

    I am going to buy my first Laptop. Used. Lenovo Thinkpad W530. Is it good for Photo Editing and Video Editing specially? . And Did this laptop has any issues or anything that might be a drawback? . Thank you.