Question Llenovo W530's battery causing problems


Sep 4, 2017
Hey everybody, I recently bought a used W530 in good configuration and condition, and till then the laptop has been charged about 5 times in about a week, so I had some worked to do in blender that would take around 6-7 hours therefore after charging the battery to a 100% i unplugged it and began using the laptop on ac brick. After about 8 hours or so work finally finished and I shut down the laptop then plugged the battery back, after an hour or so i turn on laptop to make minor adjustments to my work but my laptop won't turn on (when plugged in on battery, and battery is 100% charged) however turns on using ac brick and in windows it even shows the battery icon saying it 's fully charged but as soon as i pull the ac power laptop turns off and won't power up on battery......I previously checked my battery using "batteryinfo" program and it showed around around 84% of original rated battery condition now it's down to 79%
.........anyways here are some screen shots for you guys please help my out on this guys . Thank you in advance.
Sounds like the battery is done for. Yes, I know it is telling you it is fine and charged but it is extremely common for batteries to give false readings as they die.

Were it running at all while on the battery, I would say check to see if it is the charger that is just not charging it, but the charger is putting out what it needs to, so that leaves the battery. It needs to be replaced.

Just do yourself a favor and don't get an aftermarket one. While it may seem like a great idea, due to lower cost, it isn't due to the damage it can do to the device.
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